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Well they better freaking fix it! White hurts my eyes! >.> 

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Can you people just leave comic vine as awesome as it is? Heres the thing that bugs me: 
This is the latest Catwoman article:  
Starts of pretty good and then. Oh- Whats going on there? Can't read anymore >.>

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@Ult_hydrabob: Duuuuude that was cool! I'll work on something soon xD
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Cool =)

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@The Dark Huntress: Lets get it back on track :D 
@.Mistress Redhead.: Redbull xD
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Posted a bit

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The eyes open and Connor was still in the same corner. After the short nap ended he could hear no commotion from outside the room he had temporarily moved into. The night was still upon him but the flashing lights of the police vehicles were no longer there. “I guess the search was called off.” He assumed. The young man stands to his knees in a crouching position. He then proceed to duck walk towards the window. He listens, for a small amount of time. He heard nothing other than a common car passing by. “Um, no radios, no foot steps, no whispering, no unusual sounds. Must be clear.” He said to himself. The young man then took a peak outside the window. He looks both ways and as he predicted the coast was clear. “All right, lets clear the area of my visit and head back home.” He said before placing his guns on their holster. The young man then walked towards the door removing the chair he had used to barricade the door. The young man then climbed onto the window frame and slowly made his way down the building to the alleyway. “Safe!” He exclaimed after a victory over the police. “He looks around. “Now I need a ride.” The young man then heads towards the streets and finds shelter behind a couple of trash cans while he takes his time to look around for a possible hijack. Not far away he notice there were several rows of cars near some bars and restaurants. “Gotta love the city that never sleeps.” He said before heading toward the cars.

Soon after Connor was driving heading towards the exit to the freeway on a random 99 Honda Civic. Parking 2 blocks away from his hiding place Connor had reached a little special entrance to his place. A sewer drain. He reached for the holes and pulled the large steel cap and placed it and the side as he climbed down a pair of steps down the drain. He reached outside and pulled the lid back on the sewer making it safe once again for cars to drive through. The once Hydra assassin reached his belt and now held at hand a combat knife just in case he found someone along the way. It was a long shot but his philosophy was [You can never be too careful]. Reaching home avoiding the several triggers that decorated the sewer he felt once again in peace at his little dump of a home made out of a old subway cart. “Home sweet home.” He said while taking off the suit he wore. “Well, I guess I should be happy I didn’t have to gut anyone today.” He said as he unclipped his utility belt and sword straps. He grabbed the weapon carriers and placed them on a desk. “I really need a vacation.“ He said. Not long ago a man came by Connor’s mamero stand and offer to buy it from him to include the mameros in their menu. “I think I may take the offer. Go to my dream vacation and just chill on a spa somewhere in Europe. That be sweet.” He said as he drop to his skivvies. “Yup, that’s the plan. I have some money in my savings anyway.”

After placing his suit on it’s place Connor went to his bedding holding a gun at hand. “Well lets see what happens.” he said before extinguishing the candle that granted him light.