power houses

1 wolverine                 7 silver sufer
2 hulk                          8 vadal savage
3 red hulk                   9 green lantern
4 DR. Doom            10 spectre
5 Darkseid               11 red skull
6 galactus

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Posted by Mr.Q
admittedly Logan, Vandal, and Red Skull seem a little out of place here but I suppose it depends on ones definition of 'Power House' wouldn't it? nice line up though.
Posted by Liberty

Yes what is your definition of power house?

Posted by Ultimate JSA

i don't understand why vandal and logan are out of place becuase they are strong but red skull strength wise would be out of place but he has been a major enimie of CAP for like ever so to me he is a power house becuase anyone who can take cap is a power house