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What did i take away from this? As a teaser trailer of a movie that's 11 months away, i liked this, it sent chills down my spine. Yes, fandom did contribute to that but otherwise-

As a trailer it sets up basically what we already know, with some stunning visual imagery.(say what you will about zack snyder). It's continuing thematically from where man of steel left off and i'm excited to see how they explore that.

The last scene was the best. That last line irks me but at the same time gives me goosebumps because it is just so badass!!

So was this a heart pounding, nail biting, tear stimulating kind of teaser? Well, the last scene maybe. Otherwise it's got me really interested in the story.

Oh and i dig that the first line of the teaser speaks to the mainstream reaction to MOS :P

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I'm just sobbing, can't stop.

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Unnecessary pointless exaggerated armor

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No, its time for a fixed direction.

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@tattacus: Oh yeah that part too :D soo many funny lines from him. I liked that they acknowledged the convenient rescue and put a funny spin on it too.

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Was waiting eagerly for this review,knew it would be nothin short of 5 stars. It's been said before but this show is progressing at an insane pace(Like the title character himself) and it's doing it well and i love that!! Mark Hamill was great, glad he didn't go full joker with his voice.Liked what he did. Loled at one line in particular- When James says they gave him cable so he would stop killing the guards...

All the reveals in this episode were just swell, according to Andrew Kreisberg those reveals will be fleshed out even more :) and Barry pulled a Peter Parker this ep. if u know what i mean.

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I'm happy that she's so assertive, it's kinda reassuring for who shes playing, hope that translates. Her performance is all that matters to me.

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wasn't it javelin or spear throwing that made the Amazons only have one boob?

I honestly don't even know why she keeps bringing that up. It has no weight in this argument.

Has less because Amazons never existed they are fictional.

Not so much they don't exist but more that she's playing Wonder Woman who comes from a land of amazons with two boobs.