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This time it might be for TDKRETURNS 3 with Frank Miller...

Why won't those two leave Superman alone?

where have you found this news?

Bleeding cool and oh my God....I read the title and got a tight sphincter then i saw frank miller and tdk3 and then...

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I recently re-read the wedding album and now i'm sad :'(

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I was really getting on board with Pak but man am i hating the recurring theme of unsure superman constantly re-living past mistakes, i mean like ok we get it this guy made/makes mistakes. I don't like that aspect of pak's superman much. Give me a guy who's human fine, to er is human but at least make him confidant in his actions(Thankfully he showed some when he used his cold breath to settle the crazy crowd).Anyway to see someone like superman constantly acting that way isn't inspiring and not relatable in the slightest, to me anyway. Maybe that's the reason why people like Johns's superman more, cause he writes one helluva superman(mature,human,inspiring) plot be damned.

In BM/SM Pak's recurring theme at least initially was batman vs superman, the current issue was amazing though.

I was gonna cite some issues concerning Lana as heavenlydarkdragon did above but then i thought she's completely justified in being irrational and angry. Anyone in her position would be, so that was fine.

What i do like about Pak's run is the fresh dialogue, the fun character interactions, amazing action and interesting plots.

If the thing at the end of this issue is the ultra humanite that's a really early reveal plus he's receiving quite the overhaul in terms of well everything if he's supernatural now. Hope Pak does him good since he was Superman's first foe ever in comics.

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Earth one's batman is a lot more 'mortal' and inexperienced than his earth 0 or prime or new 52 earth whatever counterpart. He would need to tackle ground level stuff, sneaking around getting info, basically detective work(which i love to see from bats) and let supes go up against all the world beaters unlike the regular universe where bats throws on a mech suit and tackles super villains that are out of his league right alongside supes.

But for right now i'm eagerly awaiting Wonder Woman earth one which seems to be taking forever. The art better be spectacular.

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I can just image Oprah as Waller now..

"You get a bomb in your head! You get a bomb in your head! And you get a bomb in your head! Everybody gets a bomb in their head!!"

*crowd start cheering*


Oh my God!! hahahaha im in splits!!

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I've never had a problem with the American way part because to me it essentially means as the op stated the right to liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness things that makes sense for the character and what he fights for. People argue the American way is a reflection of the country but I believe it's a constant no matter what state America is in. It is basically an ideal and Superman is a pretty big part of Americana as well. I wouldn't like to see the American way go, it's an integral part of superman.

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I'll have to re-read LL MOS, haven't read that in years.

On the question of favorite Lex's does no one have an opinion of the whole black ring story arc by Paul Cornell? Meant to ask this on that other fav lex forum but didn't get around to it. I felt that was an interesting story and take on Lex as he served as the protagonist for action comics for almost a year.

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@sog7dc: Not all writers can write a good superman fight, but I would buy if if they handwave it by saying he was draining the solar cells during the fight.

What i took away from it..In the start when supes caught his punch i think he was draining him, he has absorbed supes's energy in the past in the form of HV. So i didn't mind that sorta ko with the electricity from the power line...Damn this issue ended way to quick.

from what i get he is able manipulate energy

This. From what wev'e seen he can manipulate it, sense it, track it, the works.

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Side note: Is anyone else irked that this is now a $4 comic just because Johns is attached to it?

For the current page count, most definitely.