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@jonny_anonymous: Thank you for giving me something to dream about!! That entire concept would make for some amazing stories.

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Batman eternal after just two issues seems really solid, I like many writers collaborating on one book maybe that's a big factor where quality is concerned, that being said I'm definitely looking forward to this, the current earth 2 has been moving a little slowly for my taste and power girl and huntress have got to start interacting with other people. One big hope is to make the focus of this book the justice society characters again. The me superman and batman are cool and all but come on....

That image really is fantastic! That's green lantern's hand there right?

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@jaken7: Sure, does nothing for her though :P

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Well it's not like he was just going around trying to get with girls. The ones he did get with he genuinely loved. Which I think is pretty old fashioned considering how a lot of people act today.

Thread/ One of those was even a mermaid,i feel bad for him, he could hardly get to second with her.

This whole thread though...I found myself imagining just 2-3 days ago what i would be doing if i had superman's powers when i was all 'turned on' , developed a new found respect for Clark, Super restraint should definitely be one of his abilities ...Thank God he found Wonder Woman ;)

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When I saw this news I became so happy, been waiting for this particular book very much for the past couple of years now....Finally it's here!!! I'm insanely eager to read what Grant Morrison describes as his magnum opus! And his take and final description of the DC Multiverse, oh man I'm so excited!!

@lvenger: Penultimate? Wonder Woman being his last one correct?

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@l3g3ndarypheonix said:

Smallville is a good show i reccomend watching all 10 seasons and reading season 11

The Best episode imo is Run.

But stick with smallville watch all seasons(although the lana/clark relationship makes me want to kill myself because lana is worthless) it's a good show

That last moment = My absolute Favorite in the whole show! Every time i hear 'Feels like today' i close my eyes and picture that last scene :D and think about that look on Clark's face :D :D

As for my views on the show, Season's as a whole with Lex are like 9/10 or sometimes 10/10 IMO which is good cuz he's in 7 seasons :) Seasons without Lex are 7.5 to 8/10 IMO but certain episodes are especially great. And it picks up again in the final season.....Overall its a great show and full of what i like to call special 'Smallville Moments' like the one i mentioned above, which really made it Awesome in my eyes.

Also you get the added bonus of knowing everything that's happened before season 11(the comic) which is IMO the best Superman comic right now and others will attest to that.

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I'm getting a 3d printout of that Wonder Girl image ;)

As for the book,i'll wait for reviews.

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Read about it earlier today, was a bit of a bummer because i loved Shane's art in the first two volumes but Ardian Syaf's art isn't bad in anyway at least not to me. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Seen this topic in so many diff places and everyone keeps dissing his return because of the 'healing coma' well as far as i kno maybe it was retconed to that, because i very clearly remember the eradicator telling superman in the whole return of superman story arc that he had in fact died and that the eradicator provided some kind of spark of life and the kryptonian healing chamber brought him back to normal (not fully powered though) and he also said that circumstances were just right at the time and that that couldn't ever happen again........Although in Connor's case it did and he was really dead but that took a thousand years to complete.

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Highlight of this episode for me,Sarah's voice changer and the ending ,oh and i find the actress who plays huntress very attractive plus this episode with her did not completely suck so thats good. Seriously though only one major complaint from me, Laurel can't recognise her sister? i mean i'd be ok with that except Sarah has a very distinct chin.

@wolverine08 said:

When ever I see Sarah's boobs in her costume I'm all like:

Oh my God! totally! i mean damn!! that zipper was really low this episode,maybe she uses it as a kind of distraction technique when fighting guys :P Frat boys and boobs lol