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Real Name: Persephone 'Percy' Gray

Codename: Portrait

Age: 17

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Ebony

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Team Affiliations: N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P

Occupation: Super Soldier

Place of Birth: Area 666

Aliases: Project Picasso, Dorian Gray Mark II, Painted Assassin, Mona Lisa

Base of Operations: Area 666

Allies: Ct. Hulu, Dali

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray

Once upon a time there was a young man named Dorian Gray. He was a beautiful man, and a vain one. A painter noticed his beauty and chose him as the subject of a portrait. It was the painters finest work. Seeing the painting and knowing that one day he would grow old and lose his beauty, young Dorian naïvely wished that he would always remain as young and beautiful as the painting. Some entity heard his plea, but be it god or demon is only speculated, when the wind blows cold through darkened shutters and families huddle around the fire fearing the night. But either way, thereafter Dorian never aged, but his portrait grew old and cruel. The first time Dorian saw a change in the painting, a cruel twist of the lip caused by the suicide of a girl whose heart Dorian had broken. Dorian hid the painting away, but always had a adverse fascination with it. The girl's brother vowed revenge on Dorian, but was called away to war. Dorian grew steadily more cruel, but it never showed on his face. He had an evil reputation, though none could tell of any crimes. THose he came into contact with invariably suffered harm to their respectability, though nothing could be traced. One day, while Dorian was out hunting, the brother of that first broken-hearted girl came to have his revenge. He was accidentally shot and killed by another hunter. Dorian continued his charmed (or cursed), existence. Until he had an unexpected visitor. The painter who had put his soul into Dorian's portrait wanted to put it on display in a gallery. Horrified by the prospect of anyone finding the twisted painting, Dorian invited him inside, showed him the painting, and as the painter staggered in shock, Dorian killed him. From then on there was blood on the wrinkled hands of the portrait. This drove Dorian mad, and he stabbed the painting, ending the spell of eternal youth, and killing him



It's been 300 years, and the legend of Dorian Gray lives on as only a story. Much more 'real', though shrouded in the utmost secrecy, is the government organization N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P, (Neo-Yumarian/American Ranks Lethal Antiquarian/Technological House of Offensive Total Effacement Potential). It is located in the sinisterly named Area 666. N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P works in potential applications/weaponization of occult or magical artifacts, as well as alien and mysterious technology.

Project Picasso

Twenty years ago, rumors of the actual existence of Dorian Gray's portrait surfaced….the painting stained with the blood of the legend himself. At first it was regarded as little more than a literary curiosity. But then…an ambitious military scientist by the name of Howard Hulu, of N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P came up with a hypothesis: a clone of Dorian Gray could be created, and enhanced, by using the blood on the painting. DNA never completely fades.

Eventually the painting surfaced in an elite blackmarket auction. Several secret agents had painstakingly infiltrated the circle, and had immense amount of funding at their disposal. Their mission: Obtain the painting at any costs. They sat nervously through the auctioning of the Shining Trapezohedron, the mask of the Phantom of the Opera, and the bloody ax of Raskolnikov. And then the painting was unveiled…a time-worn painting of an angelic young man. Little needs to be said of the bidding, but the final price could have purchased several islands. And the agents of N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P walked away with their prize.

Back at the laboratories, the crusted blood was scraped away, the DNA analyzed. The mutant gene, the one altered by unknown dark forces (or perhaps it was merely dormant all along?) was isolated. Curiously, it appeared to be recessive, easily masked by the non-mutant gene on the Y chromosome. To unlock its full power, one would have to have two copies of the gene. The potential that lay in that mutation was phenomenal.


The next three years were spent in a frenzy of genetic engineering: how to keep detrimental mutations from occurring with the artificial half-genome, how to avoid the standard issues of cloning…much less altered cloning. But the result? At the end of those three long years a healthy embryo floated in nutrient fluid. The clonedaughter would be kept in this state of suspended animation until she matured. In the meanwhile knowledge would be imprinted directly into her mind…as well as complete loyalty to N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P. All the skills she might need…battle training, firearms, stealth, history, espionage. She would be the perfect weapon. But just in case…a kill code was put into her very genes. If activated, her genome would destabilize, killing her almost instantly. For now she was only known as Project Picasso

And then sixteen years later, all was finally ready.


To wake an artificial human is a delicate task. It must be done precisely, or the brain may overload and all the progress of the long years may be lost. First the sense of touch…end with vision. Let this new being come to terms with her own existence. She may know as much as anyone who has walked the Earth, but life is still a strange experience to her.

Ct. Hulhu was placed in charge of raising Project Picasso from this point. This whole thing was his brainchild, it was a mark of the highest esteem that he would be trusted with such a valuable asset. The first thing he did was give the Project a proper name: Persephone Gray. Named for the wife of the Lord of the Underworld, and her father who made it all possible.

Powerwise, Persephone was everything N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P had dreamed of. She could manipulate paint and color, bring her own drawings (or those of others) to life. She could change her appearance at a whim, and regenerated quickly from any wound. She had an attitude, but that had been 'programmed'…a strong-willed soldier was more resistant to mind games by the enemy.

And now Project Picasso is ready for testing. She has been unleashed upon the world to gain experience that cannot be gained through mental programming. Her mentor Ct. Hulu communicates with her through an advanced AI/communications device codenamed Dali.

CV Prime

Persephone was on a mission, when things turned sour…it seems someone had alerted her targets to not only her presence, but her weaknesses as well. Backed into a corner, she had no choice but to use her teleporter (still in prototype stage). Instead of taking her back to base, Persephone was hurled through the quantum foam into a new universe….CV Prime. Dali was able to establish a communications link with Ct. Hulu, who ordered her to work with the new team Fox Company until something else could be arranged. He thought of this as an excellent training mission, and told her to do her job WELL. Not just to wait until she could get home.


Paint Manipulation


Regeneration/Healing factor

Painting 'Travel'


Hand-to-Hand combat expert

Firearms expert





Pistol + ammo

Paintball gun +ammo

Paint-nades….like grenades, but they splatter into paint rather than shrapnel

Hunting knife

Sniper rifle

Dali (who has access to a central database of all collected art, as well as the internet, and serves as a comms unit)

Prototype teleportal, for if things get bad

Genetic Instability

Creating humans from scratch is still not a perfect process. Portrait has several issues that rise from her unnatural inception.

Her body will begin to destroy itself if her blood sugar grows low. The government has created high-sugar gum for her to take on missions.

Her eyes are also extremely sensitive to color, making her wear tinted goggles when not actively using her powers.