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  • geoff johns superman run....brainiac,last son of krypton,escape from bizzaro world.
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  • action comics in the new 52 has been pretty good,if u can comprehend grant morrison's writing
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Im a Diehard superman fan...n sometimes i get po'd at the batfans but that not cuz i hate batman, i love batman he was my fav, before Superman tas came out n then i just switched...i still love batman. what i hate is the batgod aspect....ppl say hes more relatable cuz he's human n then say he's able to do anything,thats just stupid.....n plus i think superfans just want the ignorant audience who diss superman to finally see what he's all about n hoping that Man Of Steel will do that. superhero comics in general owe their existence to this guy and thats a reason why its so painful to see the superman comics not doing well...i mean obviously the sales are relatively good but story quality hasn't been the best...and imo the batman movies were made by the villains,without them i doubt they wldve been as good. and the supers will regain his throne thing is not just over batman but for all superheroes in general,which im not saying this because im a fan but its the truth...IMO!! so i dont care that batman is currently more popular. i just hate the batgod crap

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Eagerly awaiting this movie!!! I'm a diehard superfan n get criticised for being so, so I know this film is gonna turn things around....plus I get the rush I got watching the entire avengers movie from a 2.5 minute man of steel trailer so I'm really excited!!!

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Damn!! Cool it with the sarcasm ppl,there was a genuine rumour and concern that krypton may not be destroyed,this news is reassuring at the least that there's nothin to worry about but......I'm still waiting on jimmy Olsen to pop up,which if he doesn't ill be a lil PO'd, especially if they make him a girl.

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Superman melts speeding bullets out of the air, No batman can't dodge his heat vision,the only person who can is the flash.

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So this has been out for a while now n i noticed no one has posted it here,so m doin just that :D

i have absolutely no words for this......and that last line gave me chills! its sad but i dont think all the non comic book ppl really kno wat it means to hear Superman screaming, cuz when that happens......shit just got Real!!

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IMO smallville GA had more trick and gadget arrows, iv not seen too many from the hood so far. Other than that really fail to see the difference.

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I like this, self contained superman stories,writers can go crazy,I enjoyed the first two issues,gonna read the third one now.

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The only reason Thor 2 might do better is because it's riding on the avenger's success, Thor is pretty awesome to me in comics but in the movies he's underwhelming.based on the trailers MOS is lookin way better!

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Aw man DK was getting really good!! And if threshold didn't do well who's to say larfleeze is goin to?? Marketing ppl!!! Kno what fans want....I'm sure now there's a high probability were gonna get a shazam title.