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@thebhramabull: A batman feat from unchained? we all know who wrote that, nice try.

@saren said:

New 52 Lex is not smarter than Batman;

Lex figured out who he is. Lex Luthor the biggest earth based villain in the dcu (no matter how much scott tries to amp up joker) learned who batman is. Not very smart for batman, what no contingency for that eventuality?. Oh and please don't blame Geoff Johns.

And you guys constantly proclaiming supes intellectually inferior to bats, haven't you read k4tzm4n's latest article? Now he knows what he's talking about and he paints both of them in a very fair light. And exploiting someones trust is not a sign of superior intelligence, unless your definition of intelligence is being a d!@k then yes i think we can all agree that bats is very intelligent.

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So i hope people take notice that majority of the people that voted so far have voted no. I wonder what the result would be if the same question was asked on the batman forum but with superman being the one to go.

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Batman is awesome, Batgod on the other hand…


@lvenger said:

Given that Batman is my second favourite superhero, I'm gonna say no on getting rid of him from existence. He's a genuinely brilliant and compelling comic book character who's had a lot of brilliant and creative stories written about him.The problem however comes from the constant pitting of Superman against Batman where Batman is prepped to the max, Superman is acting out of character, holding back or not at full power and some PIS and WIS comes into play too. That's my real problem with Batman, when he successfully punches above his weight class even with prep time.

Mine too, and this^

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1. In New52 Batman is the official leader, it's stated in the comics.

2. I clearly stated I was being pedantic in my statement, I was obviously being silly because of how ridiculous his original statement was. Re-read it.

3. Lex, Bruce and many others are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of Superman's league in the smarts department.

Where? please show me some scans or tell me, i've forgotten where that is stated.

In response to your third post you mean way out of superman's league meaning they are a lot smarter than him? Then, ok whatever you say. Read some superman comics or anything other than snyder's batman. Peace.

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Also debunking this whole fight before all the joker stuff kicked in, in batman #35 that amount of time between bruce enacting his plan and wearing the suit, Diana wasn't able to do any kinda damage? (you know after she pushed him through a wall and dropped him onto the street from God knows how high) I find it hilarious how people (not just batfans) eat this stuff up.(then proclaim batman's relatable cause he's human) Like seriously people? and sullying other prominent characters in the dc universe to make your character look good. That is incredibly crappy writing imo. Wouldn't put it past Scott Snyder though, he f#@%& superman throughout unchained and played up bats wherever he could.

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Those guys are in Superman's league! Batman ain't.

Now if only people actually got this.

@superguy1591 said:

Don't Batman fans think it is a bit silly that they're comparing SUPERman being able to lift a mountain, move faster than light and shoot sun rays out of his eyes to a guy that is supposed to be a normal man with peak level attributes taking on some of the worst people humanity has to offer?

It's like saying that because the United States could destroy the planet with nukes, anyone saying Haiti couldn't CURRENTLY destroy the planet with their nukes is being bias(Haiti has no nukes).

Batman and Superman aren't the same. Stop acting like they are. Superman is supposed to be super, that's his thing. And it's not that I, as a Superman fan, want Superman to be unstoppable: if Diana had been the one to take Kal down, I would be celebrating. If Flash did it: the same reaction. GL? You betcha!

Those guys are in Superman's league! Batman ain't.

Well considering Batman is the LEADER of the Justice LEAGUE, which he and Clark are both members of, not only would that put him in the same league as Clark, it would in fact put him at the top of Clark's league. Of course I am just being pedantic, but only because of the completely ridiculous and untrue statement you just made.

You'd probably consider Lex to be in Superman's league. In fact, I didn't see any Superman fans complaining when he took down the majority of the Injustice League in Forever Evil.

The fact is, the only reason so many Superman fans have got their knickers in a twist is because it was Batman.

LOL!! bats ain't the leader of the JL,no one is so that's a ridiculous and untrue statement right there. League has more than one meaning. Lex wasn't working alone at any point during that story except for maybe the first issue where he didn't get much done and he is nowhere near Superman's league(except for smarts), why else do you think he's so po'd all the time.

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The ending was so insanely bittersweet for me. That last page though, just amazing...I'm really going to miss this comic!

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Books like Batman #36 is the reason I want to see other heroes of DC kicking Batman's ass.

I love batman but i too share in this desire.

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@dernman said:

Batgod makes me hate one of my favorite characters.........Batman.

Same here, Its destroying the appeal of what makes him a great hero. Snyder just sold out to appease the wankers.

:( This is a really sad truth, it's gotten to the point where the mention of batman urks me and i would love for that not to happen.

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@darknightspideyfanboy said:

not gonna lie this look like both guys are overpower superman unharmed by 9 microscopic red sun and how in blue hell did batman do that im mean come on man this is Grant Morrison level of dumb logic

Nope Morrison wouldn't make up something like this. This is clearly a cop out, Morrison's work is more thought out(or drug induced) but its still better than this crap.

@sanohibiki said:


Apparently drugged entire Justice League. Yep, Joker’s that awesome. He can drug full company of pretty much half gods and only one who stop them is Batman.

P.S. I read some theories though that is just Batman who been drugged and hallucinating, but I won’t bet on it.

This, i mean how ridiculous is that right?! I wouldn't mind it if this was something like emperor joker, that at least makes some sense. It's crazy though how snyder makes these powerless individuals so incredibly competent and tears down Superman like his life depended on it. Goes for the rest of his JL as well.

I thought the same at first about the hallucinating and i kinda have a feeling it is that based on this preview, but i just don't trust snyder anymore.

@superguy1591 said:

@darknightspideyfanboy: superman isnt weakened by red sun radiation. Superman's cells just can't turn them into high energy.

Being hit with a red sun is no more effective than being hit by anything else.

But, then again, Scott also doesn't know Clark can breath in space...

THIS, this this this. According to proper scientific logic this makes perfect sense and even LOB freakin DELL saw it and wrote it this way.Supes being under a red sun should be like supes at night time,without the presence of a yellow sun and a constant charge. But now of course according to the comments above some people don't even realise this and snyder himself has reinforced that stupid red sun 'weakness' about 50 times over.

@superguy1591 said:

@night4345: Agree, keep that guy away from Superman. His Superman is either boring or a punching bag for his Batman.

Doesn't know how to write a fun Superman story to save his life.