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Why does Supermans solar flare drain him completely,while supergirls does not?

Why would a kryptonian be as weak as a human when they are built better than us on the genetic level?

And shouldn't he be at action comics #1 levels instead of human?

Why wouldn't he be able to learn to control this,he learned to control all his other powers?

Shouldn't he be able to destroy the entire planet with the amount of energy his body has stored inside?

Like above wouldn't a sonic scream,EM spectrum manipulation,extension of bio field,or blunt psionic attack be better new abilities,and more useful?

Supergirl never used that power in full force, but it is a possibility seeing as every showing had her kinda weakened after she used that power.

Yes exactly, this is a logical conclusion and really irritating for me the way it's disregarded or not thought out. Superman's sun exposure would prevent any kinda atrophy to his body's natural physiology, so if his solar energies were suddenly exhausted( i.e- the current scenario) or negated, his body for a time should be as strong as a normal kryptonian adult on earth and as krypton's gravity is like 5 times stronger than that of earth technically he should be 5 times stronger. But this is totally ignored.

It's reasonable to assume he'll gain control over this power eventually.

Pfft i know right :( the entire planet or at least wipe out one hemisphere which is logical given what his vast energy store enable him to do otherwise, i was disappointed by this fact as well.

Yup i'm not a fan of this particular new power either. That's why in my head the entire solar flare was just a weird bodily reaction from fighting a being like Ulysses with his particular energy power set that made supes' cells go crazy and empty out like they did :P

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@z3ro180 said:

@lvenger: Grand :D you think this is DC bringing the Pre new 52 universe back for a sping of new weekly titles ?

Just that idea makes me happier than one can imagine but nothing's been announced so far along those lines.

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It's confusing cuz pre new 52 Superman couldn't have a baby with lois, well naturally anyway, hopefully it's explained even though that universe technically doesn't exist anymore. (Continuity errors bug me, ya the last 4 years haven't been so swell :P)

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I'd take Jim Lee's design over this new suit, not an improvement at all IMO.

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This episode was fine, this show is good. There are sometimes i'll let it go but man oh man you have two totally original characters and can't help but make them exact analogues of superman and batman or rather iron man and batman, it's cringe worthy..smh!!

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I really enjoyed this issue, thrilling stuff...Poor Alfred :(

Loved the nod to the parade scene from the movie Batman. Though the way bruce solves joker's clue on that page reminded me of phoebe from friends deciphering clues to go see her father :P

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@lvenger said:

@superguy1591 said:

Can't honestly say that I'll be finding out. I'll leave it to you lads to figure it out.

Why would I be figuring it out? I hate Lobdell's work, not gonna buy a single cent for this comic.

This, i actually pity Doomsday.

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The many Ends(not necessarily deaths) of superman. That's quite a spread!

Plus i bet new 52 Supes must be thinking, "Damn, previous versions of myself had really cool costumes."

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@lvenger: Normally i'd be okay with a new writer if the story had come to a complete natural conclusion. Been hearing good things about the new writer but johns literally dropped a bomb in terms of status quo changes and reveals, not even staying a while to create some continuity for these changes and is leaving the next writer to pick up the pieces, which i think sucks cause it doesn't allow for the new writer to come on full force with his own creativity and original ideas as he's putting together everything that happened before. I guess the best thing to do is just wait and see.