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Im glad that manmade weapons can hurt him. If they couldn't then whats the point of lex luthor

''Miracles don't exist but Lex Luthor does'' Lex isn't just an ordinary man. if he designed those cannons i wouldn't be totally opposed to them.

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Two words to describe this issue- Holy Sh*t!! when that 'moment' happened i literally exclaimed quite loudly, "No way!" great start to this event finally everything's coming together. i really loved how johns wrote billy/shazam....like a total child,it was so good! Wondering what the phantom stranger was doing at the kent's graves.

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@lvenger said:

Unlike with Man of Steel, it was clear in the first issue of Trinity War that Superman wasn't responsible for killing Doctor Light. But that's not my problem with it. The problem I have is that it's an unorignal derivative idea. Of all the heroes that could have started the war, Superman should never be amongst the candidates.

With how things are going with the secret society being behind everything and the question figuring out how everything is coming back to superman, it kind of makes sense. i mean implicating the greatest hero in the world in such a crime is probably the best way the society could have initiated whatever plans they have.

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Simple science dude if he's attacked by multiple "black hole lasers" it should affect him (personally i hated that,as you said Supes shldnt be hurt by manmade weapons,would've been better if it was some alien tech) but where the batman thing is concerned bruce is still an idiot( its just snyder trying to make batman seem like more of a challenge for clark) why are writers forgetting that superman has super senses 100 times stronger then daredevil's? Superman could still hear him and smell him even if he couldn't see him.

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it was very clear and mentioned like thrice in the issue that it wasn't exactly him.

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i really enjoyed this issue. Stupid thing had to end though,on a pretty exciting cliffhanger too,both supes and lex......wanted more Lois though.

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this is really interesting.......it partly describes why i loved how the army was used in the movie.

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H'el displayed telekinesis and both him and lex told kal that maybe he hadn't reached his full potential yet.

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I was eagerly awaiting this review after reading this Super issue and i agree the ending was a pretty major cliffhanger,really wanted to know superman's response. But i Loved this issue!this series just gets better every week. Tom Taylor can Write!! judging from this book i think he's perfect to follow James on Earth 2

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@ssejllenrad: Sorry was counting the pre crisis origin by mistake,there was a superman issue pre-52 cant remember which one exactly but he recounts his origin in three different ways(this is before secret origin came out) including the pre crisis one,was apparently an effect of Superboy prime punching reality or something... but still changing his origin 3 times was still alot compared to other characters and i would really prefer it if Grant Morrison's initial arc remains unchanged.