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Good characterisation is all i'm looking for in this entire arc given that i'm put off by most other aspects and the writers are getting more freedom than usual. Anyway Clark sounded quite a bit like himself but Gordon is not at all recognisable.

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I'm about to lose my freaking mind right now!!

The Hype rises!!!

I just saw this news, I AM losing my mind!!!!

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BOOM! has really been gaining a lot of interest from me over their last few announcements. This makes one more title i'm looking forward too.

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Loved the characterisation in the second half of this book. Really good stuff.

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Santa Claus, a gold mine of potential for stories and none other than Grant Morrison is the one who makes this a reality(honestly nothing makes me happier). Reading the description along with interviews with Grant has made me beyond stoked for this. Also there's something about the fact that he conceived this idea when writing all star superman, i guess that optimistic mindset just begot this great idea.

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@sprior93 said:

Mikel Janin's art is beautiful. I love how perfect his Dick is.

Sorry :)

Seriously :'D my body is aching i'm laughing so hard!!

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@scouterv said:

While I wouldn't be opposed to Rocksteady doing a Superman game, I'd rather give it to a company like Ubisoft or Bungie. I feel like they'd handle the license better. Rocksteady has produced a fine series of Batman games. However, a good Superman game should be worlds different than a Batman game, and I don't have enough from Rocksteady to be confident that they could handle the Man of Steel.

A good Superman game requires give the feeling of being Superman in the actions you do. From stopping a mugging, to catching a plane, to throwing blows with Mongul. However, I think it should also give you time to be Clark Kent. To do the stuff a reporter would do and interact with people Superman wouldn't.

Love this. Imagining it now.

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Supes doesn't necessarily need to be nurfed, I'd be ok(if it's too hard) with some kind of calamity that render's him powerless in the beginning and he regains his powers but this shouldn't be the case till the end, he should be fully powered halfway through.

A good superman game where you can ' Be Superman' doesn't need a nurfed Superman, it needs a good use of his villains, Who can go up against him for a reason. Also the most important and In my opinion most difficult point of all is it needs to be big like GTA V big, possibly bigger.

Last point, if anyone does manage to make a game where you feel like Superman in the way the arkham games make you feel like batman, it will be the greatest game in history.

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Hard enough to reduce anything around them to rubble.

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Somebody needs to shit on this guy's face And then punt his a$$ off Superman.

Best response I've seen. Also hahahahahahahaha!

Firstly, Lois Lane was literally made for Superman. She has unlimited potential to be a strong independent character all her own(She already is) and i believe that even warrants her own book. She does not have to be dating Clark but they should never have an antagonistic relationship, at least not the way JRJR says.

When DC hires writer's/artists why can't they look for people who understand what the characters are about and have a genuine love for them......Flip the status quo as much as you want, i don't care(as long as it's interesting) But there's a core to these characters that should never change.