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OB1 is the Jacob Alvarez of the Ultimate Universe.. 


As a young boy growing up, Jacob Alvarez admired the superheroes that kept the world safe.  When asked by anyone what he wanted to when he grew up, he would always say that he wanted to be a superhero and he was criticized for it, after all, Jacob had no powers.  As he grew up, Jacob took other's criticisms to heart and his dream of one day being a superhero was slowly dying.  By the time he was 15, he had sold all the superhero action figures, trading card collections, and memorabilia he had and was completely disenchanted with the whole notion of being a hero.   
However...as fate would have it,  Jacob was not out of the game entirely.  At the age of 17, Jacob turned on the news one day and saw live as the superhero The Baron successfully thwarted a violent bank robbery attempt.  He saw as the people cheered his name and Jacob was once again inspired.  That night he made himself a make-shift costume, christened himself "The Ghost" and decided that he would patrol the streets around his home, a typical hotbed for gang activity and drug dealing.