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@deaditegonzo: Interesting facts in that link you posted and i agree Batman is awesome, Batgod is bulls#!t.

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No, because Batman fans would cry.

They would indeed,but a lot less than Superman fans/fans of other characters if Batman ever decided to become a full fledged metahuman which is also perfectly logical looking at the science of the DCU.

People were crying when he fought fodder for 28 hours imagine Batman replicating Barry's accident or getting himself a GL ring,there's gonna be an ocean of tears especially from Superman fans.

Not really.....hear me out. Ironically when that 28 hour fight feat came about,batman fans were the ones who were pissed,not superfans. Half of Batman's charm is that he's human,take that away from him by giving him powers and superfans or fans of any other hero aren't gonna care,we would welcome it cause it would make the crazy stuff he does plausible,on the other hand,its a core element of batman's character that he's completely mortal and batman fans would hate that. batman being my second favorite hero, i would hate it as well,it takes away from what makes him special.

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Ppl have said it already..... Because non super fans couldn't stomach it, IMO he's already a skilled surgeon, he should be able to learn to fight well. We've seen instances of him being trained by either WW or Bats and it's very logical for him to match or even surpass them in skill with practice with the way his body works and all but I don't think writers wanna risk it.

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@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: oh ya definitely 50 times Superman is too much, 2-3 times wld be fine. He should be fast but not superman fast, he shld be like the Yohan Blake to superman's Usain Bolt. What comment did he make about hulk? Watched the vid a while back so i dont remember.

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This has been put up before, it is indeed a very interesting take though. Also I kind of liked that he made Doomsday such a big deal because IMO that's what he is, I mean his name is freakin Doomsday after all.

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@al_capown: the first arc takes place in superman's early days, then Lord Vyndktvx starts screwing with time attacking superman at different moments in his life and kind of fuses all that together, that's why it may seem confusing at first. It was to me but then after another read through I understood it and really liked it. You need to do a full read through of his run to see how everything connects.

@peppeyhare: Read Superman Annual #2 to find out more about brainiac and the collector. It's explained pretty well there.

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@sanohibiki: that was the first thing I noticed, the earth 2 kryptonite hurt him. I did not like that at all, either Greg Pak or the editors screwed up that one. Batman would've got the sh*t kicked out of him either way.

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@matchesmalone21: Awesome scans! Loved when Superman caught that bullet, essentially catching Cupid's arrow.

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@omnicrono: Alot of people now seem to think Kryptonite is an instant win against superman...i agree with you that that shouldn't be the case and a feat like this is pointless but this is a Superman respect thread and the posts in it directly counter any disrespect to superman...and its very evident how people disregard superman in battle threads because kryptonite comes into the picture, so the post is not that shocking if you think about it that way.

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i don't recall any such meetings post crisis,pre-crisis has a couple of times.

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@entropy_aegis said:

Another important thing is psychology,reviewers for the most part seem to spot on when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of Unchained,the same ones who go deaf,dumb and blind when they review his Batman.

Yes...This! damn, i mean if it was that good it would've won something by now.

@lvenger: Can't really blame johns though...he is the CCO of DC,its quite incredible he's even writing the amount of books he is.