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The coolest supers!

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Posted by kal-el09

nice, the guyver you don't see him often

Posted by StriderX

I'm glad you got the guyver in there! I think the guyver's abilities are underrated at times. He deserves more props.

Posted by nightshroud1

you forgot sinister RESPECT

Colossus: Bloodline
Posted by doomsilver

the list was different, but Silver Surfer doesn't have that kind of power.
Posted by PowerHerc

Nice list. 

Worthy choices all.

Posted by TDaddy3000

HULK is the stongest there is. Not just one of the strongest.
Posted by ccraft

@TDaddy3000: Wolverine vs Hulk was awesome, I'd like to see Superman vs Hulk

Edited by vickyIM

Awesome! Iron Man is my all-time favorite superhero, constantly saving the world while sacrificing everything (both his well-being and his personal life). Batman's my second favorite, he's really badass Cap's also great and I love Loki, evil or not I feel for him.