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Anyone who can hear and see almost everything and takes up the kind of responsibilities superman does needs to have a strong psyche. When looking at it from that perspective, the brash, unsure and impulsive Superman being portrayed in comics today is a very scary thing.

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...Required to be read multiple times to grasp it's brilliance :) Speaking of which, have people read the guidebook? holy hot damn!!

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If you mean mental strength as in emotional capacity, then Squalleon's given you a good answer, otherwise..

@lvenger said:

the writers try and compensate for Superman's overwhelming physical advantage by letting him fall against mentally powerful foes in battle.


Superman does have mental potential which very few writers have brought up(even in terms of his character and power set it makes sense), but i guess they need that 'weakness' as a scapegoat when they run outta ideas. Like the issue before last of batman/superman where Superman can't open his mind to Hector Hammond cuz he doesn't have the "training" (but evidently batman did because he's batman, some seriously cringe worthy writing but that's a whole other thread)

Honestly though, Superman overcoming telepaths make for some really cool moments.

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Spectacular! This one book depicts what makes the dc universe so incredible and displays the amazing potential for a future of wondrous storytelling. Plus in terms of the main narrative, it got me psyched for what's to come.

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Reminds me of the smallville suit which i'm a fan of. Can't wait to see other artists' interpretations of it though :P And fingers crossed supes doesn't have a black S on his cape anymore.

Plus those fingerless gloves have to go! Damn!

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@foamborn said:

Superman Blackest Night

One of my favourite tie ins.

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Looking forward to this. Was a little apprehensive about Shane Davis not doing the art but Ardian Syaf seems to have done a good job.

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People are saying this is based on Ultimate FF, which if it was, there'd be a lot less hate cuz ultimate ff started out amazingly. There's lots of other stuff going on that makes this a very unsure bet. Nevertheless i still thought it was intriguing.

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I liked it. Better than the Ant-man trailer for me.

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Not really, far from it and everything good this issue had, it didn't come from its portrayal of Superman.
But those mistakes and rushed decisions are horrible when they are overused. Pak has overused the "inexperienced" Superman excuse. I get that he is angry, but Pak could find better ways to express it, than having him do something stupid...again! It is not a problem of action but of consistency. Pak's Superman screws up horribly in every single arc, multiple times! In the end, it becomes annoying, repetitive and disrespectful. Its Pak, trying too hard to show how "human" Clark is, he is overcompensating. Why would I even care for a guy that creates more problems than he solves? Because up to now, that is what Pak's Superman does! And Pak goes out of his way to prove it. The last BM/SM arc is proof of that.

Yeaaaaah, me and you definitely like different version of Superman. You like the iconic SUPERman more, I like when they focus on the man and make his struggle all the more relatable.

NO! You know who writes a human Superman. Waid, Busiek, Johns, without making him seem stupid or incompetent. Pak writes a Superman that becomes annoying if you have a memory strong enough to remember more than two issues of his run. I think, maybe if I list all the times he has screwed up, maybe you will see what I am talking about.
And no, Superman isn't perfect but he still is Superman god@mmit, he has to inspire a bit. Its okay to see him fail from time to time, or lose control but Pak is doing it constantly, constantly. Its annoying.

Oh happy fricken day!!! squalleon i could hug you (big ol bear hug) what i'm getting at- Someone else sees it as well!!! How irritating pak's 'superman makes mistakes' campaign is, holy crap!! Honestly thought i was alone on this, comforted that i'm not.

I will make a thread about how many times Screwupman has screwed up in Pak's run, I bet that it is at least twice per arc.

haha screwupman i like that. Forget batman superman, it's not as bad as action comics because there's literally 2-3 pages in every single issue designated for a flashback and what a monster he is and how inexperienced he is and he makes a stupid mistake and then beats himself up about it.

Pak's superman is fun but damn is that aspect irritating AF!!!

Can't speak for everyone but i liked Superman #32 so much because it made superman human in two pages without having him fail or have some self criticizing thoughts

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Havent heard of the actors for Scott and Storm, so I'll judge them by the trailer and not now. Sophie Turner is good in GOT though so I'm happy she is gunna be Jean.