Mikaboshi powers

  Mikaboshi has the standard powers of a god including immortality, super strength, and durability.  He does not age, can survive wounds that would be fatal to other beings, and even recover from wounds that would appear to be fatal to an immortal.  He wields powerful magic that is capable of severely wounding and even killing gods as powerful as Hercules and Zeus, as well as demons as powerful as Nightmare.  Mikaboshi has killed Zeus on two separate occasions by ripping the Skyfather's heart out with his deadly tendrils.

His most prominent ability is his shape-shifting which is on a level higher then even other shape-shifting gods.  He often takes the shape of a masked androgynous/female character.  He can grow to massive heights, extend tendrils from his body to attack his foes, or even perfectly copy the look of other beings.  
His true form is that of a thin, naked, bald-headed demonic-like entity with tendrils coming out of his head like strands of hair and sticking out the sides of his body like spikes.

Mikaboshi can break off pieces of itself to act independently and then return to the main body, and make indistinguishable shadow duplicates of himself. Also he has the ability to call upon the soul of those with strong attachment still to the world, for reanimation perposes.

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Posted by Risky

Err... I might reconsider hunting you now that I know that. ;) But sounds interesting.

Posted by Leon_Dissada

wow....reminde me never to fight u

Posted by -Eclipse-
@ragman1138: I have fought him, take it from me: BAD idea :P