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I hope they give it more time,lesser margin for error,you did the first one well,now to do the next one better,Don't rush it WB,if this is the batman begins of superman movies the next ones gotta be the dark knight.

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Is this the feeling u get when dreams come true!!!!?? this is Awesome!!!! he's been killing it on injustice!

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Well thats his view on the film and he's entitled to his opinion.


I'v seen the film 3 times. 75% of the damage done was caused by the world engine,i mean u could actually see the people being lifted up and then being crushed down. by the time supes and the army destroy that,i think its safe to assume that any survivors in the buildings left standing would have evacuated. to assume people were still in the buildings during the zod fight is well,i dont agree with that. i Know im assuming they evacuated but im thinking about what would actually happen. Plus,like i sed iv seen it three times and i noticed that not once during the movie does supes hurl zod into or through a building,its always zod doing that.the only place supes tackles zod through something is that construction site after zod starts flying. then we have the last scene which takes place in like a grand central station type setting which is underground where u see people who have probably hidden underground and then whatever happens happens........alot of people are talking about the disregard for human life,if superman destroyed the ship in metropolis all the kryptonians would be alive(cuz the phantom drive wldve been destroyed leaving no way to send them to the phantom zone) and then would proceed to destroy eveything. if he stayed helping people escape the world engine and didn't destroy the other one,it would have continued to destroy more and more life not just in metropolis but everywhere. Supes was basically screwed all around in this one,in the comics he wldve had the JL picking up the slack but obviously he didnt have that advantage here. and the buildings...during the zod fight its very clear there's alot of people on the streets and the building they fight in where zod looses control of his heat vision was deserted.

And even if whatever i said is completely wrong..what else can you expect from a fight between beings of this power level?(in a real life setting) and because of Zod's relentlessness which is so clearly shown in this movie, even if he wanted to, i dont think supes wld be able to take time out of the fight to save people. and as for takin the fight somewhere else i dont thnk zod wld allow for that to happen. they went up into space and zod still brought him back down to Metropolis.And one last point-this is superman at the absolute start of his career,his Zero Year if u will. we can obviously expect more protector of the people stuff in the second one.

this is nothing against Mark Waid, i highly praise his writing but don't really care for his views here....and the above is just Justifying this Superman's actions in my eyes.this is My opinion.

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@cameron83: he's investigating a satellite fallen from space which was essentially pushed into the ocean.By whom? You'lll know if you read superman:unchained. I don't wanna spoil it for you

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@purplecandy: Ya,try to avoid spoilers,go into it with a fresh outlook. You'll appreciate it more.

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That hidden scene where he burned a lot if Rotten Tomato critics to the ground for being whinny b*itches that can't let go of the past. Seriously, he saved the world a million times over in that clip.

125 Million over the weekend baby!!!! Yeah!!!

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@z3ro180: exactly, and by not exposing himself he wouldn't make his life complicated,hence making it easier. Basically,and its even in the movie,jon believed and even told clark that when he is ready when he learns what he is and why he is, he shld reveal himself, anyway that scene really got to me.

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Spoilers will abound so those who haven't seen it yet, you've been warned.

So now that the movie's out and i think a good deal of us have seen it and weve gotten peoples reactions to it on the site both good and bad, i thought it wld be nice to share what everyones favorite scene or scenes were. not really a reaction thread,there are already like 4 of those

So it will be split into two- emotional and action.

so my favorite action scenes are i think everything with faora in it.She was surprisingly good. I really liked her very Flash-esque movements while battling the soldiers and then while kicking Supes's teeth in.

also in the superman zod fight,i loved that part where we see in the trailers,we're on supermans back n hes speeding towards zod and punching him that looked and felt really cool and then the part where zod DBZ style catches supermans cape and spins him around then hurtles him through like 4 or 5 buildings,that was just straight out of a comic book and was so awesome!!

Onto what my favorite emotional scenes were-

Jonathans death, it didnt strike the right cord with some people but seeing that sacrifice he made to make his sons life easier i mean i loved all the scenes with jonathan but in that moment u realize that oh man this guy is really serious about doing anything for the good of his family

Zods death. i wish it was fleshed out more,but the emotion on clarks face in that moment the realization of what is now completely lost to him and what he had to do spoke volumes.

and Supes reaction when his Mom's in danger!! hot damn!! i think we can All relate with that,only he's a 1000 times stronger so it looked cooler but that was really humanizing.

so those are My favorite scenes i liked some more,i didnt like a few but these are the scenes that stood out for me. So......what do you think? (see what i did there)......share some of ur fav scenes.

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@g_man said:

@savagedragon: Better than this one!

hahahaha cant believe how much i laughed at this just now, though the new 52 action figure is definitely more wallet friendly than that beautiful statue and boy is it beautiful!

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Good Review, the critics are too hung up on the old movies and with every interview Zack Snyder stressed this movie was made with the notion that the old ones didnt ever happen and that u enter this one with an open mind for a new take,sadly the critics just ignored him.