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Superman always had complete control and he spent years learning that, don't know if it was brought up in comics,can't recall something like this but we got a glimpse of it in Smallville....So getting physical with Lois may not have been completely of the table. There are many instances where its more than implied that they have but passionate meaning, rough? aggressive? yea,no. She would die.

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Pre-Flashpoint yes and that was always something i liked about the character. New 52 could've still done that. Early action issues show him leaving home at around 18 after his parents died that same year,and then he sprang up in Metropolis about 4 years later. Assuming he wasn't in Met U for all of that time,he could've been traveling the world gathering credit, work experience and most important of all,saving people...Well that's at least what i'd like to think happened .

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This takes place before Grant's first run on Action so this assures us that Superman always had the potential to fly, it's just that his " Stupid power limiting brain" didn't allow for that to happen till later.

Plus when batman said, "You're Superman,dammit! You do the Impossible!" I just had the biggest smile on my face :D like Joker big!

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It was originally solicited for last week of oct. dont know what happened there. At comic con complete pages were previewed indicating the book is complete. The delay in Jan can be blamed on the art but no idea whats happening now. Hope DC realizes that till Greg Pak is on action and after superman/batman,we need unchained to really satiate our quality Superman quota for the month which we aren't getting in other places......Rocafort's back though :)

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@k4tzm4n said:

Keep in mind this was asking people what their favorite Batman story is -- not what they believe the absolute best one is.

lol, was just about to comment/reply to people assuring them of this. You beat me to it though, damn you Gregg! ;)

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New mystery art challenge...Yay!

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Loved this! Kaiyo is so powerful. It really does seem like she could be Darkseid's daughter.

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@allstarsuperman: Yes, i feel the same, AOS doesn't really do much for me or hasn't as yet.Hopefully it picks up.

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@the_stegman said:

For the first time in this show's history...I'm attractive to Felicity. I mean I always liked her...but man, that skirt she was wearing really...well, it was form flattering.

Also, Diggle is indeed great "I'm just his black driver" priceless.

I agree with you on Felicity, i was like DAMN. She's hot as hell in this episode.

I'd give this episode 4 stars, it was very good but Laurel's motivation is weak.

Agreed, plus Ollie's "What would i do without my black driver" was hilarious! solid 4 from me as well,though minor flaws aside, an enjoyable episode.

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EDIT: Anyone catch the Jeff Lemire Reference.

"the Hood heading down Lemire avenue" :)

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On just the basis that Superman P1M has 5th dimensional powers,i say he takes this.

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HUSH, The Killing Joke and RIP for me, now to decide which one to vote for :(