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@jogga: @self-dceit: Phew, glad i'm not the only one who saw all those things. Was starting to think i was reading a different book, the way unchained is raved about here.

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@z3ro180 said:

@ultimatesmfan: may I ask why ?

I have to re-read it but imo, the only good thing about it was the characterisation of key characters(even that is wonky in some places, especially Superman), the art of course, few plot points here and there and some interesting questions raised. Other than that, the whole thing read like a passive aggressive jab at the entire character of superman and i didn't like that at all, it more than outweighed the possitives. To me, the story (Snyder) took key elements that make Superman special and completely tore them down, and unlike he does with batman, he didn't build them back up stronger than they were before.

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Hell no.

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Not counting Mark Hamill cuz he's staple, at the top for me.

Out of the list John Dimaggio and Troy Baker are my favourites. Dimaggio edging out baker a bit cuz i really really liked him in under the red hood, he has a really special joker voice.

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@heavenlydarkdragon: Sure. But note that I said "in essence". Because, and please correct me if I'm wrong, as I haven't read the story in a while, wasn't Doomsday also disintegrated by Imperiex, only to make a comeback later on?

Yes, not disintegrated completely but Imperiex did reduce doomsday to just a skeleton. What appears later is cadmus labs making doomsday again out of its bones along with some of superman's blood to give him some weaknesses, this is in the story doomsday rex. However doomsday still has his ability to evolve beyond a threat.

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The iconic joker story being adapted and Mark Hamill voicing, absolutely perfect! I think i hear the Joker laughing with happiness...Just hope they do the comic justice, it's one of those classic's you can't let down. But i have faith because they've nailed whatever iconic stories they've adapted so far- Year one, Dark knight returns etc.

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@lvenger said:

@ultimatesmfan: Honestly, I felt they weren't very nice about Superman's character at all. They called him unrelatable, a perfect boring boy scout and an overpowered limitless god essentially. None of which I believe are correct myself. Especially the unrelatable dig. What's unrelatable about someone who grew up on a farm, was raised by living parents, given a strong work ethic and impeccable moral compass from his ubringing, went to school with his peers, had trouble fitting in, had crushes, left home, moved to the city, got a job and made new friends, relationships and enemies? Granted this all happens with a superpowered alien from Krypton but Superman is far more relatable than Goku IMO.

Literally what's going through my mind every time i hear the unrelatable dig.

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Despite all the nice things said about Superman's character and purpose which i appreciated a lot of the 'facts' in this second death battle were crap and compliments backhanded and imo further adding fuel to the boring op superman fire smh.

Superman winning is cool but they could've done it a lot better, him standing upto that last kamehameha was crap. The 'limitless' argument was crap...Really didn't like this. First one was 1000 times better. If they stated they were using Superman prime one million, Then i would believe this fight. This is disrespectful to both the characters and i wish they'd never done it.

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@saintwildcard: yes he does, when he tells the humans about the phantom drive plan he flies up to power up because he knew he would've been weakened when he goes near the world engine.

That's not sun dipping. That's just powering up. Sun DIpping requires him to dip into the sun. I also don't recall him powering up, he simply flew to the World Engine.