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@squalleon said:

Okay we get it you have bad taste :P

Millar, Waid AND Morrison on Superman. Seriously what's not to love.

Hahaha! qft.

@dagmar_merrill said:

@squalleon: It's been a white since I looked aT the stuff about it

Me too.Though i do read the pitch from time to time to comfort myself whenever i feel low :P In the wake of all the news surrounding 'Truth' i think it's time for another run through.

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@ultimatesmfan said:

@saintwildcard: PG image* Good development and natural progression would have me rooting for these two.

Love and chemistry is subjective IMO. At times I feel that one of the characters being comedic relief or both of them being funny together is what equates to chemistry around here. But two young adults having sex after dating a while is hardly the sounds of forced. To each their own, but I see it.

You're right, it isn't but for me i would like to have actually seen that dating for a while bit a little more.

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@saintwildcard: PG image* Good development and natural progression would have me rooting for these two.

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Not so much too hot to handle(that's like a PG image) more like too forced to handle.

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This is obviously a ploy and said in order to protect Diana even though the whole situation in particular seems silly... Oh we're hurtling into the sun just kiss me already, lol.

IF this is an end to the relationship or it ends in a similar manner, i'm not looking forward to it. From the beginning i've not been a fan of the idea of Supes and WW together (even though technically it's the most perfect match in comics) but i am a fan of good story, and this 'relationship' as far as story goes hasn't been fleshed out past JL #12 or maybe the first arc of SM/WW Imo. So to bring it to an abrupt ending like that and Clark and Diana spouting off that they love each other so much even though it's kinda coming out from nowhere and doesn't sit well.

It's why i have a problem with that bed scene that never made it to print. Not a problem with the fact that Clark would 'do it' outside marriage but more so the fact that he would do it when not completely in love with the person and/or mind controlled. The way the relationship has unnaturally progressed that image would seem really forced.

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@lvenger said:

So Convergence was basically pointless in the end?

Yup, for all intents and purposes this event was ultimately just filler.

Have to say one thing though. When something "evolves" isn't it supposed to become better :P

So my thoughts- These sly mfs The guys at DC orchestrated this whole event to utilize all the continuities/timelines that have come before, regarding every major 'Crisis' along the way and then go back and undo the original crisis(one of the greatest stories ever) citing that the original multiverse exists in a new evolved state, effectively undoing the post crisis timeline but everything still happened? Just so they can get rid of the new 52 moniker .Ya no( F this $h!#) as far as i'm concerned the DCU ended in 2011.

And the part that confuses me is people saying all the timelines exist on different earth's within the multiverse but looking closely at the issue i have no idea how that's a possibility or maybe i can't piece that together. I'd be more sane with the idea of multiple multiverses but that doesn't seem to be the case either. It's not even infinite earths it's still 52 or maybe it is infinite earths again.

What we've got is an (crappily) "evolved" Silver Age multiverse. I think.

If everything does exist somehow and the pre n52 universe can be revisited then that's a huge positive and delighting.

Not worrying about multiversity because this basically keeping everything (the current multiverse) the same but at the same time different? Ahh Multiversal continuity be damned.

F'ing pointless filler event. Personally calling it DC's paradox clusterfk orgy :)

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@lvenger said:

Allow me to explain why I personally feel it's such a big deal.

  • In the Superman, Action Comics and especially the Batman/Superman previews, Clark is acting even more aggressive and abrasive than the usual New 52 Superman characterisation standards. Not to mention he still tackles problems like a charging bull rather than a confident and authoritative hero.
  • His Clark Kent identity is now exposed to the world, severing what little connection to humanity and normalcy New 52 Superman had and ruining the dual identity mechanic which is a thematic staple of the Superman world.
  • Lois Lane was the one who stabbed Superman in the back by exposing his identity, furthering the gap between Lois Lane and Superman and making Lois' most prominent role in New 52 Superman comics as his best friend turned betrayer of Superman's identity and place in the world.
  • The rest of his supporting cast look like they'll be alienated from Truth for the most part and I've heard there're going to be new supporting cast members shoe horned in this event as well.
  • He's looking like a brutish street thug complete with T-Shirt, buzzcut hairstyle and horrible wrist wraps formed from his ripped cape. In short, Clark now looks like Super-Street-Punk rather than Superman.
  • Lastly, whilst powers don't make the man, Superman's depowerment is simply a repetitive trope or cliche at this point for the writers to try and make their jobs easier writing a 'humanized' Superman. Which fails to understand how Superman is more than a humanized hero whilst also being an alien powerhouse capable of fighting the toughest foes. Superman's gone from a sci fi action hero to a street vigilante, and I don't read Superman stories for a street vigilante fix.

Overall, the unnecessary changes represent a failure to maintain a stable status quo for Superman as DC seem incapable of giving the character solid direction since the New 52 started. Truth is just the final nail in the coffin for many Superman fans that DC has done enough damage to their favourite character. That's why this is such a big deal, because the story and character hinted at does not seem like a Superman story featuring Superman anymore.


I don't even have that much of a problem with the whole loss of powers thing, even though it's been done to death! Anyway for all the reason's mentioned above i'm unsure of this whole arc along with the current line of superman writers. To make a character 'human' why do you have to make them miserable?! Not every human being is miserable! And Superman of all people. Really don't understand this whole notion of make him human, bring him down to our level blah blah blah...Jeez! As mentioned somewhere in the previous comments the absolute best superman stories have been those where he's completely larger than life, some stories featuring a superman many times more powerful than the regular one and i've honestly never even seen criticisms against those stories so that whole OP argument is out the window. And truth is gonna run for a whole year,crap. Would trust Geoff Johns to do something substantial with him in JL during a New Gods arc but he's busy literally bringing batgod to life. The only thing to do at this point is wait and hope for the best.

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Haven't seen the preview or followed up on much of the new Bizzaro series, so at first i thought you were describing it :P The premise was really inviting and very true to the character of Bizzaro, nice work!

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Wouldn't it be cool if Geoff Johns does another 2-3 year run on a Superman book and returns him to his pre-52 glory! :D Just throwing it out there :P

Seriously though, giddy with excitement for this book!!