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So far from what i've seen from thor and avengers,Movie thor is a joke(i really don't think they depict his power well),waiting for the dark world to see more showings but from what i've seen from MOS, Superman Stomps!!!

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@lvenger: True,no, Very true but its also out of character for Superman to not save the world and let Zod Continue killing innocents then possibly kill him and then the rest of the world. At that point after the army's plan was successful,Zod essentially became Doomsday,he had absolutely nothing, completely devoid of emotion save rage and revenge, and we know how Superman dealt with Doomsday,only this time Supes showed genuine remorse cuz it was the last of his race,he was forced to take a life etc.etc. iv sed this 1000 times already over the many different threads.

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@lvenger: Nice review,i don't agree with some points but hey, to each his own and well written.

Is there anywhere on the net that has Grant Morrison's views on this film? i would absolutely wanna see that.

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I like her performance, she got the lois attitude, I didn't warm up to her look though(Amy' Gorgeous) as Lois she's not the normal brunette, but I'm sure ill get used to it by the next one.

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@sandman_: where'd you find that meme and gif, man those are funny!!

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@novi_homines said:

LOL! I actually like this one better though.

Lol, says the guy who's superiors wanted to Nuke the city as opposed to trusting their team.

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@jonny_anonymous: Yup and that spawned a cult that worshipped him like a god and destroyed the future or something like that so then he went back in time and undid it. so that didn't really work out for him.

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So Superman can turn up the intensity of his x-ray vision to emit gamma radiation,weve seen in AC #2 him emitting micro waves and stuff,so this seems pretty logical(as logical as real world science can get in comics) so anyway......

i'v read about a radio surgery technology known as the gamma knife(used for brain tumors),not a knife but more like a concentrated release of gamma rays that destroy brain tumors,malignant or benign without affecting the surrounding healthy brain tissue(unlike chemo which is unpredictable) so Superman can emit concentrated gamma rays from his eyes.....i don't kno if its been discussed in comics before about superman curing cancer and if he can or not and if he should or not...i, so far haven't come across a story like that and im unsure if its been done.

what im getting at is clearly if he wanted to he could try,so does 'with great power comes great responsibility' hold up here? and everything he's been taught about being a good person and helping people out?

Should Superman spend an hour every other day curing people with brain cancer? does he go down that path or not? is it his moral responsibility? i kno its comic books but still should it be addressed in comics if it hasn't been already?

i don't really know what to think about it, thats why im sharing my thoughts here.So,what do you guys think?

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MOS no morals most probably takes this. Heat vision instantly slices through jean and mags and even hulk I really doubt the movie version of hulk can stand up to that,I mean Zod sliced through a building and brought it down on top of itself. I really don't see movie hulk getting passed that. Then, movie destroyer is nothing close to what he is in comics,so that goes down no sweat and then supes spends a little time with Thor if Thor unleashed his lightning otherwise his vastly greater strength over powers Thor and finished him off.