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I agree, i liked it too.

Also liked the fact that the Kents trusted Ben(Hubbard i'm thinking) their neighbour with Clark's secret.

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There is no bi-curious your either part of the LGBT community or you aren't and I think your reaching here. Also DC wouldn't take a risk on changing the sexual identify of a key fan-favorite like dick greyson. Usually when they try something like this it's on a lame character like Nova.

Well they changed Wally West's race, the defining flash for, i think. all millennials. So really wouldn't put it past them.

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I blame the management.

The New-52 is failing because it sucks.


New 52 is not failing. It never failed. It was launched in 2011. It's had lows and highs but it revived a very stagnant and boring comic book landscape at the time.

'at the time' being the key words in that sentence, it has since then stagnated to one can say a worse place than before flashpoint because of a majority of dull comics and no rich history with the prevalent irksome problem of f'ed up continuity. Ineffective tonal shifts have also contributed immensely.

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People say that when ever Superman fights he holds back but i don't think that's true so does anyone know if he has ever said that and if he did does he say it as a excuse for getting beat up for example Shazam beats him up and superman tried his hardest but lost anyway and after the fight he said i held back because he didn't want to hurt Shazam to much

you are speaking as if these characters have feelings..they don't it's what ever the writers says. and many writers have said more than once he holds back. Superman doesn't know how hard of a punch these people can take...Shazam recently knocked him down, superman got up just fine, he is now aware he is strong enough to hurt him, but strength doesn't mean durability either, imagine if he mistakenly punched someones head off? If you don't think it's true then that's fine but more often then not he feels like a person fighting in a cardboard city with ants all around him.

Hahah I lol'ed so hard at this.

Instantly thought of this-

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@supermudz: Nice list of ideas. I think similarly. You're right, Superman needs super fantastic stories to challenge the character in all aspects. In that respect i think Grant Morrison is king at this point in time because he writes stories like that.

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Don't know why but i never saw them as 'underwear on the outside' or trunks other kids would say stuff like that and i'd be like what are you talking about, i always saw it as an appropriate balance in colours in his outfit and it just fit and never looked weird to me.

My small peeve, Batman had the same thing in black, Nothing was ever said about that and if it was, it wasn't nearly as much as Superman's.

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Give this a watch.

I share the same views as Max when it comes to Superman. The way he describes him here(towards the end) tells me he has a good understanding of the character.(His crappy MOS sequel pitch be damned) Hoping! He can put it to good use in this story or series of stories.

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@mad_titan: Thank you :)

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Τhe Superman-line editorial is where DC throws its losers.

It's a shame that's the case because it really shouldn't be happening. Superman is the underlying foundation, the genesis and catalyst for DC Comics to exist as the company it is today. Yet the Superman line is comprised of editors who toe the company outlook of every comic matching the New 52's vision and reimagination of their characters, even if it's detrimental to what they were and represented before.

This is really funny and strange to me. I watched a dc all access interview once(before Geoff Johns's new 52 run on Superman i think), where Dan Didio himself explained that when the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman titles are doing well, the whole line seems to follow suit, which makes sense since people would look to flagship character titles to get a sense of quality, but so far the batman title is the only one that's had consistent quality(some parts better than others but still) Wonder Woman imo was great during Azzarello's run and then dropped and is now consistent but at a lower level and we all know what's been happening with superman, smh. I've stopped buying Superman comics! Well, except for the new Lois and Clark series.

I'm secretly hoping Tom Taylor's Batman/Superman issues are some kind of audition (not that he needs one) for him to get on one of the main books. Hopefully not with stifling editorial direction like on earth two.

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Clark was moving faster than the shutter of the camera. The light from the flash still tagged him easily. Simple physics.

I did like how the show portrayed Clark's speed increasing with each season. Clark never moved faster than light. Way faster than bullets but not the extent where bullets appeared frozen in the air to him.

The fastest feat, i remember was him going from London to Kansas in 4-5 seconds. That's incredibly fast but nowhere near the speed of light.

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Like the S on the cape. Highly prefer it to be yellow. Just my personal opinion but i don't like black as a colour on Superman's main costume. Primary colours ftw.