So you guys got over it already?

The Ult life RPG is gone and i haven't seen much ult_ activity O_o 
I think the reason it's bombing is because everyone just picked their places and that was it. Teams already and didn't let things develop on their own. Nothing wrong with forming teams but we should of let the ult_ universe marinate for a second first before deciding on long terms things.
Team? Look is not hard to get into a team. Bob told me he wanted me on his team from the beginning. However instead what I did was make a connection to it by adding some history between the characters and some conflict so that there is a set purpose between us but at the same time I had a chance to play with others and see where things go.  If I wanted to join Bob's team the character by having that little background history between him and Bob he would be able to find him and join. 
In other words: we need more character interaction. Weather you want to kill the other, or you bump into him and befriend them or maybe even you met his character's real self in a mall or something. But more character development is key to make this work. That way we create their purpose, their allies and/or rivalry in a more solid matter instead of just teaming just for the heck of it. :)
My 2 cents :)