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Honestly wish more series had this vibe, it's comforting and really enjoyable all at once. Love it.

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@sog7dc: She didn't disappear she just left smallville and hadn't been heard from since. The previous origin aka John Byrne's had her hung up on Clark after he left her to explore the world and her leaving smallville and kind of following his exploits only to later have them meet in metropolis, so may be it's a similar deal.

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That last page literally made me go, "Oh S#!@" in the best way :D Loved this issue! Love this book...Great Character moments, great action, real Super stuff ;)

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@k4tzm4n: Sorry that wasn't in direct reference to the article(which i've been waiting for to happen, so thx :) but rather the topic as a whole. You said yourself earlier people were mainly discussing that over anything else...I'll only agree it was jarring with that sears sign otherwise didn't really affect me all that much and plus things like the honest trailers and stuff poking such a huge amount of fun at something that i thought was pretty insignificant,kinda getting sick of it. But i know what you mean and i'm definitely game for more world building!

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Lol do people walk down the street, see a mcdonalds or something and think,ugh, product placement? that complaint is blown way out of proportion.

Supes vs bats should be a kinda battle of wits,physical competiton would be a joke if Batman even manages to nudge supes with his fists...

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Like Squalleon said, men of steel is a partial origin whereas birthright is a complete one. i love em both but favor birthright a smidge more in terms of an 'Origin' story. I think at the end of the day it would come down your own personal preference with respect to art and story.

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@jayc1324 said:

Like batman said before, "Deep down, Clark is essentially a good person... and deep down, I'm not"

:) ....pre-52...sigh.

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Hmm, understandable, that they'd blame him for at least drawing the kryptonians to earth(destruction/lack of direct life saving aside). What i don't understand is that i've heard about a time gap between MOS and this, the rumor is 2 years or so...So after 2 years they haven't yet sorted the whole sitch out?

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Wait, don't superman fans always use the excuse that " his better stories deal with his morality?" Jesus Christ, the hypocrisy...........

Not morality, Humanity(Notice how Doomed isn't the greatest thing ever). Morality with Superman is a given or at least it should be. That's why i started to dislike MOS greatly, it's lead to this morally ambiguous Superman in comics or rather writers are going out of their way to make it so just so they can justify MOS which i hate and is such a bummer. It's lead to a lot of other stuff too that i'm not too happy about but i'm not gonna explode on this thread.

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That sketch of Cassie, Connor, Tim and Bart pre-52 makes me happy and soo sad at the same time...

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That was a great article.Don't really agree with that part about the American way though. Now don't jump on me for saying this but i honestly think if Superman and all he embodies were more popular today, the world would be a better place.