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I just read this issue and....Damn!

I didn't mind the art that much and on some panels it really looked like Chris Samnee art, to me anyway.

I would have loved more pages though given the premise of the story,i would've loved to see more and your right if it was a fully fleshed out,proper 20-30 page issue it would definitely be one for the ages. Though given the format this was in it still delivered really well.

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I personally thought it was Awesome! And really don't want to see this "origin" retconned at all. I just finished my 17th run through of grants 18 issues lol kiddin just my third and once I understood how everything connects it's an awesome story but this initial arc was a real standout and those beautiful backups made it all the better.

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@stephens2177: you just wrote down my dream about superboy. Conner will definitely be a force to be reckoned with when he grows up.

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MXYZPTLK snaps his fingers and Galactus goes bye bye.

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@fadetoblackbolt: cool,ill give it a read once you post it.

And not just snyder's batman, i dont kno what Loeb did or didn't do over at marvel to earn the reputation he has but his DC work never struck me as bad and was always enjoyable but that's how i found it.

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@fadetoblackbolt: You seem to dislike a lot of stories that majority of people(including myself) find really great but that's your opinion and that's fine but i wanted to ask you what do you think of the dark knight returns?

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I really enjoyed this issue,it was great to look at. always love a good Lois story and this didn't disappoint. I was afraid how they were gonna explain the coluan brainiac after what we saw in the first arc of Action but it was explained well. Was a 4 in my eyes too though as a whole cause of the inclusion of the 4th part of the world of krypton story arc. T'was interesting but weirdly placed.

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Anyone read the latest issue?! oh man who else absolutely loved the moment....

When Diana asks Lois who is a suitable mate for a woman like her and Superman comes flying in in the next panel and takes care of business.

Im seriously loving Lois in this series and really look forward to it every week, surprised it isn't talked about more here in the forums.

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@sog7dc: that was true of court of owls and death of the family cuz scott snyder intended for them to be batman story arcs but they bled into the other batbooks,as for h'el on earth it was a straight up superverse crossover which continued in all the superbooks excluding action like the Green lantern crossovers that used to happen,u needed each issue to kind of figure out what was happening,no wonder u missed out on those plot points...i suggest get the trade when it come out,if u want the whole story or u can read an overview of the story online.

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the moment i read the title of this post,i instantly thought the same things you stated....

Story concept and scope- 10/10

Story Execution- 6/10 IMO

dont know if its cuz of editors involvement,them rushing a crossover or what but the second those stats sync up,these stories are gonna be memorable......and alot of the plot holes (after my second read through) i realized are setting up the next Super crossover,Krypton Returns which from the Zero issues i found very interesting,just hoping the story comes across that way too.