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Truth by a mile. Others didn't make me drop all the superman titles.

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Now that I've seen both I'll say both were good but the battle forum need in me can't help but roll my eyes at Iron Man standing there taking a beating lol. So BVS edges slightly

Haha yeah goes from this

To this

In the span of two movies and no one gives a crap. Doesn't bother me though, piecing the trailer together pretty sure tony gets up and kicks both their asses leading upto that he's my friend line or bucky rips out the arc reactor and kicks tony's ass, either way. I'm more curious about how they'll manage to downplay the Vision.

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Not a lot of discussion on the second issue of the series. It was the pick of the week for me from DC, really enjoyed it and to an extent can't believe Dan Jurgens wrote it, haven't experienced writing like this from him recently. Nice mystery, good character interaction, good superman action and an amazing rescue sequence.

I'm sad it's not getting alot of attention. Guess we're mostly vocal about the problems with superman currently, which is understandable but still.. Even comicbook roundup only has 2 reviews of the issue but they're average rating is higher than DK3 :) ......Not that I'm comparing

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Hey about time! :)

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Nah. Being nice and the all round boy-scoutness was part of Superman's character for decades and it's one of his core characteristics imo which is being foolishly disregarded by the creatives at DC.

But no because while that is important, Supes has a thousand more things going for him than just being nice and genuine that make him an interesting complex character. Would i like to see that aspect of the character return, Of course (desperately) but like i said, it's just an aspect. There's a whole lot of stuff not being done right with supes at the moment apart from him not being written as a go out of your way for everyone else good person.

And we're going off one issue of Huck here, i liked it a lot but personally i enjoyed the first issue of American alien more.

Also i think people are substituting the word dark when they mean real and i believe realism can have a place in superman comics if done well. But it's surely not the way DC thinks they're doing it now.

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Whatever the reason, i don't like it, whether it be rights, fresh perspective, bad editorial direction to make superman more alien and somehow through that make him more relatable....smh. I think that was one big mistake Grant made with his run. I don't think anything is a 'crutch' for him. It certainly wasn't in All star.

@saintwildcard: Yeah because of a lot of annoyingly (to me) specified years, Clark was approximately 21-22 when he donned the cape inferring that he did start after college. The Kents died the night of his senior prom which makes him about 17 at the time. The age specified for superman post 5 years was 27 might be 28 or 29 now. Remember when 10 years of ultimate spiderman in real time was just one year in the comic, that was some serious stretching of a timeline.

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I like those small bits of commentary the writer(of the article) added after each scan, that weird Kesha lyrics one is my favourite given that i'm finding it hard to believe that Greg Pak is writing this, what happened?...

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Read Superman/Batman : The search for Kryptonite and be satisfied :)

Though this story arc was pre-reboot and made sense. The ubiquitousness of Kryptonite in the new 52 is utter WIS/PIS since the only kryptonite to come to earth was a chunk of it which powered Kal-el's rocket. The end of the Doomed arc was rubbish. Been done in a better way before in the story arc i mentioned above.