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I'll give Superior Spider-Man a go, but I'm not really excited about it. The whole Doc Ock as Peter thing really isn't grabbing me.

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I'd love to see Pixar do a Star Wars film.

At first I thought this was terrible news, but now I think it's great as we get to see new Star Wars movies, and if they suck everyone will just say they aren't canon and move on. People only get pissed when George Lucas does a bad Star Wars story.

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@kapitein_zeppos said:

Crossovers were too limited, they have been replaced by semi-regular events that involve 50+ titles that the publishers try to shove down your throat.

It's one of the reasons why I haven't bought Marvel titles in years because their universe is in a perpetual state of event, occasionally interrupted by scheduled stories.

having only got into comics with the new 52, I agree, Marvel seems to be continually in one event or another. I love Ultimate Spider-man, but as I don't read any of the other Ultimate titles, the "Divided we fall" "event" is just confusing. I'm not going to start reading several more comics just for the event, so I find them pointless. However I do love a good crossover done well, like Spider-men.

I don't know if a DC-Marvel crossover would really work unless it was characters teaming up to defeat a new great evil, as neither Marvel nor DC is going to want their character beaten by a character from the other.

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It's weird that it is released here in Australia on DVD and Blu-ray TODAY (Aug 29) , nearly a full month before you get it there in a US.

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@Omega Ray Jay said:

As much as I love Star Wars my utter disdain for 3D on any film will again keep me away.

I'm not a great fan of 3D either, after half an hour or so it gives me a headache so I don't enjoy the movie. However, I purchased a pair of 2D glasses (both lenses have the same polarisation so the both see the same image) and recently saw Spider-Man in 3D and used them and they worked perfectly. I swapped to the 3D glasses for some of the action scenes or when Spidey was swinging through the city, but watched most of it in 2D. I am really excited at being able to see Episodes IV-VI at the movies again, I will probably watch mostly with the 2D glasses.

This is assuming EP II and III in 3D don't completely flop and they DO release IV-VI of course.

I imagine II and III are relatively easy to convert as 90% of what you see on the screen is CG, just get the original CG images and tell the computer to retrace them with the virtual camera position a few inches to the left or right for the appropriate parallax. Eps IV-VI however would be tricky and probably won't look as good, but I'll be watching in 2D anyway, and enjoying seeing my favourite films in the cinema again.

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I'll have to wait to see the game properly, but he really should have to have a nearby tall building to attach a web to in order to swing. Can he jump off the top of the Empire State building and launch a web up out of camera somewhere and immediately swing? I hope not. Will have to see, most of the swinging in the demo seemed to be done at sub 10th floor level, so maybe there's some limit to where/when you can swing. But if he can swing all the way across central park it will completely bring me out of the game.

Otherwise the game looks great!

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Obviously the sales figures for a book are a major indicator of whether the book will stay or get replaced. But several people have pondered why some books sell fewer copies and stay. I would guess that pure sales figures don't tell anywhere near the full story. There is also advertising space sold in each book, and also the cost of paying the writer and artists.

It's possible that a book with 10,000 sales might actually make more money than a book with 20,000 sales if the creative team are cheaper, I have no idea.

Also it's possible that a big reason there are so many Batman titles is they probably sell advertising space not just by selling pages in individual titles. They probably also have more complicated advertising contracts where someone buys say a full page ad in a block of 10 (or more) titles, and they are guaranteed 2 of those will be in Batman books, 1 will be a Superman book, and the rest will be on random lower selling books, or something like that. If that's the case, then having Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, Dark Knight, and Batman Incorporated gives them extra blocks of advertising to sell and those ads that go into Dark Knight might actually be making a lower selling title profitable when it might otherwise not be.

Of course I am only guessing as to how it might work, I could be completely wrong.

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@LordRequiem: I'm the exact opposite, I've dropped Superman as it just wasn't interesting at all, and have kept Action Comics because I'm enjoying the younger Superman. But I am a new comic book reader, having started with the new 52, so have never seen any youngish Superman in comics or any other medium (I've never even watched an episode of Smallville). My main Superman exposure prior to the new 52 comics was the movies I saw as a kid in the early 80's. I congratulate Grant Morrison on getting me interested in a character I've not been interested in since I was a little kid.

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I like the 1976 logo better than both this one or the current 2005 one.

the grey scale version of this one is just bland and boring, some of the colour varients look ok, but it does look like a generic book publishing company logo, and not the logo of a company that specialises in superheroes and other exciting stories.

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Back to the Future's version of time travel was flawed, but in the end who cares? They were great popcorn movies. If a serious Sci Fi movie has similar flaws then it deserves our derision, but a family comedy I can give a pass to.

This was an excellent article about an excellent comic, no doubt up there in the top few of the week.

for my favorite perspective on time travel, refer to Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and The Campaign for Real Time:

" ... not only had the great Cathedral of Chalesm been pulled down in order to build a new ion refinery, but that the construction of the refinery had taken so long, and had had to extend so far into the past in order to allow production to start on time, that the Cathedral of Chalesm had now never been built in the first place. Picture postcards of the Cathedral now became immensely valuable."

full extract here:


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