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Name: Connor
Codename: Gbandit
Age: 23
Weight: 133
Height: 5'10
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Place of birth:
Alias: The crimson comedian, wild card
Base of operation:




Connor was a young man, a lover of extreme sports and physical sports such as martial arts, wrestling, football and baseball. He was an average student and not the most popular boy in college. He was just that one boy that just went with the flow without been notice much by others. On his spare time he enjoyed learning about other cultures, the army and reading old survival stories on the internet.

Fallowing his mother's footsteps due to his father's absence Connor joined the American Herbalist Guild where he learned about the uses of alternative medicines. This interest in herbs came from his passion about survival and the army special forces which he hoped he would some day serve. Many army veterans talk about surviving in jungles chewing on herbs or they wished they would of known the vegetation to be able to feed and tend wounds in those environments.


Discovery of ability:

What now?
     Having been diagnose with a unknown skin condition Connor was given 3 weeks left to live. Unbeknown to them this would trigger a state of depression which really played a large part of Connor's new persona. It made Connor see life as a game or something that one must take advantage of at any possible way. Connor became a freeman who loved to party and get in trouble at bars at underage. In a bar fight Connor became extra frisky with a gangster's daughter. After been shot seven times he discovered the reality of his condition. Connor was a mutant with the ability to manipulate his skin to become thicker to a level above kevlar armor. This brought back the original Connor but with the change in attitude and mind towards what the future will hold involving his new found ability.


Been a mutant really changed Connor's perspective of life. He felt as he was better than everyone else now that he was basically invulnerable to harm. He was still trying to go by but also was getting into a lot of trouble in college mostly due to flirting with the football team quarterback's girlfriend. This lead to Connor hospitalizing the star player of the school which had him kicked out of the program.


At the young age Connor enlisted in what he thought was a US army booth; it turned out it was a recruiting stunt for a branch of an organization known world wide as Hydra. Having the choice "Join  us or we'll make you" Conner decided to join the organization. During the time he spent with the organization Connor was trained with unlimited budget into a great assassin capable of hunting the best of the best.  However as it was not his will to be in the organization from the start Connor escaped. Knowing how wide spread Hydra's organization was around the world Connor had since then lived outside of the big picture waiting for the next chapter in his life.


Invulnerable skin: Connor has the ability to harden his skin to to the point that it becomes so strong not even bullets can penetrate it. This ability is controlled at his will. He still feel pain but this is to a small degree, unless he is dealing with strong ammunition or heavy falls. The strength of the skin varies according to Connor's judgement.

Sense of smell: Connor's sense of smell is as good as a blood hound which is 300 times better than a human. He cam detect and identify smells and even concentrate mainly in a single smell. This ability however can be tricky in damp weather,  also rain pretty much washes the scents away.

 Poison immunity: Connor is immune to poison. Able to drink or been injected poison without having any damage to his body, organs or mind. This ability it is unknown if it is part of his mutation or some sort of serum based alteration. Connor also cannot donate blood for the fact that his blood is poisonous to others.


 Basic human potential to it's limits

Connor was trained in the art of Ninjutsu and as such he has mastered many forms of hand to hand combat, the use of edged weapons, fire weapons and throwing weapons (including throwing needles) as well as being adept in archery. An expert spy, bodyguard, escape artist, and assassin. Connor has trained his body to perform at his physical limits. His combat skills, agility and reaction timing rival those of any superhuman.

Connor's  favorite fighting method is called kyusho jutsu, basically he fights by striking pressure points of the body. As long as the opponent has an humanoid anatomy Connor is able to bring the person down through this method.


Holistic medicine expert: Connor is an expert in herbal medicine able to create antidotes, poisons, ointments and medicinal herb potions. This he learned from his mother who was a herbalist and a member of the American Herbalist guild. Because of his immunity to poison Connor decided to take advantage of his past experience with holistic medicine. He uses 4 different poisons in his weapons: Nerve system rattling, organ buster and blood clothing poisons all these delivered from herbs, poisonous reptiles, insects and sea life.


 Connor's crib

Base of operations: After leaving Hydra, Connor, knew he would be unable to live in peace. He knew too much and Hydra would most likely want him dead. The only option was to live under the radar, deep under, where no one ever looked. Connor went into the heart of the tracks and found an abandoned Paradise underground in the form of an old subway station. In the station Connor hides more than 100k in cash, weapons, clothing, food and explosives. The whole place is rigged with security measures like trip-wire, traps and mines. As a final option the place is rigged to explode to the level of leaving no traces and no survivors, not even himself.

Station's description in RPG:

 "It was dark, damped, full of spider-webs and the rats could be heard chirping in the distance. The rattling sound of the subway trembled the very ground. Light was very limited and food were all canned in order to preserve it and keep rats at bay. It was a dump, but for Connor it was home. A place no one would look for him and where he could rest without having  to deal with the thought of a Hydra hit-man coming to kill him in his sleep. The station was rigged with security both made of medieval and contemporary security systems covering a mile away. If someone were to approach his perimeter, Connor would know.

An old abandoned cart served as his storage, kitchen and bedding location. It was not a comfy life but without these measures he knows he would be a sitting duck for the sore hydra organization. Connor sat on the edge of the last seat of the cart which was remodeled into his bedding. He sighed in misery as random thoughts just ran through his mind. Mostly about regret. “I should of killed him when I had the chance.” He thought to himself referring to the leader of the organization. “Maybe that way I wouldn’t be in this mess.” He added. His hand reached the sheet, which was on the seat turned bed, and pulled it on himself while he laid back. Making himself comfortable Connor looks at the roof of the cart where he keeps posters of supermodels, cars, the one that got away and a picture of his family. Slowly they boy finally fell asleep."


The transportation depends on how large of a job Connor is to perform and how tight is the situation.
For action Connor prefers his "action car": A Dodge Charger:

Bulletproof windows and body
Weapon storage instead of a back seat
Weapons in car:
Grenade launcher and ammo
Shotgun and ammo
M-16 and ammo
Sniper riffle
Hand grenades
Smoke canisters 

For stealth and quick getaways Connor will ride a motorcycle: Ducati Hypermotard 1100 evo

Guns and combat knife holster.
Enhance for high speed

Civil times: 95 black Jeep wrangler

Desert eagle gun under the seat along with ammo
Smoke canisters
Sawed-off shotgun and ammo
Hotdog stand cart on the back been towed

Connor can run at 50 mph
Connor can jump over 10 feet in the air
Connor can react fast enough to dodge bullets
Connor can stay under water for over 3 minutes
Connor has great balance, but not perfect
Connor Is a kendo practitioner, stealth and a MMA practitioner
Connor has a small fear of highs that shows at times
Connor is a weapon master
Has knowledge of extreme survival
 Herbal knowledge and weapon mastery at such young age indicates Connor is possibly a special forces military family brat.


Connor as a weapon master is able to use a large variety of weapons

weapon master\
Red and black twin Katanas
Combat knife
Poison pills: Been immune to poison has its advantages as Connor holds inside his mouth a pill of poison mist. (May vary contain)
Explosives: Connor is a fan of Gelignite plastique. 25 grams is enough to blow a normal door open. 90 grams can blow a large hole through a wall.
Needles: Mostly dipped in muscle relaxer or a type of poison.
White needle = Relaxer: Body begins to feel numb and weak, shortness of breath and inability to focus
Red needle = Triple death Poison: Attacks the organs, nervous system and blood stream. These are straight up killers filled with nerve rattling poison that cause seizure, organ busters and blood coagulants.
Smoke canisters: Signaling or escape tactics.
Sleeping gas canisters: Knockouts

Small first aid kit:

Anti-poison antidote: For personal use or negotiation purposes
Alcohol swaps
Needle and line