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Tale of a Rider

18 years ago

Wolfsburg, Germany

A young woman and a small child are walking the cold streets in the dead of night. They make their way to a seemingly abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city.

Woman: Come on, pick up the pace.

Child: …

They make it to the large front door. The young woman briskly knocks. There is no answer. A moment goes by and she is about to knock again when the door begins to slide open. It's completely dark inside save for moonlight peering through the windows. In front of them is a skinny man with wild hair covered in tattoos. He smiled at the two and showing the gold grills on his teeth. The young girl hid behind the woman's leg.

Howlin: Well it's about damn time you showed up Rose. I was about to call off this whole deal. And whats that brat doing here.

Rose: I told you that if I help you, my sister comes with me.

Howlin: Fine, but she better not get in our way or your both out of here!

Rose: I understand, she won't.

Howlin: Good, so now I guess its time for you to meet everyone.

The man walked to a wall and pushed a button. The lights came on illuminating the warehouse. Dozens of gangsters could be seen from all stories of the building. There were also several air bikes parked on the base floor.

Girl: Sis, I'm scared.

Rose: It's alright, Lisa.

Howlin: This is the chick I told you guys about, Rose.

The some of the mob grumbled in discontent while others laughed.

Howlin: Shut the hell up! She pretty friggin good at tuning up air bikes. Almost as good as she is at riding them. She might just look like a pretty face now but once she gets out there, she becomes some sort of street demon. It's insane.

Gangster: Hey Howlin, do we also get to have fun with her too?

Howlin: Hell no you pervert! She's my girl! Touch her and I'll slice you open!

Lisa pulled on her sister's coat.

Lisa: I don't like it here. I wanna go home.

Rose: We can't right now. We have stay here for a little while, ok?

Lisa: Nooo! Rose please! Let's go!

Rose: I'm sorry. I wish we could but there's nothing to go home to. This is all we've got.

Lisa sadly looked down at the ground sniffling.

Rose: Hey, don't worry. Your big sis is gonna make everything alright. We'll be here for just a little while and then we'll leave this city and go someplace fun!

Lisa slowly looked up again and smiled a little bit. Rose smiled back.

Holwin: That's enough talking. It's late and all but I would suggest you get to work on our bikes now. We were gonna hit a bunch of stores in town day after tomorrow. Do a really good job and I might even give you more money than I promised.

Rose: Fine. Lisa, get some sleep.

14 years later

A large number of police vehicles raced through the streets. They were viciously chasing a small group of women on air bikes, each carrying a large shoulder bag.

Haley: We can't shake em'! Are they always this pesky?

Shiver: Yeah, I thought you said this was gonna be a breeze!

Lisa: If you think this is rough, you wouldn't have lasted a minute back when our bikes were still s**t.

The cop cars were slowly gaining on the group. Lisa looked back and saw one of the cops readying a gun.

Lisa: Split up! I'll see you back at the hideout if you make it!

The bikers all broke apart and made their way down different streets. Some cars broke off as well to give chase. Lisa still had 3 tailing her.

Lisa: Alright, time to party.

Lisa reached into her bag and pulled out a coiled up chain with an ingot on the end. One of the officers pulled up close to her and tried to cut her off but Lisa promptly slowed down and then pulled around him. Another car pulled up next to her and the first made its way back. The two had her sandwiched in and were pulling closer together. But Lisa quickly uncoiled the chain and started swinging it around, gradually increasing the radius. The car windows that it hit shattered and the pulled away. Lisa kept the chain swinging and then launched the end at the car to her left. It flew through the window and hit the officer in the head. He fell unconscious and careened off the road. Lisa then sped up and made a sharp left turn. The remaining 2 cars pulled around the corner and continued pursuit. Lisa opened up a panel on the bike and hit a button. Blue fire shot out of the muffler on her bike and she sped up immensely. But and officer in the car behind her leaned out of his window and shot at her. The bike was hit and was smoking heavily. She jumped off and tumbled onto the sidewalk. The cars were approaching quickly. Lisa looked around and spotted a bicycle tied to a nearby railing.

Lisa: Ugh, this is gonna suck.

She ran over, pulled out a gun and shot the lock off. She got on a bike and started pedaling away. The police were gaining on her extremely quickly. But she made a hairpin turn down an alleyway and made her way through it. The she had lost the police for a moment but they had her in their sights once again. She made her way to the city park and rushed down the main path. The police pulled into the park after her. The officer tried to shoot at her once again. However, this time, she reached in her bag, grabbed a metal pipe, and threw it behind her at the officer. The pipe fractured the cop's arm and he dropped the gun. Lisa was coming to an extremely steep hill. As she descended, her speed increased. The cars were right behind her and were about to catch up. Lisa uncoiled the chain again but this time, she swung it at a nearby lamp post. It wrapped around the pole stuck. Lisa held on tight as her speed combined with the chain yanked her and the bike off the path in an instant. She was in the air for a moment and flew off into the darkness. The cars pulled after her but had completely lost sight of her. The chase was over. On the outskirts of the city, Lisa up to a warehouse on a bicycle. She knocked on the door. But after no answer, she pushed the door open herself. Inside, it was completely empty save for two men.

Lekhram: Welcome home princess!

Lisa: What the... how'd you get in here?

Palmer: You're the fabled street demon I take it. I could hardly believe it when I got the report. One person evading a police force on an old fashioned bicycle.

Lisa: Well the friggin cops trashed my air bike. What did you expect me to do?

Palmer: Granted.

Lisa pulled out a gun and pointed it at Palmer.

Lisa: So you wanna tell me who the hell you are?

Lekhram: Ooo, trigger happy. I like her.

Palmer: We are operatives from the federation. We were dispatched to arrest the air bike gang that's been plaguing this city. The other members have been arrested. Normally you would be too, but I'd like to give you the option of a sort of community service.

Lisa: And give me one good reason why I shouldn't paint the walls right now.

Palmer: Because what I have to offer has exponentially higher potential than your current lifestyle.

Lisa: Hmm, thanks but no thanks. I'll be alright. So why don't you and your pal go f**k yourselves?

Lekhram: We would but we have paperwork to do after this.

Lisa: Just get the hell out, now!

Lisa was alternating her gun between the two agents. Palmer and Lekhram put their hands above their heads. But in one quick motion Lekhram reached down, grabbed his gun and shot at Lisa before she could react. The bullet hit her gun and knocked it out of her hand.

Lekhram: Oh no, too slow!

Palmer: So as you can see your options are extremely limited at the moment. So what's your choice?

Lisa looked around the empty hideout. After a moment she dropped the shoulder bag she was carrying.

Lisa: Tch, whatever.


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Tale of a Shadow

14 years ago

Shiga, Japan

A large temple sits in the middle of nowhere amidst a light snow. Outside in the courtyard, several young participate in rigorous martial arts training. Various exercises are done all over while a number of sparring matches take place in the middle. One match is between two younger boys. The two ferociously throw punches and kicks, blocking each with precision. Finally, one boy's counter slips through the other's defenses and lands. The child was knocked back a few steps. He finally stopped attacking and smiled.

Ryuga: Damn, you got me!

Jiro: Yeah, this time it's my win.

Ryuga: True. But next time, your dead! You get me, haha?

A few yards away from them, a girl of about the same age ended a fight with a muscular man with a destructive flip. When she finished, the two bowed and she ran over to the two boys.

Jiro: Nice match!

Komori: Thanks! You too! I think you two hit a new record just now. You two started that one match about an hour ago right?

Ryuga: Yeah, it got pretty heated, but after Jiro here got in a lucky shot...

Jiro: You must have thought! I got you fair and square!

Ryuga: Whatever. But you know the master has been watching you right?

Jiro: Yeah, I noticed.

Komori: I that means what I think it means, then he should be considering you for the shinobi promotion test!

Jiro: Wow, when is it?

Ryuga: Tonight.

Jiro: Huh? Really?

Ryuga: Don't sweat it man! If you beat me, I know you'll knock that test out of the park.

Komori: Yeah, as long as you don't do anything stupid like last week when you threw your weapon away. I know your opponent lost their weapon but you didn't have to take it easy on them.

Ryuga: Yeah, dude! Don't do noble stuff like that. It pisses the master off! Remember, we're ninjas, not knights.

Jiro: I'll try to keep that in mind.

Komori: Now let's get inside. It's freezing out here!

Night fell and the light snow grew into a raging blizzard. The inside of the temple was dark, lit only by candles scattered throughout. There was a large arena like dojo in the center of the building. Inside is a lone Jiro silently meditating. He is completely still. The only sounds were the wind howling through the building's halls. Suddenly 5 shadows dropped from the ceiling and surround the boy. He opened his eyes, looked around and stood up, pulling his neckerchief up over his nose. The ninjas all brandished different weapons. The boy picked up a sword from the floor and unsheathed it and took a fighting stance. One of the ninjas ran at Jiro and swung a spear at him. The boy blocked the hit an swung back. Another ninja came at him with a pair of hand claws and slashed rapidly. The boy dodged and countered with a swift strike to the chest. After this, the ninja stopped and retreated. A third ninja ran into the fray threw a low kick at Jiro's legs. It landed and he tripped. The others tried to take advantage but the boy fell into a one armed hand stand and blocked with his legs. The child got back to his feet and slashed both. Those two retreated as well. The remaining two ninja wielded chain sickles. The two got on either side of him and started to swing the bladed chains wildly at him. The boy bobbed and weaved between the incoming blades each time. One of them wrapped around his blade and the attacker yanked it away. Jiro kept dodging barehanded. He finally rolled over to where his sword was. The attackers took another swing but Jiro parried both. The two retracted the blades on their chains and ran at Jiro. However, he had flipped over their heads and landed behind them, striking them both on the back. The two stopped and retreated into the darkness. Jiro was alone for a moment. He was on his guard, keeping a sharp eye all around him. He couldn't hear anything. Then, he felt a single breath on his shoulder. He wheeled around swiftly, only to be hit in the stomach and sent back a few feet. He looked up and saw a single shinobi clad in heavier armor than the others. He took calm, controlled steps that made no sound. He moved a couple steps to the side into a nearby patch of darkness and vanished. A second later, he stepped out of a shadow behind Jiro. The boy turned around at the last second to see another punch coming and barely dodge it. Jiro jumped back 2 yards, watching his opponent's every move. The shinobi stopped pacing and drew his blade, pointing it at Jiro who regained his composure. Jiro ran at his opponent and made many rapid slashes and thrusts, all of which where dodged in quick motions. He then mechanically slashed back, narrowly missing Jiro. He regained his composure again, but his face scarf had been cut and fell from his face. Jiro ran back and crossed swords with the attacker. The shinobi repelled his attack again but this time, pursued Jiro further. Jiro blocked his advances but was forced to retreat across the room. The ninja went after him at high speed, running on the wall. He dismounted and came at Jiro with a diving slash. Jiro managed to block it but was thrown back against the wall by the sheer force. He was breathing heavily and his legs were shaking slightly. However, he took a deep breath and calmed down. The shinobi took a single step forward when Jiro bolted at him once more. The ninja got ready and took a stab but Jiro ducked and slipped past the blade. The ninja made a wide slash to his side only to find Jiro gone. He looked around but the boy was nowhere in sight. The ninja stood still looking around for a sign if movement somewhere in the shadows but saw nothing. In an instant, Jiro came shooting down from the ceiling right above his opponent. The ninja saw at the last second and attempted to parry but Jiro managed to knock the blade out of his hand. The shinobi stopped moving completely, waiting for Jiro's next move. However, Jiro looked at his own sword and tossed it aside as well. The shinobi remained still for a moment, and then adopted another fighting stance. They ran at each other and began trading blows. The two were locked in heated combat, the noise from their attacks echoing throughout the temple along with the howling winds outside. Finally, the two were deadlocked for a moment and then back away from one another. Jiro then jumped toward the shinobi who replied with a strong straight punch. But Jiro twisted around in the air, rolling off if the attack and with a spin, landing three solid kicks to the ninjas face. The ninja fell to the floor. After a moment, he got back up, bowed to Jiro and vanished. Jiro took a breath of relief, and left the dojo. He walked to the main hall where his friends were waiting to greet him.

Komori & Ryuga: Jiro!!!

Komori: How did it go? Did you pass?

Jiro: Yes! I did it!

Ryuga: Alright! That's awesome man! I knew you could do it!

Komori: I'm so happy for you!

Komori jumped on him and hugged Jiro tightly.

Jiro: Ow, not so hard! I took some nasty hits, hehe.

At that moment, the head of the temple walked into the room. Everyone else fell silent. Jiro stood at the forefront of the crowd. The master slowly approached him and looked him in the eyes.

Master: You defeated every opponent that was presented to you and showed great courage and skill. However, you showed mercy to enemy and discarded your weapon. This was a foolish error.

Jiro: Master, I...

Master: You discarded your teachings and risked defeat at the hands of your opponent! Such stupidity is unfathomable!

Jiro: Master, I understand! However, I will never take advantage of an unarmed opponent! I will always fight on even ground, even with my enemy and act honorably to the very best of my ability! That is what I feel is correct within my being and that is the path that I follow!

Master: There is no place for this fashion of weakness among our ranks. I cannot allow one such as yourself to remain at this temple! You must leave! And I rescind the name that we gave you! You are no longer Jiro Takamori! Now be gone from this place!

Ryuga: No! Wait, master please!

Komori: You can't do this!

Master: Be silent, or you will share his fate!

Komori: If you kick him out, where will he go?

Ryuga: Jiro, just promise that you won't do it again!

Jiro: If this is how it is, then there is no place for me here.

The main hall doors opened and the cold blizzard winds rushed in. Jiro began to walk out.

Komori: Jiro, what are you saying? Come back! Jiro!!!

Jiro: Komori, Ryuga... I'm sorry. And thank you for everything!

Jiro walked out into the night and the doors shut behind him.

11 years later

Okinawa, Japan

A small pub sits by the beach at sunset. The inside in dim and relatively empty. There is one patron at the bar, downing a bottle of whiskey. He finally puts his head down, the bottle still firmly in his grip. Suddenly, 4 gansters with baseball bats walk in. They look around and spot the lone customer on his stool.

Gangster #1: Hey, buddy! How'v you been? Long time no friggin see!

The thug put his hand in the patron's shoulder but then began to squeeze violently. The man didn't respond.

Gangster #2: I think he's too boozed out.

Gangster #1: Turn him around.

Two of the men grab the bar fly and turn him to face outwards on the stool. The drinker's eyes are closed and his head won't stay up. The guys start to smack him but still get no response. One of the thugs tries to take his bottle. However, the man's arm automatically wrenches it away and he takes a long swig. His eyes opened slightly.

Gangster #1: We've been lookin all over town for ya! So you can imagine how happy we are to find you here, ya know?

The man still says nothing. The others look at each other with puzzled expressions.

Gangster #1: Look, to make a story short, you owe us a lotta money. All we've been doin is trying to collect whats ours but you slip away like a little rat each time! So to fix that I was thinkin we break your legs, just to keep you in one place.

The gangster wound up his baseball bat, ready to swing. However, the drunken man stretched his leg out and kicked the thug in the stomach, making him fly back almost a full yard. The man got up and walked toward the door, ready to leave. The others surrounded him, readied their bats and swung. The man dodged all of their wild swings with lazy ducks and leans. One of them tried to hit the man's head with the back of the bat but the man side stepped and countered with a flick to the forehead. Finally, all of them rushed him at once at the man fell back to his stool. One of them took another swing at the man. But he quickly looped his foot between the stool's legs and kicked it into the face of the thug, breaking it. He did the same with the stool next the that one and the next one as well. He finally came to rest on the final stool of the row. The first gangster had pulled out his gun and pointed it at the drunk.

Gangster #1: Alright! You've f##ked with us for the last time, damn it!

Before the thug could react, the man had thrown his bottle. It hit the gangster square in his face, knocking him out. The man slowly walked over to the unconscious thug, grabbed a fistful of bills out of his wallet and slapped them down on the counter. He then reached over, grabbed a new bottle and made his way to the door. Suddenly, another man crashed through the window. Upon landing, he pulled out a gun, flashed it around and then put it away.

Lekhram: All clear!

Palmer walked through the door with multiple pairs of cuffs in hand. The bar-goer backed up from him.

Palmer: What happened to these men?

The man only took another swig and made his way toward the door again. Palmer stepped in his way.

Palmer: While we're not here for you, we will need you to come with us for questioning.

Lekhram had taken a seat on one of the unconscious thugs.

Lekhram: Hey cap, I think he's so drunk he forgot how to talk.

Palmer: You probably want to decline. But I'm sorry to say that this isn't optional. So, do you have a name?

Man: … Steven … Heiwajima.

From outside, an engine to a large containment vehicle could be heard roaring. One of the windows rolled down.

Harding: Hey! Hurry the hell up in there! We don't have all night!

Lekhram: Shut up out there! We're working on it!

Palmer: Our driver seems to be getting impatient so let's wrap things up here.


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Tale of a Hacker

13 years ago

Kingston, Jamaica

A man works on a computer in his home office as the heat of day blazes outside. Various blueprints and data reports fill the screen. The man is feverishly working through it. A young boy sat behind him, watching him work.

Boy: Dad! I'm bored! Take me to the beach today!

Man: Sorry son, but I can't. I have a lot of work to do at the moment.

Boy: Aww!

The boy ran two the living room and dove into the couch. The boys mother came into the house.

Mother: Hey Sean. What are you doing here. It's so nice outside! I thought you'd be out playing.

Sean: I wanted Dad to take me to the beach today but he's busy. He's always working now.

Mother: Your father has a very important job. Right now, he's making sure that the Federation satellites are working properly.

Sean: Sounds lame!

Mother: It might sound lame it's very important. There are some other countries that are making trouble and the Federation needs to be ready for anything. Your father is helping to keep us safe!

Sean: I wish they'd all just die and stop making dad have to work so much.

Mother: Sean! You can't say things like that! Those are people, just like you and me. We have to solve this peacefully if we can.

Sean: …

Mother: Come on. Go play with your friends!

Sean: Now, I don't wanna!

Mother: Don't be so stubborn!

Sean stalked off into his bedroom and took a nap. Night fell and the boy came back out to the living room and turned on the family computer. Stories about missile threats from eastern European countries filled the news. Sean grabbed his notebook and a pencil and wrote down every country he heard. Soon after Sean turned off the computer, and snuck into his father's office. He found the laptop still plugged in and turned it on. He remembered the various things he had seen his father do over the years clearly. The boy bypassed the device's security and made his way into the satellite's systems. He used it to peek into the Federation's database and saw that they had missiles on standby. Sean got up, ran into his parent's room and grabbed a flashdrive with clearance codes that his father kept in his briefcase. He he plugged it into the laptop and then proceeded to shut out the manual controls and arm the weapons. Back at the base, military personnel were baffled. All of their attempts to disarm were in vain. Sean finally plugged in the coordinates and gave the command to fire. A dozen warheads left the base and hurtled toward their targets. The boy smiled and then went off to bed. The next morning, he woke up to dismayed screaming from the living room. Sean ran out to investigate.

Father: I don't know! No one would have given the authorization for an attack like that. It must have been a hacker somewhere.

Mother: I don't understand. Who would be able to lock the Federation out of their own weapons systems.

Sean: I took care of it for you dad!

Father: Not now, son!

Sean: But the whole missile thing was my idea.

Father: What did you say?

Sean: I used your stuff to blow up all the bad guys so you don't have to work so much any more!

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Father: Sean, did you touch my laptop last night?

Sean: Yeah! I took care of everything!

The man slapped his son across the face.

Father: Do you know what you've done?!?! We're in a state of war right now!!!

Sean: But dad...

Father: Oh god, oh god! If he used my equipment then... Martha, take Sean and leave from here NOW! They'll be coming for me once they trace this back! That could be at any moment!

Mother: No, what about you!

Father: I'll take whatever punishment there is. It's all I can do.

Mother: Wait, Dean!

Father: There's no time! Just go! I love you both.

The man walked over and hugged his family.

Sean: Dad...

Martha grabbed Sean by the hand and ran with him out of the front door. She got in the car, and pulled off quickly. In a minute, they saw a number of military vehicles rush past, heading directly for their house. The woman was in tears as she drove away. Sean sat quietly, unable to understand anything that was going on.

12 years later

Lime Cay, Jamaica

On a small island just off of the mainland, a helicopter landed on the beach. Sand flew everywhere until the propellers stopped. 4 people got out.

Harding: Wow, this place is really pretty!

Lekhram: Yeah, I just might take my next vacation here.

Palmer: Alright, the coordinates we received put it just over that way.

The 4 walked a short distance until they reached a clearing among some trees.

Palmer: This is it.

Lekhram: Um, you sure about that.

Palmer Positive.

Heiwajima walked into the clearing with his hand out. He kept walking until his hand touched something invisible.

Heiwajima: It's a hologram. Someone is trying to hide this building.

Harding: I've heard about tech like that but I've never seen one of these before. It's amazing. You really can't see anything.

Lekhram: I think I found a door over here.

Palmer: We're going in, everybody get ready!

Palmer kicked in the door and a gate way appeared out of thin air. The 4 ran in with guns at the ready to find a single person inside playing a video game on the television. The man looked at the intruders for a moment and then went back to his game.

Man: That door was open you know.

Palmer: Are you Sean, son of Dean Anderson?

Sean: Last time I checked, yeah.

Palmer: We've been searching for you for the past few months. You have knowledge of classified Federation data and we would like to either put it to use or take it from you.

Sean: I don't know anything...

Palmer: They found your finger prints on your fathers equipment. We always knew that you had something to do with that missile strike. They have always wanted to know how a child commits mass genocide.

Sean: Sorry, not interested.

Heiwajima: We could also bring you up on illegal tech charges. Civilians aren't allowed to purchase large scale holo projectors.

Sean: I didn't buy them from anybody. I made them.

Harding: Either way, it's still a violation and we could take you in for it.

Lekhram: Unless your willing to stop being a prick and cooperate.

Sean:... (sigh) Can I at least save my game first?


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Sensui gets rolled pretty hard.

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@capfanboy: That's true. Normally, when there are longer periods of no specific dialogue I go into a more narrative style. I did this a lot in past chapters.

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@capfanboy: Thanks for the feedback!

And I see what your saying. I think that stems from me just not wanting to make the small details too wordy.

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Episode 10: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/ultimate-hero-crisis-10-chaos-1520557/



Firo made his way to Matt. His Dimension Armor held up for only an instant before it was torn apart, leaving Firo exposed. Matt and Firo looked each other in the eye. They both looked sad. No words were said. That one moment seemed to last for an eternity. Finally, Firo mouthed something inaudible to Matt. Matt reached out his hand to grab Firo's but...

Matt woke up in what looked like a hospital bed. The room was dimly lit and there were no windows. He looked down and there was a new system of power seals on his chest.

???: It's about time you woke up.

Standing in the doorway was Captain Palmer from the asteroid buster crew. He slowly walked into the room.

Matt: So it was you...

Palmer: Yes. That was quite a fight you had. It reduced one of our most valuable mining planets to nothing. The survivors had quite a bit of explaining to do.

Matt: ...

Palmer: I see that the outcome is weighing heavily on you. I told you not to go looking for that person.

Matt: What else was I supposed to do? I found the one thing that I was looking for all this time. But...

Palmer: Guilt is a great burden. I know that all too well. But cases like this can't be solved so easily through words.

Matt: If only I was better prepared. I could have done more. But instead, I killed him.

The captain turned away from Matt.

Palmer: Maybe... that was the best thing you could have done for him.

When he heard this, Matt perked up. He jumped out of the bed and grabbed Troy by his collar, slamming him against the wall.

Matt: What the f**k did you say?!

Matt's wild, enraged eyes met Troy's unfeeling and indifferent eyes. After a moment, Matt dropped him.

Matt: Just leave me the hell alone.

Matt walked out of the room leaving Palmer standing there, straightening his collar. At that moment a soldier ran into the room.

Soldier: Captain, what happened? Are you alright?

Palmer: Open all of the security doors to the facility.

Soldier: Sir, but why?

From down the hall a grunt and a crunching of metal could be heard.

Palmer: That's why.

In a meeting room in another part of the facility, the rest of the crew sat around a conference table waiting for the final member to show up.

Harding: I wonder where the captain is.

Anderson: Yeah, it's odd for him to keep others waiting. Something must have come up.

Heiwajima: It probably has something to do with that guy. I'm pretty sure that the captain brought him to this place himself after recovering him.

Lekhram: zzzzzzzzz....

Anderson: Lekhram, wake up! The captain could arrive at any moment.

Lekhram: Huh? Whatever. Not like he can discharge me or anything being the combat specialist he needs.

Heiwajima: Hmph...

Lekhram: Yo, got a problem?

Heiwajima: No. It's just that you seem to think very highly of yourself even though all you do is fire guns.

Lekhram: Hehe, and just what are you saying?

Heiwajima: I'm saying that you probably can't fight without hiding behind a weapon of some sort. Either that or your too afraid to.

Lekhram got up and slammed one foot on the table. He had a large smile on his face.

Lekhram: Oh, yeah? You wanna test that theory?

Harding: Seriously, stop you two!

Heiwajima stood up as well.

Heiwajima: I'd love to.

Palmer: Can you save this for later?

The two sat down again.

Palmer: We have received reports that someone within the federation has infringed their clearance rights and breached multiple levels of automated activity controls across the world. However, they haven't done anything with it at this time. As this is a matter of global security, we have been tasked with finding the perpetrator and stopping them, whoever they may be.

Heiwajima: I'll put the subordinates from my division on the case immediately. They should be able to find something.

Anderson: We just got back from the last crisis mission. Can they really give us something this big so soon?

Palmer: As the 5 top soldiers in the world, we must be prepared to handle these situations at any time. Anything less is unacceptable.

Lekhram: Ugh, fine. So find the bastards, and then go kick their asses. Let's do it.

On a dark street in town a man runs from a group of thugs. However, they gain on him and corner him. They begin beating him until he's laying on the ground. Matt is walking by the scene, paying no attention to the crime.

Thug: Let's grab all his crap and go!

The gang rummages through the man's pockets, takes his crap, and runs off into the night.

The next day at sunset, Matt is alone on the rooftop of his building.

Matt: I thought I told you to leave me alone.

Palmer: I would have, but I found some things that I really felt you should know.

Matt: Nothing you have to say change anything.

Palmer: Maybe not the past, but it will definitely make you want to think about what you will do in the near future.

The captain went over the discussion he held the previous day.

Palmer: We've now found the ones responsible. Or I should say the one responsible. The mastermind is a single man by the name of Harold Credo.

Hearing that name slightly interested Matt.

Palmer: Being at the head of the Federation does give him certain abilities, but no position in the world can grant a single person authority of the worlds automated military machinery. It looks like he's trying to raise a massive army and start a lone world takeover.

Matt: So stop the guy. That's your job, right?

Palmer: You remember that he and Firo formed a small partnership back at that time. I doubt it ever ended. We found the coordinates of your encounter with Firo in his personal database. He planned the whole thing. He wanted you two to fight.

Matt: What?

Palmer: He was probably hoping that you two would kill each other or make the other a non factor.

Matt: So all this time, he was just using Firo for this messed up plan.

Palmer: But it seems he miscalculated. You're still alive and well. But either way, now he's made his move believing you to be out of the way.

Matt: ...

Palmer: Or maybe he didn't miscalculate. You're suit is gone and your will seems to be broken. So in that reguard, it was a complete success.

Matt: Like I said, this is your fight. Handle it yourself.

Palmer: I have no idea what scale that man's plans are on. But I will indeed do everything in my power to see that this ends.

Troy walked over to Matt and handed him a security clearance card and a note.

Palmer: So if you ever become interested in doing the same, go to this place. If you really cared about Firo, this battle is the one way to prove it.

He then walked away. Back at the base, the crew was gearing up for their mission. Lekhram was holstering multiple guns and a couple of small blades. Heiwajima was walking by. They made eye contact for a moment and then carried on. Harding came through the bay doors driving a large combat vehicle. She parked it and got out. Anderson was using multiple computers at once and looking at various streams of data. The captain walked in.

Palmer: Alright everyone, fall in!

The crew lined up.

Palmer: I have already briefed you all on our objective. We will be storming the building in which the director of the Federation resides and arrest him for his numerous crimes against the public. Are there any questions.

Lekhram: Yeah, you know that this is a trap right? It was waaay too easy for us to figure this guy out.

Palmer: I'm well aware. However, with his actions we can't afford to avoid this. We'll take him head on. Now are there any other questions?

All: ...

Palmer: Good! Then load up!

They all finished their preparations and gathered together. The bay doors to the base opened and they watched as countless automated drones swarmed the city.

Palmer: Starting mission now!!!

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Cap wins

Yeah! 'Merica!

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@ultimatehero0406 said:

@dratini1331 said:

@ultimatehero0406 said:

@dratini1331: Sakaki honestly has the weakest showings out of all of the masters. Ma should be better than him.

I disagree. He's fought Hongou to a standstill, someone who beat Jenezard who gave the Elder trouble. Ma has only fought the Laughing Fist and his brother IIRC, and Akisame has only fought Alexander. It's also always been implied (and on occasion stated) that he and Akisame were of equal skill. In the most recent chapters, Akisame beat his opponent first, but then states that Sakaki's was more skilled.

I personally think Ma has the worst showings, while Shigure may actually have the best, considering she took on 6 masters at once (even if she lost, that's still impressive).

Well although they have limited showings, Ma and Akisame have higher quality techniques which are borderline hax. Ma can harden his muscles in order to deflect attacks and cause muscle damage just by blocking his opponent's attacks. And Akisame can throw people without touching them, use blind spots to go "invisible", and his throws are faster than brain signals. And there's more too. Sakaki's attacks are powerful but really straight forward.

And sakaki can deflect any sharp object with his fist, and has repeatedly shown to be extremely skilled in many regards. He has the most destructive hits after the Elder, and is far more defensive in skill. He's also one of the few masters to face multiple opponents (The Indian and Pencak Silat Masters) at the same time, and do perfectly fine. Once again, I find myself having to bring up that the two karate masters are the only ones other than the Elder to face the Silat master. Not only that, the Silat master was supposedly capable of giving the Elder difficulty, which should make sakaki surviving a 2v1 with him even more impressive.

Point taken. Though Sakaki did say that Akisame was one of the few people that he was afraid to fight.

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Alfred whoops dat ass.