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Where is unchained and why are we having the old Superman vs Batman pissing contest again?

And lo, Batman carries a stick of Kryptonite....lol, im sure Pak will handle that well though. Unchained delayed,no other possibility. Unless DC is Stupid.

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@arturocalakayvee: they've been treating him like shit for those two years,and now that kill him,and spit on his grave by giving Jon lane kent his book,disgraceful.

^This!! pre-52 Superboy (connor kent) even over took superman as my favorite towards the end after Geoff Johns boy of steel and Jeff Lemier's awesome work and also because i saw sooo much potential for the character. The new-52 came along and superboy had a good start but soon became underwhelming. I still stuck by him cause he's still one of my favs and nothing is unfixable, but now they KILL HIM??!! what the Flaming Firetruck!!! and replace him with someone according to the zero issue is 1.Defective and dying. 2.Pure evil. 3.Less powerful!(Harvest states that Kon-el showed greater potential for power than Jon Lane kent) why replace someone with a less powerful character?! i honestly thought they were gonna become ultimate enemies like Kon and Prime pre-52....

If this turns out to be some long term plan where eventually he comes back,that would be awesome. Hopefully, there's a loophole in that death rule for Superboy. they did kill him before and he came back stronger. Ughh,this is such a bummer!

Actually...Screw this, im going and reading Smallville titans.

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Oh man :') Awesome! got chills....don't know whether thats goosebumps or adrenaline im feeling.

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@sog7dc: I just kinda disconcerting. Its time for Superman's spotlight.


What i would love is a superman cartoon with the same animation as Young Justice.

maybe the 3d-esque animation could work, i liked it in GL, not so much in beware the batman. But that may be limiting in some aspects. So for me it should ideally be the same as YJ.

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Have you seen Dark Knight Strikes Again? Or All Star Batman and Robin? The dude depicts Superman as some weak-willed moron (at very best).


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Besides a serious splitting headache and busted year drums i don't see superman getting hurt any other way physically.

So basically, yes it can hurt him, but i don't think its enough to kill him. Also, i doubt it could make him go deaf because his healing would make up for that.

What I wanna know is, Superman whistled at a frequency that cancelled darkseid out of existence, if he wanted could he generate a loud devastating scream too?

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@sog7dc said:

@lensnart said:

If by a miraculous series of events you got a chance to write the Superman series what would you do with it. What stories would you tell, what villains would you use; would you do short contained stories for each issue or an epic encompassing arc that progress through the course of your run.

What would you do?

i have sooooo many ideas. literally like dozens but since i actually hope to write superman one day i am reluctant to disclose said ideas.....good thread though

same :P

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I think Pre 52 Supes would see him,see how vyndktvx screwed around with so many facets of his life and how his parents died shortly before he left for college and he'd be compassionate and maybe guide him.

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I wouldn’t mind to see New-52 reimagining of “Death and Return of Superman”.

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I enjoyed this issue. Good first issue....4.5 from me only because,well it's not Wonder woman but the idea of Supes being with anyone apart from Lois just feels really weird to me. I just have to try and embrace the new. Hopefully i'll get used to it as this series moves on.