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@dernman said:

Batgod makes me hate one of my favorite characters.........Batman.

Same here, Its destroying the appeal of what makes him a great hero. Snyder just sold out to appease the wankers.

:( This is a really sad truth, it's gotten to the point where the mention of batman urks me and i would love for that not to happen.

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@darknightspideyfanboy said:

not gonna lie this look like both guys are overpower superman unharmed by 9 microscopic red sun and how in blue hell did batman do that im mean come on man this is Grant Morrison level of dumb logic

Nope Morrison wouldn't make up something like this. This is clearly a cop out, Morrison's work is more thought out(or drug induced) but its still better than this crap.

@sanohibiki said:


Apparently drugged entire Justice League. Yep, Joker’s that awesome. He can drug full company of pretty much half gods and only one who stop them is Batman.

P.S. I read some theories though that is just Batman who been drugged and hallucinating, but I won’t bet on it.

This, i mean how ridiculous is that right?! I wouldn't mind it if this was something like emperor joker, that at least makes some sense. It's crazy though how snyder makes these powerless individuals so incredibly competent and tears down Superman like his life depended on it. Goes for the rest of his JL as well.

I thought the same at first about the hallucinating and i kinda have a feeling it is that based on this preview, but i just don't trust snyder anymore.

@superguy1591 said:

@darknightspideyfanboy: superman isnt weakened by red sun radiation. Superman's cells just can't turn them into high energy.

Being hit with a red sun is no more effective than being hit by anything else.

But, then again, Scott also doesn't know Clark can breath in space...

THIS, this this this. According to proper scientific logic this makes perfect sense and even LOB freakin DELL saw it and wrote it this way.Supes being under a red sun should be like supes at night time,without the presence of a yellow sun and a constant charge. But now of course according to the comments above some people don't even realise this and snyder himself has reinforced that stupid red sun 'weakness' about 50 times over.

@superguy1591 said:

@night4345: Agree, keep that guy away from Superman. His Superman is either boring or a punching bag for his Batman.

Doesn't know how to write a fun Superman story to save his life.


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Ah Finally!!! The realizations of the many flaws which outweigh the good parts of this story are coming to light. It's music to my ears seeing people besides me cite the same problems i had with this story and finally with this final issue (shudders)(the weaknesses,the deux ex machinas, the unquestioned killing of an entire army,oh the killing,surprised nobody before lvenger brought that up). I was going to post the same review Lvenger did but didn't find the time to earlier. Stilll glad it's out there for everyone to read. I for one pray Snyder never touches Superman again but endgame over in batman seems to be a bitter after taste of this belittlement of Superman's character and power.

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Optimism for DC films warms the cockles of my heart :) Personally i'm very excited for Wonder Woman, hope it's amazing!

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This issue was really good, i enjoyed reading it. Art was awesome, super beard for the win.

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I don't know why but the way Snyder describes superman throughout this interview and even lois at one point makes them seem like f$#&&*^ Idiots.

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@papinacho: @squalleon: @sog7dc: Well it isn't about perfection for one, if that is what you guys are insinuating. Superman isn't perfect anyone who's read his stories knows that. The controversial elements or interfering with human history opens a whole other can of worms (within this story itself). Tearing down everything good about superman is what Snyder aimed for and its what he did but in my opinion i don't think he put all the pieces back stronger than before (if he meant to) which would've been the real cliched and expected ending.The story only shows one side of the picture, 'Why doesn't superman interfere?' Are there any stories where he answers that? because i would love to read them. What i had a problem with in that ending speech by lex was surprisingly to me only one part, where he says superman doesn't stand for anything just because he's not perfect but still just a guy doing the best he can. How is that not a guiding light? how is that not a symbol? Lex needed to see Superman doing the best he could to understand how to be better right?

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When stories like this one are told (about superman) and send the kind of message they send in an effort to dismiss all the stupid notions and criticisms the character has against him, i really wonder how All star superman is arguably the best superman story or is claimed to be so. Even non superman fans think so.

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Loved this issue, loved this run...Welled up a bit at the end, that perfect end :')

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@ultimatesmfan: It'll be off and running anyway. There are always going to be haters. The studio's listening to the cash, not the critics.

A sad truth but i meant off and running in the sense that they'll know what works and continue with it.