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Watches the fast, yet clumsy man, slam into the wall and fall, wondering who he is she repsonds. Feral Nova, but you can call me Asatira, and you are...?
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@Icarusflies:  HELLZ YES!!! I wanna do something with this character! lol o_o wait... your not super crazy powerful right? lol cause this nova isnt' >_> oh and it'll have to wait till I get internet back xDDD

@Sha:  -_- well fine if you want the boring story... it died LOL 


Then I kick her @ss and she fears Ult Nova and there will be peace yet again. 
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Ult Feral Nova kicked all the bad guy @ss', they now tremble in fear of her and have changed their ways, making the Ult Universe a peaceful and happy universe to live in. ^_^

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Screams as he screams and closes her eyes tightly as she feels his arms wrap around her. Slowly opening her eyes, her face is filled with confusion with what just happened. Er... hi. pats him on the head >_>
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Watches the other world Nova get tackled down to the ground o_o
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Bangkok / Hong Kong


Months... it had been about three months since her banishment from her own people and land, since she made her choice to use her gift to save the world, rather than keep it isolated to her land. She didn't regret her choice, how could she? She knew she could help make the world a better place, and instead of just changing the lives of a few thousand... change the lives of millions. Since her departure she has traveled from country to country, spending just a week or two to see if she could find someone else like… herself, to help make this dream come true. So far... no luck. Right now, she was somewhere in China, crowded country with strange smells and even stranger customs. Looming from the rooftops in her Mnyama Nyota outfit, her chocolate brown eyes looked down upon the market place that seemed hectically filled with people trying to sell their merchandise while others tried bargaining with them. She was careful to keep herself hidden; she didn't want to draw unwanted attention, especially with the police force of this country. 
But as she stood there... observing everyone... something caught her highly sensitive sense of smell. It was unlike anything she had smelt before. It was strong, potent. It was almost impossible to describe and even harder to ignore. The only thing she could come up with... it was like... the musky smell of sex mixed with the sweetest scent of candy. Not the best way to describe it... she knows, but that’s all she could come up with. It was a strong sent, luring, exciting and comforting at the same time. Like said before… impossible to ignore. 
Her keen eyes shift around, trying to find the one responsible for this strange... smell. It had to come form a person, wouldn't make sense coming from an object or animal. But as stood there, the sent began to fade away, as if the person responsible for this was on the move. But where to? Standing tall she took in a deep long breath through the nose, her senses began to tingle with excitement as she gave a curious smirk. She knew where the person was headed, and she HAD to find out, what kind of person would give that kind of smell off. 
Without another thought she was on the move, her legs pushing her along the rooftops as she gracefully leapt from building to building, the sent getting stronger with every step she took. She was almost there, she could feel it. With one last push from her extremities she leapt across the last gap between the buildings and crouch landed upon what seemed to be an apartment complex. Quickly lifting her head her eyes widen as she found the responsible for the smell. A young woman… about her age more or less. Her long slender body was crouched to the ground, fiddling with, well she had no idea what it was, but that didn’t matter to Asatira. However… something was different, there was something else she smelled off of her...something she couldn't catch till now, but... she couldn't explain what it was. No matter how hard she tried, the words to describe this last part of her sent, just seemed... so unfamiliar. 
"Found you..." she whispered in the tongue of Swahili, upon slowly standing back up. 
The woman was clearly caught off guard, she spun around her teal eyes seemed like... she was a tad startled and puzzled, as she eyed her up and down. Then a few seconds later, and amused wide grin was seen. Now, Asatira wasn't into women, but she had to admit... it seemed like this woman was... flawless. Her long raven hair  seemed to glisten with a hint of violet with the sun’s ray’s as gently hung around her head and her blueish-green eyes where just as alluring as her sent. 
"Well, hello little kitty kat." The woman spoke tauntingly, in an almost purring tone, and... in Swahili! But... how? 
"Who-" but before she could ask her question, an explosion could be heard from a short distance, the building trembled and caught both of the women off guard. 
Looking out to the distance a plume of smoke could be seen rising above the buildings and into the sky. Screams of those caught in the cross fire echoed through the air. Before she knew it, the woman leapt off the building in the direction of the explosion. 
Asatira yelled out in vein. She couldn't let her get away, for some reason... she HAD to follow her. Throwing herself off the building, she caught the wire of a clothing line and snapped apart with her razor sharp, clawed gloves, swinging downward towards the now chaotic streets. Using her momentum she swung back upward towards a building and let the line free from her grasp, landing on the roof and using the thrust to push her forward until she reached the ledge.
Breathing a bit more heavily, her eyes looked down at the frantic streets below. This wasn’t just any building, it was the United States military base. Someone had deliberately attacked here, this was no accident. Soldiers could be seen running out of the buildings, covered in debris, blood and burned marks. The area stunk of burning flesh loomed all around her, trying to block the smell she covered her nose with her arm. Even though she wanted to go look for the mysterious woman… she knew she HAD to help these people instead, and help find the one’s responsible for this mess.
With one last push she dove off the building and tumble rolled onto the blood stained streets. Helping soldiers get away from the area, and going into buildings to see if she could get any out in time before the fire’s got to them. What seemed like hours were only mere minutes. As she was helping one woman out from under some rubble… the familiar sent caught her nose again. It was her! She was here! Question was… where exactly was she at?
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Feral Nova: Stephanie Ardor
Homicide: Alexandra Rahn/Ramon
Honor Girl: Nicole Murdock
Ult_Feral_Nova: Asatira De Lange 

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@Ult_Feral_Nova: k..when something important happens..I'll personally PM you...lol

oh and I'm working on my Hotaru post right now.... so it should be up tomorrow... cause I wont finish it tonight xD lmfao
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@Obi Wan Kenobi!: its cool, I'm just saying, thats why I don't really pay attention to team PM's anymore :( I sorry...