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Hey if Azzarello can write Superman using his supporting cast as interesting as he's writing wonder woman, I'd get on that in a heart beat.....needless to say the current state of Superman breaks my heart.

'Superman' cause of You know who not Action and the others,looking forward to Pak and Kuder

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Oh Snap!! looking forward to this now!

@danhimself: Yup, the music overshadows a lot of the dialogue.

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@mitran said:

As for him condoning our Superman, he doesn't. He says "When the time came, you did the right thing. Remember that." I don't believe he was talking about the shard. I think he was talking about saving Lois and Catwoman. That was the only "time" that mattered, because obviously he didn't think keeping the shard was the right thing to do.

I would think it would be actually exiting for a Pre52 fan because it hints at where Greg Pak wants to take the character in his future run. He is reminding his younger self that at the core he is the same person and that he can choose to be better.

These were basically my thoughts on the issue.

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( And here I immediately remember New-52 Batman 19-20, where just mere presence of magic began hurting and weakening Superman. Bummer.)

That was just silly WIS from a newbie writer and should be disregarded. Batman is mortal too why wasn't his body 'rejecting' the magic like Superman's? He doesn't have any supernatural ties, pure bulls#!% IMO.....Magic isn't a weakness, he just has a vulnerability towards it like any other mortal. Superman with a strong arcane shield could probably stand up to a lot of the magical baddies out there.

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At first I thought this was Johns last issue the way things were going in this issue( that's a good thing, leaving on a high note and all) but I'm so happy that there's one more to go and that it's oversized as well. I loved finding out the history of Atlantis, GJ crafted a really good story around Atlan and the seven kingdoms and Paul Pelletier and the rest of the art team did an excellent job. Eager for the next issue, it's gonna be bitter sweet though with Johns leaving. Btw he's on fire this week with JL#24 and this, man some really solid stuff.

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At the end of this issue I was literally almost screaming NO NO NOO!! I did not want it to end! 3 beats that it hit so well... The intro to the (quite humorous at the end of the scene) "evil" Krypton and life with the kents etc.. The daily planet scene which was horrifying and awesome, which then leads into an epic battle between Ultraman and Black Adam...Holy Heck!! I really enjoyed this issue! Amped for Forever Evil #3. Art-Spectacular!! Geoff and Ivan totally knocked this one right out of the doomed planet of Krypton :)

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He's trapped and apparently he's been cured of the kryptonite poisoning from that splinter In his brain.