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Clan: Uchiha
Ninja Rank:Jounin (but is respected on the same level as a Sennin)
Personality: Lazy bastard hero who only really fights when he has too or if there is something he can get out of it

Elemental Type:



25 kunai's
9smoke bombs
15explosive tags


NeVann was born of Yakamoshi Kei of the hidden mist village and Uchiha Shazumi of the hidden leaf.  At the age of 2 years old, one day while traveling the country side his parents where attacked and NeVann was kidnapped by ninjas formally of the hidden Grass village. For unknown reasons that many just guess do to his father being the leaderof the Yakamoshi clan and his mother held a position in the Uchiha clan, NeVann parents gave chase run after the abductors which led them into an ambush that ultimately leads to there slaying. Luckily for NeVann, some mebers of the Hidden Mist ANBU where doing there round when they saw the slain couple and hearing a child scream. They gave chase and once they caught up to the kidnappers and begun to battle. As a last ditch afford one of the Grass ninjas decided that to kill NeVann, right as the kunai was coming down one of the ANBU member jump in between the child and the Grass ninja, slicing the ninja's arm but taking a kunai to a vital point in his upper torso casuing him to blood to death and giving up his life. Growing up an orphan he was allowed to enter the academy a year early making him the youngest person to very start at the age of 5yrs. during his time there he grow and excelled with great speed graduating two week before his seventh birthday, also making him the youngest genin in his class.

Being the youngest in the class way hard for Vann, time after time he displayed an unmatched skill form anyone in his age group. But with the greatness he shgowed it was soon followed by isolation from his peers.  Yet his high marks in the academy wasn't the only source of his loneliness, the other part came from the fact that he was heir to lead the Yakamoshi clan. Though seen as a second even third rate clan of ninjas, he would be it's head and the other students thought he felt that he was better do to this fact. Yet truth was that Vann didn't care to become the clans head nor did he think that he was above anyone, the only reason he was trying so hard to get high marks in all his lessons was he wonted to be acknowledged for his own skills not do to his birth right that most saw as a joke anyway. After two and half years he gradutated from the academy and was a assigned to a three person cell of genins with a Mist Jounin incharge of them. His teammates were one of few people that had ever talked to him the whole time he was in the academy
Takahari, Sota
Takahari, Sota (10 years old at the time) and the other was Sumimura Izumi (9 years old at the time)
Sumimura, Izumi
a girl that had cought his eyes of affection since the first day he laid eyes on her. Sota was Vann's befriend eventhough to Vann it felt like Sota was his older brother and on numerous occausions he talk Vann into doing stupid things while they were in the academy he even tried to get Vann in to confessing his feeling to Izumi once or twice but Vann would never do it do to the fact that Izumi seemed to repulsed by him and protested the fact that they had to be on the same team. Their Jounin instructor was the reknown Kenichi, Joukyuu. Joukyuu was famous for his tatical way of thinking while his Taijutsu was par non in the entire village.

Vann was award the title of chuunin by the age 9yrs, then a few years later so was Sota and Izumi. Him and Sota were close as ever always joking around and playing pranks on Joukyuu, and eventually Izumi warmed up to him even though sometimes he did annoy her but they had become close friends as well. The team went on mission together after becoming chuunins leaving their squads in the hands of other squad leaders. Vann had finally felt like he had a family in those two and it was even more special when they were all promoted to Jounnin at the same time. Yet again Vann was the youngest in that group obtaining it at the age of 14yrs.
That was also the same year an odd looking tattoo appeared on the back of his lower neck that was also the time in which a plege of nightmares began where he had became a grey monster with white hair and hand looking like wings. Vann hide this fact from Sota and Izumi for he didn't want them to worry about him, or at least that what he was telling himself. Cause for a while he knew that the two had become involved, that didn't bother for his romantic feelings for Izumi had almost faded and  were replaced with the feeling for a sister. He had made that point over to Sota some time ago, he felt hurt and betrayed that they would keep something like this from him. This had him revert back to how he was back in the academy. A careless loner that was way to laid back, despite the skills and talent he had shown. He began taking less and less missions with the two and solely working with the squad he was left incharge of, well that was untill the Mizukage odered the three along with Joukyuu to apprehend a group of S-rank criminals. Everything seemed to be going well in the land of grass, and while in the of the mission NeVann and his teammates found themselves being  ambush just like his parents almost 12yrs before by a group of exiled Grass ninjas that were protecting the criminals Vann's team was after. Defeating three out of the five ninjas after them he discovers that one of the opponents he was fighting was the same one that tried to kill him was he but a child, do to the scar on his arm.  Frozen by the fact Vann let his guard down and was caught almost fatal slash along his back dropping Vann to his knees. Falling forward he extended out his arms and his sliced easily fell from his body, reviling the seal on his his neck. As the final blow was coming down Sota jump inbetween the two just like that Anbu did so long ago  almost slain and then watching someone that was like a brother to him take what he thought at the time to be a fatal hit something inside of NeVann clicked and the power of the Sharingan was awoken within him.

Looking at Sota's body laying next him bleeding out, he felt a rage build up inside of him and his iris turned the crimson and his left eyesomething that looked like two extra pupils (tomoe) while in his right eye only one appeared, then turning his attention to the grass ninja whom movements seemed to going in slow motion to Vann. Thanks to this Vann was able to read his movement with ease, and soon his malicious bagan to show as he started toying with the the grass ninja, before disabling him limb by limb first starting with his arms stabbing a couple of kunais in each shoulder and twisting them deading the nerves and rendering them useless. Next was his leg, after taking his legs from under him with a back leg sweep. Then grabing him by the heel and lifting it up as Vann stood on his chest Vann then kick his knee cap as he pulled forward snapping the leg in two and then did the same to the second leg. The grass ninjas screams and cried in pain and for mercy, Vann just gave him a cold look before his lips parted and his words of anger just flowed "Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy? after the hell you put me through You 12 years ago ignored my parents pleas of mercy you showed no bit of emotion as my morthers tears fell as she tried to convice you give me back... No you killed her and then my father, you took them away from me and tried to kill me not only once but twice but in trying for a second time you killed someone I concidered to be like a bother to me!!! I want to feel every ounce of pain you have coming to you!"
Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy?
As he spoke he threw punch after punch beating the ninja's face father and farther into the ground and finished his off with a high level fire jutsu. Standing back and watching the ninja burn the seal on his neck began to glow red and soon spread over the left side of his body like a wild fire, and engulfed his a dark aura when he changed his focuse to the other ninjas. In a matter of mintues he delt with each of them one by one before collapsing. Focusing on Sota Izumi never saw Vanns transfermation, knowing that she wouldn't unerstand Joukyuu walked over and as he laid face down with the curse seal retracting and cover his body to conceal it.  Once he got back to the village, Joukyuu went on to explain the power that he had unlocked on that mission and also give him alittle history on his mother, Vann had known very little if anything about his mother other then the fact that she came from Konoha. He was shocked to hear that so was member of resurrected Uchiha Clan and like her he was a direct descendant of Sasuke Uchiha, this was reviled do to the fact of the curse seal that appear on the back of Vann's neck. Before Sasuke fought his brother Itachi and had the seal removed, somehow most likely do to the copying ability of the Sharingan the seal was coded to his DNA and passed down through the generations. Taking in all that he was told  he packed his things and ask the Mizukage to aloow him to travel to the leaf village in the land of fire so he could find his mothers clan. Seeing that Kirigakure had a peace treaty with Konoha the Mizukage didn't see any harm in leting him so he granted Vann's wish.

Kenichi, Joukyuu
Reaching the boreders of Kirigakure Vann was surprised to meet Sota and Izumi waiting for him at the main gate, Izumi was help Sota stand do to the fact that he still hadn't recovered from the almost fatal blow he took procting Vann. As he stood before the two he wondered how they knew when he was leaving and then it hit him, "Joukyuu sensei told you guys did he?" Sota just smiled and shook his head. "You knew he did why do you alway ask question you already know the answers to NeVann-nii, and what's up with you leaving and not letting us bro? You know I would have thrown you a one bad ass going way party." Vann lowed his head and chuckled lightly to himself, "Well I didn't want you guy to worry you still haven't recovered and Izumi-chan already have enough troubles looking after you." As he said that a small glimps of sarrow filled his eyes, "Look NeVann I'm sorry I know how you felt and I should have told you sooner. Don't tell me this is the only reason you've been avoiding us, You said you were over that but I should have told you. and that I am sorry for." Izumi looked confused as her eyes moved back and forth at the two, she had no clue of how he felt about her over the past years. "No Sota-nii that's not the problem I had, I'm happy for the two of you really I just feel hurt hat the two of you never told me we were suppose to be like a family ya know?" A silence fell between the three for a moment do to the unease that everyone felt, Vann then reached out his arm to Sota and gripping each others forearms they touched their heads to gether. "Everything will be ok Sota all is forgiven you two along with Joukyuu sensei are the only family I have and that will never change." He then stepped over to Izumi and gave her a warm hug before leaning forward and whispered into her ear, "Take care of him for me, and truely I'm ok with this as long as the two of you are then I'm happy." Releasing the embrace he smiled and stepped passed the two and headed out the gate, taking a few stepps pass then enternce he turned around and waved. "I'll miss you guy and tell Joukyuu sensei that to this day he still cant sneak around correctly," he said as he turned their attention upward to the top of the gate where he was hiding.

Arriving in the Land of fire Vann was graciously greeted by the eighth Hokage, he had held a great deal about Vann not only the fact that he was member of the elite Uchiha clan. The two talked for a little while before Vann was show the location within the village that the Uchiha clan resided in, arriving at the Uhiha camp he felt the eyes of distrust and loathing fall upon him. He remember this feeling for his days back in the academy, but over time they began to accept him especially after finding out he beared the curse seal that gave him lineage to Sasuke Uchiha. Vann had spent two years in Konoha with the Uchiha clan training and learning more and more of the clans history, and eventually his sharingan developed to its full state. Out training one he was approached by a mist ninja that carried an important message for him from Sota, saying that he despritly needed his help. Without a second thought he quickly returned back to Kirigakure, were he was happyly embraced by Sota and Izumi. Sota then went on to explain that over the two years he was go a civil war had broke out, and countless attemps on the Mizukage life had been taken. What he left out was the fact that he was the one that was trying to take out the Mizukage and ultimately gain control ove the hidden mist village and the land of water. Also unknown to Vann the Mizukage not being able to trust his own kinsmen inlisted help for the Kumogakure of the Land of Lightning.

Sota sent out the orders for the missions, and the first one that Vann would be apart was disabling the hired force for the rebels that consisted of ninjas from Kumogakure. Moving to the main base of operation for th cloud ninjas Vann and company was doscovered and a all out battle broke out, with Sota staying behind Izumi took the lead on the mission fighting at her side once more Vann charged in taking out numerous mist and cloud ninjas. Turning around to check on how eveyone else was holding up, he body completely froze at the sight of Izumi lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Vann yelled as he rushed over to her, his eyes filled with tears as he reached her and scooped her body from the ground. As his tears fell and hit her face he watch her life force fade from her eyes and at the point Vann couldn't remember what happed next, all he knew was when he snaped out of it the area was engulfed in a wierd black flame and he was still holding on tightly to Izumi's lifeless body. But the truth was Vann had some how activated the Mangekyou Sharingan, the strongest Doujutsu of the Uchiha clan.
The triggerring of the this version of the Sharingan is even unknown to NeVann himself because he had blacked out after reaching Izumi's body. Returning back to Sota he laid Izumi on a table and covered her body with a sheet, the not even wanting to look Sota in the eyes he began to speak on the fact that some of the last things he remember hearing before blacking out was how they were traitors. He was confused that the very people Sota said to be working with the rebels to over throw the Mizukage was calling him a piece of rebel scum. Being the smooth talker he was Sota apologized for not telling him that they were truely the rebels, and he only did it because he knew without a good reason Vann would try to talk him out of it.  He went on trying to explain himself and finally ended the words with false documents of how the Mizukage hired the grass ninja all those years ago to kidnap and kill his parents. Looking through the evidence laid before him his eyes filled with pain quickly changed to that of anger, taking the papers and balling most of them up Vann them at wall as stormed out planing to talk to the Mizukage and ultimately killing him. Unknowing this was Sota's main plan even though he didn't count on Izumi dying for it to come to pass.  Blinded by rage Vann didn't notice that the first level of of the curse seal had activated,
getting closer and closer to the Mizukage tower he was met by countless bodyguards. They seemed to be standing still compared to Vann's speed and one by one he cut them down before reaching the main chamber of the Mizukage, he stood and demanded to know the meaning behind Vann's actions and evenmore he thought that Vann was still in Konoha. Not saying a word he just tossed a scroll that had the documents approved by the Mizukage to kidnap him and murder his parents.  The Mizukages eyes widened as he say the papers that he had destoryed, the truth was that eventhough Sota falsified the documents it turns out that order to assisnate Vann's parents were true. He knew Vann's linage very well not only was there a legend of the Yakamoshi clan that one day a member more powerful then Kimoto would emerge and on top of that his mother was of the Uchiha a clan that has one of the most powerful Doujutsu in the ninja world and he feared that if he didn't do
something that Vann would oneday come and challenged for the title of mizukage and there would be nothing that he could do. This was part of the reason he allowed Vann to go to the land of fire in hopes that he would spend the rest of his days with his mother's clan never to return. Trapped in a sea of rage and confusion Vann charged at the Mizukage, through not realizing thaqt he had activing not only the Mangekyou Sharingan but also the first level of the curse seal tattoo. Like a wild beast he attack the the leader of the Mist ninja, do to his rage his movements were sloopy and allowed the Mizukage to keep the upper hand fight  well that was untill Vann went throught the second stage of the curse seal transfermation.  The demon inside of him had seemed to awaken and it hungered for blood, at this point the Mizukage upperhand completely vanished as he found himself out match in every thing from speed to power while at the same time Vann's sloppiness seem to all but fade away. As the Mizukage laid beaten and broken he tried to plea with Vann once more and realizing that it wasn't working he decided to go with the truth of how he had his parents killed and was planing to kill Vann as well. Then he finished with a question to Vann of how he got a hold of those document that no one knew about and that he personally had destoryed, the words did sink in but Vann still raising his swords high above head brought it down slicing the Mizukage in two vertically ending his life.

Pray you never see this side of me, for it will be your last!

Blood never washes off, only stains
Standing over the Mizukage's body covered in his blood Vann began feeling odd and ran out the tower over to a near by lake and once he looked upon himself in the water he noticed not only did he have white hair and gray skin like in his nightmares of many years but also a new design of his Sharingan. He backed aways from the lake in a panic, then from bhind a tree he heard the sound of clapping before seeing Sota step from behind it. "Wow you've went through some changes from when you left the village NeVann, but I must thank you now I calm my rightful place as not on the leader of the Kirigakure but also the Land of Water as well. Now don't be stupid like Joukyuu sensei was and agree to fight along side meand there wont be anything you beable to obtain. Actually you should be thanking me if I hadn't stoped him Joukyuu sensei would have killed you, so what do you say NeVann-nii?"  He then tossed Joukyuu's motionless body that had a kunai piercing through his heart at Vann's feet, "S-S-Sensei? Sota what have you done? Have you become mad? first Izumi dies and now you killed Joukyuu... What the Mizukage said was right you gave me false documents so I would kill him, we were a family you were like a older bother to me why would you do such a thing?" Sota just laughed as he watched Vann's mental state crack before his eyes. "You want to know I never cared for any of you, you were all pawns in my plan to rule the Water Nationand you all played your parts fine. Seeing how things are going I'll have to kill you now, say hello to Joukyuu and Izumi in the afterlife for me." After his fight with the Mizukage Vann knew he didn't have must left to Sota with but that didn't matter to him, all he wanted to do was make Sota pay for destorying his second family. The two former best frieds waged battle under the light of the moon that was blocked out by the dense fog that surrounded the area, moveing from the lake surface to tree before going back to solid ground the two trade blows and attacks. Vann's fatigue began to show as more of Sota's blows began connection coving his face in blood and sweat, and right as it would seem that Sota would finish him off Vann used a combonation of shadow clones and a Uchiha trademake attack Sōfūshasan no Tachi:"Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades" to trap Sota and left in open where Vann used Habataku Chidori:"Flapping One Thousand Birds" to pierce his heart killing his closest and beloved friend. On top of the death of everyone that he cared for Vann was now labelled a S-rank criminal for killing the Mizukage, so with him being hunted he felt the best thing to do would be to flee state side.

We Are Legend
After traveling the US, he came across the team WE ARE LEGEND. At first he thought that member of the team were odd, but for some reason he kept hinding way back to W.A.L. tower hanging out and joke of the lot of them. He didn't know it at the time but he was becoming close with each of them and over time they became his new family. Still keeping his past a secret from them he didn't want there views of him to change and soon he was asked to jointhe team in which he joyestly accepted. The team at that time was lead by a man of Andrew code name Spartan 117, he was a cool and collected type of person that always knew the right move to make. A man that Vann had no issues of ever respecting especially since he reminded him of his former Sensei Joukyuu, then there was the Jedi Obiwan Kenobi, the young jedi joined the team pretty much around the same time as Vann. Though going alittle over board at time he was kind hearted and was someone that everyone could count on, and ultimate became like a little brother to him, and Last was the W.A.L. welcoming party of sweet and gentle Kat codename Angelic Reaper and the hyperactive and innocent Stephanie codename Feral Nova. Ar was one of the most pure hearted person Vann had ever met, though they didn't talk much when they did he felt the connection of friend that he carries with him to this date. Nova was the actually the first people that he talked to of the team and also was closest connected to, her charm draw him in and almost instantly he grew feelings for her that he kept secret for the most part. Soon after join the team he Wanted to get some of the that fighting rust off he excitingly signed up for a 32 man tournament, being place in bracket A his opponents where not ones to be looked over they drove him to points that he never knew he could go. In round one NeVann took on the fire juggernaut Terry. Vann already had seemed to be at an disadvantage see that Terry had grudge with ninjas. But not willing to give up even as Terry was destorying the planet NeVann used his Kirin attack that had weaked Terry enough where he couldn't go on any longer. In a act of respect for the shinobi he opened a portal telling Vann that it would him safety and wished him luck in the next round.

In the seond round Vann faced off against the skilled assassin Soul Taker a man that had beaten Terry in the past, Soul proved to be more then a match for Vann in the arctic circle trading blow for blow attack for attack the two power house had the same never say die spirit. Soul even forced Vann to use the level one curse seal which no one has forced him to in years. But sadly in the closing exchanges of the match Soul shattered the Yakamoshi family katana. Filled rage once again NeVann unleashed his mighty Kirin attack blasting a hole right through Souls chest, and a an final act of redemption Soul gave NeVann is Dragon Katana.

(contains parts of posts from the RP)

Returning back to W.A.L. tower to recover from his hard out battle wth Soul Taker while waiting for the third round to begin, Vann had learned that was in middle of a battle with the Death Syndicate led the ninjan warrior known as Sha. Bored and annoyed by the fact that he couldn't fight Nevann wandered around the W.A.L. building, then he knew he had made it to the roof. Looking up to the warm blue sky he smiled into a dark purple ball caught the corner of his eye. Trying to figure out what it was his Sharingan activated as he could see the dark energy heading for the earth, he tried to figure out the source but being to far away he couldn't trace the energy trail. Not know what he should his body froze up, all he could do was watch the on coming dark energy until a friendly face Feral Nova looking alittle beaten up

Nova whats going on? what is that purple ball in the sky?

Looking discouraged Nova still kinda shaken up finally found the words she was looking for.

A-alright my battle with Sha didnt turn out... the way I hoped, lol.

She looked back down like was going to looking for something in her back pocket, as she continued to explain.

But yeah, from the looks of it the N.O.V.A agents are going to be taking my body away to do some 'upgrades' on it when the fight is over. I'm... not sure how I'll be after that. So...

she finally seen to have found what se was looking for, she reached out her hand asking for NeVann to do the same. His arm extanded and his palm open Nova placed a chip in his hand.

umm... what is this and what are you talking about?

He looked closer at his hand seeing the chip and it all became clear to even thought Nova still tried to explain like she had be practicing this speech for months.

Its a computer chip that holds all of my memories, thoughts, feelings and all that nice stuff. I have a really bad feeling when N.O.V.A is done with me... I wont be the same. If this happens, I'm going to need someone to stick this inside the back of head in a small slot that is right under above my neck.

she poind to slot.

Can... you please do this for me, if something does happen?

sure i'll protect it with my life!

She looked worried as if she already knew what awaited her upon her heading back to battle, but her firey stubborness would let her back down. As she started to head back NeVann stopped her, he places the chip into he pocket and hugs Nova looking at the slot above her head. Upon releasing the embrace he lowered his head, and as he flew off to confront Sha he yelled

If anything happen to you I will bring you back, you have my word!

A month had come and gone and there was no sign of her, Vann had sent his broken sword home and also put in a order for a special sword to be made. Finally getting some information on her whereabouts Vann prepared himself and without any regruads of shealth he blow the doors of the Death Syndicate wideopen in his sreach for Nova. As the fought the battle took a toll not only on his body but also his heart, uponthe closing of the fight Vann was able to insert the memory chip into her after forcing Nova to a kneeling postion he felt her begin to violently shaking trying to free herself from grasp, it took all his strength at this point just to hold her still as lifted up her reviling the solt once more. As he successfully insert the chip her jerks and rocking slowly became more and more harder to control, L-let go of me! he heard Nova yell at him in a demanding tone but her words fell on deaf ears. He continued to ignore her longer as she in a very angry tone Do you know who I am!? but what happened next he couldn't just turn a deaf ear too. Holding her down he felt a rush of heat surround his body once more, refusing to let go he held on as the force of air pressure sent his hair flying back as his clothes hugged him tighter. I'm not letting go of you Nova! he yelled not even knowing if the vibrations of his voice could even be picked up in her ear, he placed his free arm over his face to protect his eyes from bright shin that Nova started to give off, she began slowly stand and then being overpowering Nova freed her self from his grip and then turned and faced him. His eyes widen as he had never seen her white form, it was terrorfyingly beautiful as he watched her desend upward after uttering the words YOU WILL DIE!

This battled had truely taken its toll on his body he slumped over slightly heavily breathing as he figured that this wold be the last moment he spent on this plain of existence, he gathered what energy he had left and stood firmly upright and just closed his eyes.

If its my time at least I know you'll become yourself again, so that mines mission is over and my death wont be for nothing.

He then opened his eyes to look upon her once more, the heat that she generated thinned out the air slow making it hard to breath consuming more and more of the oxygen around him as it grew bigger. Then closing his eyes as Nova's arm went into the motion of throwing the the large ball at him, he seem to welcome his death. As the ball drew close he could the heat that caused him sweat, and right as it got with in a 2ft. of him the tattoo on his neck began to glow red as two hand like wings appeared and wrapped them selves around him in a caccoon type fashion like a mother protecting her young. Even with the Curse seal wings he could feel the heat, he cried out in pain as the flames burned his wings. Then within seconds the heat dropped without notice and the flames vanished as NeVann fell to the floor one wing melted completely off while another was only left at an half, smoked rose from his body as the what was left of his wings desened back into the seal turning it black once more. Seeming to be lifeless his body didn't more for a few mintues that was until his hand grasped for the ground and finally raising his he say to an overly sadden Nova.

I-Im... o-okay now  no need to be sad... I'm just g-glad.... your back to normal, I-I'..ll be fine I.. just needs to sleep... c-an... we... go.. home.. now?

Vann and Nova
Then somehow he made his way to his feet and walked over to her, and making his way to her he embraced her tightly hugging her before smiling at her his eyes slowly closed as he had no more strength to hold himself up and collasped, and in a few seconds after that all that was heard was the sounds of him snorring. His bond with her since that day had only grown stronger, and a few weeks after that day things had finally became normal with them and he decided it was the best time to present her with a gift, A mix of nano tech and true adamantium that is only synced to her systems, the Hoono Itchi. After that the two for about month began sneaking out behind the teams back, even though at times it seemed like everyone knew they decided not to make it publicly known. Yet when they did speak on it every one though that they were playing a joke, cause it was something to two had become known for. It was just one of the thing they had in common, they always had radom talks and joked about taking over the world, laziness contest and pillow and water fights when no one was around. The connection was ture and when they came forward about and made it offical they knew it was right. Think back on it he would never change athing and if ever need he would lay his life on the line to save hers.

The big three

Obi wan Kenobi

Feral Nova

Uchiha NeVann
After the odd disappearance of Spartan 117 a new leader took over his name was Hayden Sung codename Bio Guyver who was said to be killed by an explosion while on a mission.W.A.L. once again was left with out a leader the member gathered to discuss what direction would the team head in now. “Enough!” he heard Nova yell as her voice filled with annoyence “If you want to talk about loyalty to the team and experience, then I think I surpass most of you here!” He looked around as the faces of everyone changed and began to look fearful, she continued on “I have been on this team since when if first formed, and I’ve been in almost every mission this team gives out.” Vann just leaned back he just knew that after this speech everyone would vote her the new leader for that take chage attitude that she doesn't like to admit she has. “But I’m not saying I want to be captain of this team, I’m just saying, its not about all of that, its deeper than that. Yes the leader must have experience and must be loyal to the team, but I think its more. The leader must be able to communicate with the other members of the team, not judge someone just because of one flaw and must treat all members the same. Also, the team must be WILLING to follow them, with almost no question.” She paused for a moment, and Vann was starting to wonder where she was going with this. “Now… with this said, I would like to nominate NeVann and Kenobi to be the team leaders.” He couldn't believe what she proposed to the team, and as Nova went to sit Vann fell out his chair landing on the back of his head. Finally getting back his composure he add to Nova's proposal, OK I'll agree if Kenobi does but also Nova has to join us as the co-captains, you know to stop decisions from comming to a stalemate. Atfer two hours of debating it was made final thus creating The Big Three a  joke name made by the team for the co-captains was formed.  

In the blackest night


After his battle on the now non-existent Ninjeta with the Child of Darkness DC. NeVann had pushed himself past his limits ultimately costing him his eye sight. The over usage of the Mangekyou Sharingan sealed his eyes in darkness, and see that NeVann had no siblings or as he thought. There would be no way to reverse the effects. Frustration and depression swelled up in the ninja’s body though he put a strong face forward to not alarm the members of WAL, as he took more of a backseat role as one of its leaders, mostly teaching Young WAL. During that time NeVann would have never guessed the event that would soon follow.


The following series of months, he not only learned of an older half brother but also had to kill him to protect his family and home. The sounds of sirens and screams filled the streets as a demon ravaged and destroyed the City of Angels. The demon was the legendary Nine tailed fox, and the person that released the destructive force was NeVann’s own older brother Uchiha, Kei. Though the member of WAL answer the threat that plagued the city, almost all of Los Angeles and part of southern California was left in shambles from the battle. The battle ultimately was ended by NeVann thrusting the Chidori through his bothers back. "H-How… could I... a-a… full blooded… Uchiha… be def-feated… by my blind… younger… b-b-brother…" Kei said as he dropped to his knees, with a hole in his chest barely missing the heart caused by Vann’s Chidori. He could feel a warm liquid running down his arm, form his elbow to his finger tips as the song of a thousand bird had faded. Flicking his arm the Uchiha prodigy stained the crumbled asphalt with his brother’s blood.

   "Brother and I use that term loosely, I know you fear the darkness that was coming. It’s all I see now, I would have willingly let you have the chance at eternal light. But you chose hatred and wanted to take it by force… why?" He said standing over Kei’s dying body. Laughing with malice in his voice and coughing up blood the elder Uchiha brother said his final words. "W-Why… you ask why… You a descendent of the clan cursed to a hate-fill destiny… hahaha. It’s almost poetic… Little.. brother.. Y-you’re… no.. H-H-Hero… just.. an. A-A-Avenger…." With no strength left his body Kei’s head drop to the ground and the life began to fade from eyes. Bother you were a fool, I will not give in to this curse of hatred placed upon our clan…  Anbu form Konoha appeared surrounding NeVann and his slain brother, unsure if they were friend or foe do to his inability to see he quickly took an defensive stance until one finally spoke. Before they took the body of Kei, NeVann asked to take his brothers eyes in hope of acquiring a new inextinguishable light.  

Though blind he still able to prove he was truly annoyingly unkillable, an gained his bothers eyes returning his sight and granting him the power of one of the most powerful Doujutsu the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. At this time NeVann had become slightly withdrawn from team confining himself to his office or going on solo missions. Before finally going missing for over three months. 

In actuality he had travelled to Koshi, the home of the giant snakes that he summons to assist him. After three years of intense training, In the dimension that Koshi is in, Time moves at a faster rate. One year would equal one month in NeVann’s dimension. NeVann had finally the ability of creating and molding nature chakra to obtain Sage mode, and developing the Mangekyou Sharingan even farther. The Sage Sharingan as he deemed it. Adding the aspect of nature based chakra to boost the abilities of Sharingan. With the insight and ability to copy abilities jutsu, the user can understand the working of a person down to someone’s DNA and copy it to remove the limit of not being able to copy kekkei genkai.


NeVann training

Upon the completion of his training he finally returned home one more, only to hind that he would have leave once more as an encrypted note was waiting for him. A reverberation sang out in the bows of the mountain as the torch the ninja was holding fell to his feet. His eyes widened and was filled with skepticism as to why there was a large engraving of the curse seal that was on his back. His left arm rose as stepped forward looking like a moth that was hypnotized by a majestic flame, as he approached the carving. Running his hand along the surprisingly smooth rock like wall, NeVann accidentally triggered its opening mechanism, causing him to quickly jump back as the wall began to split in two. A flaring light pierced though the opening as if it was being freed from an inescapable prison, and hugged on to the Uchiha’s face forcing him to raise arm over his eyes like shield. "So it seems you are ready to see the illusion you call reality?" he heard a voice say. Lowering his arm as his eyes adjusted to the light that had peered through the doorway, they rested about the person that voice came from.

"So you’re the one that lured me here… but for what?"

NeVann said in an irritated yet slightly confused tone of voice. First all Vann could see was the silhouette of the man, before he took a step forward. He was about half a foot taller than the shinobi, though he could have been taller seeing that he was hunched over and couldn’t correct his posture. Nothing but leathery skin and bones as if he hadn’t eating in many years. As the man removed his hood he reviled a bold head that was covered in looked to be some type of tribal tattoos. "Welcome Child of Prophet." The man said while bowing. "Child of Prophet?" Vann thought to himself as one of eyebrows shot up. "How are you and why did you request for me to come… and what’s with the whole Child of Prophet crap…"

Raising to as much of a vertical state as he could the man turned and began to walk back inside the hidden chamber while saying, "My name is no use or important, but the answers to the your other questions awaits you inside." Curious of what he would find out the ninja followed, only to find himself in awe at all the scrolls and statues that had to be dozens upon dozens of century years old. His eyes scanned from one end of the room to the other, and the one thing that kept reappearing was his Heaven Curse Seal. "W-what is this place…" Still scanning around Vann asked. "This is the lost temple of Ama-no-Kagaseo." The man said as he searched through the hill of scrolls. "Ama no kaga… what?" Vann replied back. 

"Ama no Kagaseo… and you the prophet child said to be born of fire and water, with eyes that look like two full blood moon. That has the ability of clairvoyance, and born with blood of man and animal…" He said as he finally found the scroll he was looking for and handed it to the shinobi. "Born of fire and water… wait you mean the fact that I’m a child of both the hidden leaf that’s in the land of fire and the hidden mist that’s in land of water?" Vann said as he was handed the scroll. "Yes, two elements that hatred for one another would never let them mix. That is the reason why you were almost kidnapped as a child. The leader of mist village knew of this prophecy as well and ruled you a future threat…" Vann listen to him say as he looked over the scroll. "Umm… there’s something wrong here though I don’t have Precog powers and I’m not some man animal hybrid… And still doesn’t explain why my family curse seal is all over this place." Vann said overly confused while still looking at the scroll, only to stop after realizing that he knew about the event that happen to him when the ninja was only a baby.

"It is true you have only a third of its soul… but that curse seal as you put isn’t something that was passed along through your family bloodline, though there was another Uchiha that had a false marking. The mark you bare is the August Star of Heaven emblem. And it means you are the living incarnation of…"



Since that odd meeting NeVann has secretly slain the person in which he told of was Ronnin the teen Precog that was a member of the Wolf Pack, and ironically enough the Shinobi’s savior. The image of his sword pierced through the heart of the teen, while he stood above him in an almost demonic state with his grayish pigmented skin and flowing snow colored hair. This plagued the young ninja’s thoughts while he was restricted to his bed by the persistent Nurse Hope. "One down one to go… and one to go. Then my role as this child of prophet truly begins…" He said while letting out a sigh while rising to his feet. No one of WAL knew of his action nor of the prophecy that is said for him to fulfill. He didn’t think he could face them if they did. Though of all of them he wished to keep this knowledge away from was Nova, afraid of what she would say or do. With one dead NeVann secretly searches for the second person that was spoke of, before the prophecy true meaning begins.

NeVann vs Roven Bravoes


My darkness will consume your light!

  (taking form the RPG)

A red and orange glow of an open flame hugged NeVann’s face as he sat in a kneeling position in front of a fireplace. His eyes seemed dead as he starred at the flames, though he was unable to feel the heat from it. His hands and clothing covered in blood though it wasn’t his, not a scratch could be seem upon his body. The ground underneath him was dripping wet with a mixture of defrosting snow and blood that covered him. A small hidden cabin that he isolated himself to for the few months was caught in a snow storm, blanketing everything as far as the eye could see in white. This type of a detail that didn’t matter much to the ninja, as he was locked within his own mind trying to drown out the soul cringing screams. The images of the faces  filled with fear projected atop the flames before everything went silent and black.


LAX Present


A middle aged business man, with salt and pepper colored hair, exited the terminal heading past baggage claim and walked right out the door of LAX while appearing to be talking on a cell phone. Ducking into an inhabitable the business man became enshrouded in smoke that quickly dissipated revealing to be NeVann.  Wearing all back the ninja’s clothing no longer bore the emblem of WAL nor did it have the crest of the Uchiha. It was a new symbol, that of the August star of the Heavens that so happens to also be the curse seal on neck. Utilizing his transformation jutsu, it was very easy for the ninja to slip back into the states without raising awareness.  The city was still as he remember filled with people, cars and smog. His nose was clogged with the smell of gas fumes and other chemicals that’s caused him to gag slight, this was due to the fact that he had been in non industrial areas for almost half a year.


Reaching into his pocket the ninja pulled out a cigarette and rested it on his lips before pulling out a Zippo lighter and lit up. The nicotine rushed through his blood stream as the smoke filled his lungs.  This habit was rooted down to his soul I guess, he softly said to him as he removed the cigarette from his lips and exhaled. Looking up at the sky as his did so, the ninja noticed the dark rolling clouds that seemed to be following his back. It seemed almost ominous if anyone knew of the events that were about unfold. Making his way back to his old home the weather began to shift as high winds began to pick up while flashes of lightening and booming sounds of thunder started to manifest. Drawing closer to the Tower NeVann made a hand seal and transformed his appearance once more. This time he took the form of a homeless person , see that the city was full of them, and most people ignored and avoided them it would be the best to choose to allow him to get close without drawing suspicion.


Oddly enough he caught a glimpse of the new leader Cly standing atop the tower, in the same fashion that he use too. The young Dragon rider looked down and made eye contact, before something was blown from his hand. The Uchiha watched the paper dance in the wind until it landed on the ground. Picking it up he saw that it was a picture of him, Nova and Kenobi.  He didn’t remember for which the picture was taken, nor did it bring back any warm feeling. The darkness had consumed every inch of heart and soul and now it was time spread that darkness over the team who motto was “Those who bring light to the darkness.” Taking the photo and kunai he stabbed it into the side of the building in plain view where he knew any member that passed by would see. He wanted them to know that he was back and he wanted them to fear this fact.


3 weeks ago


The flames of the fire place still burned brightly, thought NeVann didn’t notice he was lost in his darkness that extinguishing all light. His mind was coming undone it started first with him killing the teen precog Ronnin, but has become worst after his trip to Texas where he killed Roven Bravoes. The ninja knew of the prophecy and thought that he could change the outcome, but it was a gamble that the annoyingly killable shinobi couldn’t win and now he was paying the price. There’s no need to fight me anymore. He heard a voice say. Raising his head to show acknowledge to something for the first time in hours, NeVann’s eyes widened at the figure he saw talking to him. It was himself but slightly twisted wearing a skeleton type armor that only covered his upper body and head, seating in a chair on the left side of the room.    You have for filled the requirements need, and if you didn’t realize I’ve already taken over you mind body and soul… NeVann knew this was all in his head and that fact was confirmed by the fact that with every word that was said his doppelganger would look like he would slip into a dimensional rift and appear in a different spot in the room.


Slowly making it to his feet NeVann starred into the darkness, he couldn’t say a word, he knew what was said was true. He was cold before but now not a true single emotion began to register. You’ve killed innocents over and over again and that was just a few days ago each time you lose consciousness I awaken even more. What is it that makes you, fight me so? Do you truly think yourself to hero? No that couldn’t be it even before I you became my physical form I could feel the joy you felt from shedding another’s blood. Or could it be those people you call your friends? NeVann’s eye twitched slightly as he knew where this was heading but for some reason he didn’t try to stop it.


WAL Tower Present


The Shinobi slowly crept through the dark Tower that had lost power like most of the city due to some well channeled lightening overloading key transformers in the city. Those this wasn’t truly need because NeVann knew the security system, he built it and knew all its weak point. Moving through his old home it would seem as though he was stalking prey, as flashes of lightening would illuminate the rooms for seconds for minutes at a time.    As he made his way through the first person to taste his wrath was the trusty butler Mr. French. Shortly after the Dragon rider’s alert blared  all over the WAL communication system. The unfortunate butler crossed the shinobi’s path and before a word could be said a shallow cut across the chest from, the ninja’s blade along with a stiff elbow sent Mr. French into a wall before he slid to ground.


Knowing the groans would soon lure any member that was near by the ninja concealed himself in the shadows and waited to see who would come to the butler’s aid. The first person to show was current leader Cly. Cradling the semi-conscious Mr. French who spoke a few words before losing consciousness. He watched as Cly turned to find he was starring down at him. A blinding bright white flash of lightening lit up the room and upon it’s fading the ninja had closed the distance between the two holding his sword to the Rider’s neck as he went to grab hold of his shirt and pin him to a wall. Es, I know you’re near and can hear me, I suggest that you don’t try anything at this time unless you want Cly to become the headless Dragon Ride, and I don’t think that his healing ability will help him after that. He yelled out never taking his cold brown eyes off the man he once called his teammate. And as for you Cly, you already know if I wanted you dead I would have killed you by now… another flash of lightening rained from the sky again resting his shadow upon Cly’s face. I thought we were supposed to be a family, it’s been over six months! Six months, not once has anyone tried to contacted or search for me… Those who will bring light to the darkness, ha. There is no light I was abandoned by it like I was abandoned  WAL, and you know what I thank you for it. I can now see what lies within the heart of man it’s nothing but hatred and greed. There is no such thing as an innocent and if I wasn’t left to the darkness I would have never seen this truth.


As he spoke he applied more pressure to the edge of his sword that was pressed to the WAL leader’s throat as he continued.  It’s too late to try and save me from this darkness to tell the truth I don’t want to be, and it’s too late to prevent this darkness from covering the earth… before he could go on he heard a voice yell from his side for him to freeze. He turned his attention to a member he had never seen and figured he was a new member and decided to dismiss his existence before saying  to Cly, Tonight I will extinguish the light. Another flash of lighting illuminated the main hall once more, and as it faded the ninja was gone only leaving behind a WAL emblem with a kunai through it stabbed in the wall next to Cly’s head.  
  The booming echoes and flashes of lightening continued to randomly dance across the night sky. Slowly sprinkles of water turned into a down pour as if clouds were bursting as seams over the city. Sitting a few miles away the shinobi perched on the ledge of building, looking like stone gargoyle still keeping WAL’s HQ still in site. Having drawn first blood in both the metaphorically and literally sense, he knew that it wouldn’t much longer until his former teammates would regroup and come for him. NeVann raised his hand to his face and slid the hair in face behind his ear, because it became over saturated with water and began sticking to his flesh. “You seem to have some control left I see, not only did you prevent me from cutting that butler in half but you also prevented me from killing that dragon boy.” He heard a voice say. Not turning to look around to see where it came from, due to the fact that he knew it was in his head. “I never intended on killing any of them, I just wanted them to feel the pain of being betrayed, forgotten and left to the darkness but on a grander scale. When I’m done WAL will be no more.”    Vann said out loud like he was actually talking to another physical being.

Saying those words made him think of Sota, a man that was like his older brother, but in the long run ended was only using NeVann for his own ambitions. This lead Vann with no other choice but killing him, but this like almost everything about his true past has been keep away from WAL teammates, well all but one and she hasn’t been seen for some time now he girlfriend Feral Nova. “I guess from this day I’ll be known as trash, rather a hero. Good I prefer it that way being a hero never suited me.” He said as he stood up on the ledge looking down on the city, thinking about the line about being trash this came from a man that he had looked up that was now dead though it wasn’t be his hand. Though he couldn’t help but to feel that if he was there it would have never happened.   But that was another life time for NeVann, he had lost that family and he was about to lose another. Inhaling deeply the ninja jump from the ledge, and the dove down to the street below.

Landing to the street below the cement sidewalk cracked and concaved under his force. Standing erect his body covered from head to toe in water as the rain continued with no site of letting up. The curse seal on neck began to glow before spreading across the left side of his body, but instead of looking like black flames they were grey. Making the Uchiha look like a hodgepodge of his normal and level 2 curse seal self. Extending out his left hand sparks of pale blue lighting chakra manifested before turning a faded purplish color with black swirls. “Hear the call of Mikaboshi, I summon all those that have come and gone but still remand chained to this world.” NeVann said as he hand was extended above his head before he slammed his palm to the ground, releasing the energy into the ground. The mixture of his chakra and the dark energy that he acquired from becoming the living incarnation of Mikaboshi spread through the earth. “I command you to rise!

As those words were said soil began to turn and decaying and decayed bodies began to rise from their graves. From Hollywood Forever to Inglewood cemetery and all the ones in between in the city of angles, souls that died with strong attachments to this world began to come back. As his army rose and started upon their wave of darkness, NeVann drew a scroll from his belt and laid it on the ground. Then biting his thumb to draw blood, he drew a line on top of a symbol on the scroll. His eyes closed as he began making hand seals. Then opening them to reveal his Sharingan was now activated he slammed his open palm to the scroll. “Let’s see how you deal with this WAL.

As NeVann activated the seal on the scroll, his ear switched for a moment. This was due to a high pitched whistle heading for him. Turning his head to the general direction of the sound, his face was met with a high pressure of wind. The power gust carried with all type of debris from shattered glass to cars. Luckily for the shinobi the air pressure that ran across his face was fast then the items that it dragged with it. With his saturated raven hair flapping behind him along with the scroll that was pinned to the ground by his hand, NeVann inhaled deeply and with his free hand made a seal. The air in his lungs mixed with his wind nature chakra, before erupting from his mouth incasing the ninja in an air line dome. Normally something like this would invisible to anyone that didn’t have the ability to see chakra or energy, though due to the rain it looked as though the crafty Uchiha was trapped within an aqua like dome.

The debris that had not passed over head or side of the shinobi stopped, and seemed to float for a few seconds a couple of feet in front him before hit the ground. He didn’t wonder what caused this power draft as his jutsu as well as his breath ran out. NeVann already knew, or better yet seen what caused this. "They got here quicker than I expected…" he said to himself. He didn’t know that Es could reach speeds of the magnitude, but he did know that if the Dragon of WAL was near the rider wouldn’t be far behind. Knowing Cly and how he and Es fought, she was the distraction for him to attack head on. He admired that about the rider, always rushing in head first most time literally into combat. But this time that was a foolish thing to do, with an opponent like himself.  

Looking up he spotted the WAL leader closing great amounts of distance that separated them in matter of milliseconds. The dragon rider had to be reaching speeds that would rip the flesh and muscles from his bones, though with the Sharingan it would seem that he was moving in slow motion the Sharingan Successor. But the ability to see Cly didn’t seem to be enough to block and or evade his attack. The dagger he wielded went through the ninja’s legs like a knife through melted butter. The cut so clean and so fast looked as though the unkillable shinobi’s nervous system didn’t seem to register it. The rain seemed to have let up, before completely stopped though the clouds still hung over head as a loud screeching sound of rubber or some similar material meeting the concrete sidewalk. And though the ground was still wet it created enough friction to send a scent of burning soles into the air.

The echo of the screeching faded as right after NeVann’s body titled forward leaving his legs in place. Most would fall for this ploy, but no not Cly, he was smarter then and knew well enough it would not be that easy to defeat his former leader as he yelled out the ninja’s name. Before the severed body and limbs could touch the ground they were engulfed in smoke and revealed that the Rider had sliced a metal trash can in two. "I see you took my words seriously." NeVann’s said, his voice coming from over head. Perfectly balanced he stood atop one few remaining light poles with his arm folded looking up at Cly who had been picked up by his trusty partner. His Sharingan glowing crimson and stood out even more, as his skin was now completely grey and his once raven hair was now a smoky color that blended with the dark cloud back drop. This was the second level of his curse seal, though he looked slightly more demonic with his talon like finger nails and fangs that had grew out and looked to be razor sharp. "You kind of remind me of myself, rushing in to handle the matter on your own to prevent your teammates from getting harmed is something I would have done. Though I feel kind of insulted that you would think that you and Es would be enough to stop me…" he said before unfolding his arms.

"I can see the hatred in your heart that you have for me now. It was in your attack then in your voice, though you fight it. You didn’t go for a kill strike. You still to a point feel that I need or am worth saving. But you’re wrong. This type of sympathy in the world I grew up in was seen as weakness. It’s kill, or be killed. And not trying to kill me will end in you dying Cly. But that won’t happen right away, at the moment I’m not the one you should be worried about…" As he said that a wild growl shook the city to its foundation as off in the distance nine orange tails could be seen waving like a flames. "Now what will you do leader? Fight me or save the city and all the people in it? But before you decide let’s make things more… interesting." Making a set a hand seals a thin mist, dropping visibility down to about 92% materialized and slowly began to spread throughout the city streets. Something seemed eerie about the fog that was creeping through the city. The chakra filled fog was coated with power of Mikaboshi. "Within the hearts of all humans resides darkness, greed, lust, hatred. Some easier to bring to the surface then others, and forcing it down is like being trapped in a… fog. I am here to lead you all through that fog, for I am older then the gods of life and chaos, I am the darkness. I am Amatsu Mikaboshi." He said with a devilish grin upon his face as he vanished in the mist, knowing that the affects of the fog would have on all it touched. No, it would not be any type of a physical change but rather it would awaken all the dark feeling and through that most hide deep inside and push them to the surface causing them to act upon their primal dark impulses.


Echoes of splashing water atop of the building in the city of angels, didn’t travel far in the night commotions. As NeVann ran along to roof tops to his next destination. Everything was going long well as he had plan, Los Angeles by day break would be known as the city of falling angels. Swiftly moving high above the streets the nefarious ninja ears perked up as the sound of small thrusters rang in his ear drums. "Freeze NeVann! You’re under arrest!" he heard a voice call out. Coming to a stop he feet slid along the wet gravel like a car hydroplaning, creating mini waves in the puddles that collected on the roof surface. The same tech teen that tried to stop him earlier ascended from the street below aiming a high power energy cannon at the shinobi. With a cold stare NeVann didn’t bother to put up a guard as he could that Gearo was forcing himself not show signs of being traumatized recently. "You’re a persistent one aren’t you?" he said while preparing to strike though he had showed no signs of movement.

A devious smirk crept across the ninja’s face as the tomoe in his Sharingan shifted. But before the NeVann could a attack his attention was drawn away by the sound of a large mass cutting through the sky right above him. Tilting his head upward he caught a clear view of the dragons under belly as it passed over him. Then looking over his back shoulder he saw the once again clear headed dragon rider that spoke in a confused tone, "Vann or Mikaboshi?" and the followed it with a bit of sarcasm "So you're the old dude? I'll try to talk louder so your failing ears can hear me." A slight expression of irritation covered NeVann’s face as the rider seemed to be finally done with his jokes "If I may ask, is Vann still in there, or is he fully taken over?" he said to the ninja. "Wow I guess being sarcastic is requirement that’s need to become one of its leaders…" NeVann fired back in a sarcastic tone of his own. This seemed to bring hope to the riders eyes that NeVann wasn’t fully lost yet. "This isn't over for you NeVann. You don't have to do this. Don't let this dark spirit lead you astray. I know the old Uchiha who led valiantly alongside Nova and Obi is still in you, the one who helped light up the darkness at We Are Legend. The world needs you as a hero, I need you as a friend." The words that was suppose to pull on the ninja’s heart strings had the adverse affect, as he was reminded of the fact that two of the of the close people to him were gone. "Don’t say their name again! I you try and use those names again I rip your heart from your chest." The shinobi yelled out in an uncharacteristic manner. "Though I can’t blame for Obi disappearance, But how could you let Nova step down… how could you guys let her die… yes I know about her fight with Precise. I trusted you guys to protect her while I was gone…"

NeVann began to swell with rage, and his lust for blood and vengeance grew. All of the words that Cly followed with became mute to the ninja as sized up the three heroes that surrounded him. The analytical ability of the Sharingan allowed NeVann to predict their possible first strike, based upon the way their bodies and center of gravity shifted as they charged at him allowing him to come up with the best counter attack. His brain running like a super computer, the shinobi went through numerous scenarios in the matter of seconds. All of which started off with taking out the Dragon rider first, who like the other two closed the distance between himself and the Uchiha while wielding a trash can lid. Shifting his stance slightly NeVann’s feet planted as a pair of kunais were hidden behind his wrist. He plan was to obstruct Cly’s vision first by using one pair of throwing daggers and aiming them for the rider’s head and throat figuring that he would block them with the make shift shield to continue moving forward. That brief second would be enough to allow the crafty ninja to maneuver himself behind him delivering any attack he saw fit. And while doing that, he would use the second set of kunais at the dragon throwing off her flight pattern long enough to use Cly as a shield against Gearo’s attack and take him down before having to only deal with the dragon.

Getting set to attack The Sharingan Successor unexpectedly stopped in his track, as a blur of the tech teen passed from his peripheral in to plan sight before going pass and clashing into Cly’s aluminum shield. Causing it to crumple like a piece of paper around the dragon knight’s arm, before hip tossing him into his trusted partner. "Consider me an ally NeVann, until you’re the only living creature on this planet," This change of heart shown by Gearo didn’t surprise NeVann as the area he was flying through was covered in mist before Es with her impressive wing spanned blow it off. "I you wish to be my ally, go on and prove your worth." NeVann said as he motioned the cyber fitted adolescent to finish what he had just started with the Dragon and Rider. Watching in a amusement as Gearo fought with himself to attack his leader his leader, NeVann notice ripple start to form and what a few minutes ago was still sitting puddles of water before a feral roar over powered anything audible. The Rampage of the fox demon had already reached the heart of downtown, on its journey of chaos and destruction. The beast’s head tilted back and its mouth opened exposing its razor sharp teeth that matched the claws on its fingers. Letting out another roar the Fox swung its and with its claws ripped a large chunk from the building as it made connect. As the tailed beast swung again this time it caught the now self fighting tech teen, sending him off into the distance.

"Oh well he was starting to bore me anyway…" NeVann said as he looked up at the Fox that returned the glare. Its fangs bore as a low growl resonated from its throat and reared back one of its arms. Look to prepare to crush the shinobi. NeVann’s didn’t flinch and with a malice stare into the tailed beast eye’s, it had a cover of the Sharingan over then. Not speaking a word like the two was connected telepathically, the fox opened its hand and the ninja jumped in. Then rearing back the Nine tails launched NeVann through the dark cloudy night sky. The speed he went as he ripped through the night sky dry or better yet forced the little moister from the rain that covered his body was strained from him. Beginning to descend as the trajectory of his flight path fell into a arc, the ninja stabbed them into outer wall of the WAL Tower to help him cling to the building better. Channeling chakra into his feet NeVann started upward as he ran up the wall defying gravity before reaching the roof top. Though the rain stop the pulse from the surge of lightening still charged the skies and clouds that loomed over the city. The crackling lightening grew louder and more often around the tower as NeVann looked down on the city while making three hand seals. "This is my benchmark, the first step taking into leading you all into darkness…" He said as his lightening base chakra began to physically manifest around his left hand. "This is the light house, the spark that lights up the darkness calls it home…" NeVann continued on as the normally pale blue charge twisted and warped like his soul changing the color of the chakra to swirling red and black. Raising his hand above his head a chain from the sky to his hand linked in chakra and elemental lightening.

"And it’s time to snuff out the light!" The cloud parted in a circle and the heavens granted him the power he needed as a beam of lightening that had a 3 block radius came crashing down cocooning the WAL HQ before reducing it to rubble and debris. As the smoke ash and dust clear NeVann was left sitting atop what was once his home that was now debris like he was king of the mountain. Though his physical appearance was slightly deferent now, as a his torso was covered with an armor of bones that looked to be fused to his body. That also had an extra set arms a skull for a helmet and wielded a sword that was not of his normal katanas. Leaning forward with his arms resting on his thighs and sword in hand a odd old writing started glowing red across the armor and sword as he waited for his former teams to react.


He’s eye like lasers locked on to the dragon and rider as they went forward in what looked to be suicide, getting closer and closer to the nine tailed fox. The sky finally began to calm and the clouds faded. The glow of the moon hugged the ninja’s back casting his shadow over the ruins that was once a sigh of hope in the city of fallen angels. NeVann wasn’t surprised in the least at Cly’s actions, as he and Es first priority at the moment was going after the threat of the fox demon, that could interfere if they went after the shinobi first.

NeVann seemed to be in no rush and watched as Cly evolved into the new spark of light. No emotion not even a smirk came across the Sharingan successor’s face as he watched the savage fox be soothed by the WAL Leader  after about a ten second stare down. The Fox let out a soul chilling roar that NeVann knew was towards him as the spell of the Sharingan was broken and the Fox was once again free to make its own choices. With feral eyes glowing, an ember like orange the fox glanced over at the callus shinobi, before roaring again and vanishing in a large cloud of smoke.

With the tip of his sword pointing to the ground, NeVann gripped tightly to its handle. It was time for the closing minutes of the battle that put him against the team he was led, now branding him a traitor. He stared down the pair as they charged at him, only after seeming to stop to check on the other team members. By know the legendary Uchiha had drowned out the sounds of emergency sirens and screams that filled the streets since he began his attack.

Those they flew at him at high speeds, they may as well had been moving in slow motion to the ninja. Cly’s first attack, aimed for his shoulder slid across the ninja’s blade. The sound of scrapping metal echoed in NeVann’s right ear while sparks faded in his face. Turning his head and upper torso as they passed, the annoyingly unkillable shinobi didn’t take an offensive stance nor did he take a defensive one. The dragon of WAL circled back, and a high pitched buzz soon rang out as he wings seemed to flap at a speed that would like as though they had vanished almost like a hummingbird.

Soon a fury of strikes rained down upon NeVann. He purposely allowed most of them to land their intended area, as he could see the trajectory of the Rider’s attacks and wanted to lure Cly in to a false sense of victory before pulling the rug from under him so to speak. Streams of crimson and sparks flew from the ninja’s body as he blocked the slashes that would cause him true damage while letting the minors ones hit. As the Knight of light landed his last strike, the bone like armor faded and his sword reverted back to its normal state. Though still holding on to it NeVann dropped down to one knee. He act seemed to work better then he thought as the WAL pair ascended preparing for the final strike.

Watching them elevate NeVann began to focus his water natured chakra into his blade. As the Es took in a deep breath and reared her head back, the Uchiha prodigy rose to his feet and sliced in an upward motion. As the blade came up the dragon’s head came back and a rush of flames came down, while at the same time NeVann released the water chakra from his blade.   The heat from the that NeVann felt on his face, was soon replaced by steam, as the he released the water chakra form his blade creating a tidal wave like wall. Holding the dragon’s attack at bay, NeVann saw a figure coming towards him through the veal of steam. He knew who it was before the figure could become clear. Coming at him like a dart, Cly diving towards him holding the very kunai Vann had used against him. Though it was slightly different, the tip of the blade was covered in a light. This light cased around Cly as he cut through the air on target to the ninja. "Game over Mikaboshi! I'm taking NeVann back!" A smirk came across the Shinobi’s face for first time as he said, “You’re right Cly it’s over.” His voice was not doubled nor did it have an ounce of demonic tone. Waiting till the tip of the dagger went just past arms reach, the ninja grabbed Cly’s wrist with one hand and spinning to the outside of the rider’s body.

Using Cly’s own momentum against him, NeVann launched his elbow into the face of the WAL leader. The bone shattering sound from the impact of NeVann’s attack that would normally send his opponent flying in the opposite direction was stopped by the grip he held on Cly. The shinobi pulled his former comrade back towards him but this time NeVann brought up his leg and sent another bone breaking attack, this time to Cly’s ribs. “Still think you can save me? You can’t even save yourself.” NeVann said as his grip slightly loosened only enough that would allow his hands to move while he spent to Cly’s inside and re-tightened his grip as he flipped the Rider over his shoulder and on to the ground. Still holding on to the wrist that held the kunai with one hand, he used his other hand to bend Cly’s elbow as bought the kunai to The WAL leader’s neck.

It seemed almost impossible in which the speed the ninja used to counter and disable his former teammate. Waiting to help her partner Esmeralda nose dived in an attempt to knock NeVann off Cly. Knowing this, NeVann turned his eyes towards the beast and used a ninja that he hadn’t used since his days an ANBU. He whispered, “Kanashibari no Jutsu, "Temporary Paralysis Technique” Unable to move any part of her body, the dragon sailed over the ninja and crashed to the ground below. Then turning his attention back to Cly and spoke once more, “You still don’t know when to listen. I told you not to try and save me. It wasn’t because I didn’t think I could be saved, it was because I didn’t want to be. Mikaboshi was never in charge, I was the whole time like I am now. I wanted to prove a point, you’re not strong, and WAL isn’t strong enough. The light has dimmed over time, as the leader you’re supposed to make it stronger… I will stay true to what I said and I’m not going to kill you. So show them the way, make yourself stronger cause if you don’t I will be back and next time I won’t play so nice.

 With those last words he finally released his grip, and rose to his feet looking at the all the carnage he had reeked upon the city of angels. Not saying another word, he made a few hand seals and soon a flame that started at his feet quickly travelled upward to the top of his head as he vanished in the embers of that flame.  And hasn't been seen since...


The shadow of death returns



Alternate Universe

In the futrue the Ninjan race lead by Sha teamed up with the leader of L.A.S. BatgirlBabs, The Uchiha twins Hotaru and Sozuku  now the new leaders of W.A.L. leads an underground rebellion to win back the planet. Every since the death of his wife Feral Nova by the hands of Shay Vann has been torn up inside and secretly planing his revenge on his former best friend. Letting out a big sigh Vann continued to go over the research from N.O.V.A. Ind. on how they manage fuse cybernetics with living tissue. He had been locked away working on a cure for weeks, the last time anyone had seen him was right after Nova had finally told him. He noticed that mission after mission she seemed to be more fatigued, though she played off well hiding her pain to not be a burden to team. Their argument replayed in head over and over as each second passed, the only way fro him to drown it out was bury himself in his work yet that didn't seem to be enough. "Steph I've noticed for a while that you really haven't been yourself, not only have mission been hard on you but so has simply everyday things what's going on?" Nova's head lowered while her darted down to the left, her arms wrapped around her torso as she turned her body and bit on her lower lip. Vann continued on, "It's something big isn't it, why wont you tell me ?" He saw her eyes water up as she turned her back to him, not wanting him to see her beak down more so then what she already did and explained to him how her body was slowly starting to reject all of the metal, wiring and computer implants that have been fused inside her body, and because she wasn’t born with her fire power, her internal organs were slowly withering away. Enraged the shinobi clinched his fist and put it through a nearby wall, "Why, why have you been hinding this from me, you know I could have helped... Did you not tell me cause you thought I would pull you from mission... you know sometimes you're to stubborn for your own good." The whites of his eyes became bloodshot and soon tears slid down his face the same as hers as he watched her drop to the ground. he seemed hesitant   to walk to her still angered but he then remembered this was the women he loves and he will stand by her no matter what she does,   picking her up he cradled her in his arms and walked over to her bed and placed her in it before covering her with a blanket. Heading for the door he was stopped by her soft voice telling him that she was sorry and really meant to tell him sooner, taking a deep breath he turned his head and in a warm calming voice he replied. "I know you did and I'm sorry for the harsh words... but you know you're going to have to tell Kenobi and the twins... but don’t think about it right now just get your rest." With a smile he stepped through her door and closed it behind him, as the door closed he dropped the brave face that he put on for her sake and the anger once again took over causing him to leave impression of his fingers in the doorknob.

Enough thinking about the past need to finish up here.


After finally figuring out a way to at least slow down the illness Nova was suffering from with the same nano tech that he used on her sword, the nanobot tricked the T cells in her body into seeing all the foreign cybernetics as simple blood cells but sadly her condition was far to along for this to complete cure only slow down illness. Vann was happy that he could slow down the illness knowing that giving her more time was better then having now at all, a few months after that he proposed presenting her with a ring that that had a emerald that matched her eyes rather then a diamond. Two years had passed since then Nova still keep a active role on the team and continued on as one of the co-captain through she only went out on small mission and handle the paperwork. Vann monitored her closely making updating the system he made to keep her going and to not draw attention as she took on the role as the overseer of Young WAL and their training, he ran all the programs through the nano tech sword he made for her years before. By this time the earth was in the middle of a war with Ninjeta the birth world of one of Vann's and Nova's dearest friend Sha. After seeing so many wars and losing so many people close to them WAL tried to make peace with Ninjans despite the hatred that was being thrown their way, WAL was got tagged with the label of traitors by most of the young heroes and other teams.

In diplomatic fashion WAL (Vann, Nova, Kenobi) along with member of young WAL (Hotaru, Sozuko and a small squad of about eight junior level members) met with the Ninjan leaders to apologize on behalf of the earth in an attempt to avoid anymore blood shed on both side but their affords were soon for not as a team of heroes with no relation to WAL so this as an chance to attack the ninjan leaders in hope of driving them from this planet. A huge battle soon erupted and WAL found them in the middle of it, cast his water encampment jutus a lager barrier of water surrounded the team protecting them for the moment to give them time to figure out a plan of what to do. Seeing know way to get out this with out a fight Vann along with Nova and Kenobi gave the order not to kill just disable the ninjan forces, this was going well until the Ninjan Princess herself stepped out and gave the order to live no one alive. Looking at Sha in disbelief Vann stood stunned as Nova burst into flames and went to confront the women she considered a sister. "Nova wait... your only have about 40% of your former power don’t engage in a fight with her!" He yelled out but his words seemed to fall upon deaf ears. Everything around him was falling apart the young WAL members were being picked off one by one Nova flew off to fight Sha, he didn't know who to help until he saw Zuko surrounded by a squad of ninjan assassins. Zuko was barely holding them off as he engulfed himself in a ball of fire, he yelled out to his father for help caise he was the nearest to him. Dashing towards him Vann yelled out "Use the Chirdoi Current!!!" A large surge of electricity flew from Zukos body at the same time Vann did the same. The smell of burning flesh filled the area as the group of ninjans drop to the ground, "their not dead now go help your mother!" he pointed as he watched Zuko take to the air. As Zuko passed over head he saw him stop in his tracks witha mortified look on his face, "Zuko, what-" before he finished the shinobi turned around right as Nova's body crashed to the earth.

Vann felt a sharp pain in his chest as Zuko flew over to Nova and sadly hung his head before telling everyone that she was dead. In an instance Vann covered the gap between himself and where her body landed, taking her hand he felt as the warmth was leaving her body. Lost in his grief he didn't notice that everyone around them had stopped fight out of respect of the fire goddess, holding back his tears he picked pup her lifeless body and cradled it to his. Then with bloodshot eyes he glared up at Sha, handing her body to Zuko well never taking his eyes off of Sha the Shinobi yelled out "Sha! Your life ends here !" Getting ready to a take a step forward and charge her Vann was stopped as Hotaru and Kenobi stepped in his path, gathering control of his emotions Vann adhered to their wish of not attacking her. Turning his back he ordered, "It's time to go home... we have a funeral to prepare for..." Then in an instance he vanished.


Soon after Nova's funeral Vann and Kenobi had meeting, Vann had receive word from Konoha that he need as the Ninth Hokage. They decided it was best at this point for them to step down and appoint a new leader for WAL. After talking it over they both thought that the Twins would be the best choose. Travelling back to Japan Vann soon learned of the urgency of which he was named the new Hokage was do to a ninja by the name of Uchiha Kei who soon later after being investigated was found to be Vann's older half brother. It turns out Kei had formed an alliance with Sha and Esther as he used the tailed beast to try and take over the ninja world and have them serve under the two. Like Vann Kei was able to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. The two brother fought a grueling battle to point that they were both almost completely blind do to the over usage of the Mangekyou, Kei's original plan was to kill NeVann and take his eyes for his own to gain an even greater power. But alas Kei fall short and died by the hand of Vann's curse seal level two dark Chirdoi, because Vann heart was already frozen over by the loss of Nova killing his brother that he didn't know didn't even register on his emotional radar. Taking his brothers eyes Vann implanted them into his own clearing up his blindness almost instantly. With his new Mangekyou Vann now had the power to control the one most powerful tailed beast the nine tailed fox demon.

Present day...

After defeating his brother Kei, Vann united the five great ninja nation under one banner to help in the fight against the power of Sha and Esther. Returning home once a year like always, he met up with Hotaru and Sozuko at Nova's grave site. After Hotaru left in sreach of Aztek the lost, Vann sets his plan to avenge Nova and is standing on a roof in what should be the last fight that either he or Sha will ever engage in.

The Yakamoshi clan is know as a second rate clan with little or no talent by most of the Villagers of the hidden mist village. Ever though the Yakamoshi clan has been apart of the mist Village almost since the village was first formed. One of the only ninjas of the Yakamoshi that showed true promise was Yakamoshi Kimoto, who was able to manipulate his jutsu to move in a swirl. to increase the attack power, the best example would be his swirl water dragon missile. This was, the best defensive offence combo attack. The jutsu’s used massive amounts of wind chakra to force a jutsu into a swirl which wrapped around an opponents jutsu but the true power was that after swirl wraps around the attack still heads for the opponent. The kekkei jutsu uses wind chakra manipulate physical shape of the jutsu forcing the attack to move forward in a swirling motion. Depending on the user chakra control and level, the user can create a swirl that doesn’t move forward rather shape and compresses itself thin enough to cut through almost any thing, or be used as a shield to block attacks. This bloodline trait like the Sharingan is possible by all members but it rarely is achieved.

To this day the Clan is still seen as second rate because it’s been a decades since the last member of the clan was able to trigger the trait and pull off its ultimate jutsu,” Twin helix blast”, unlike chakra combining the Yakamoshi wind chakra manipulates the user jutsu by creating an invisible barrier tunnel that forces the jutsu to change it normal flow, ultimately giving the jutsu more force when it hit. The more chakra that is released the tighter and the thinner the swirl can become creating a drill like or a sharp blade like affect of the jutsu release. The clan members are prone to either water or wind chakra nature there are a few how can combine the two to form ice this is similar to the Hyoton kekkei that Haku uses. But it is a rear occasion that a member can use this kekkei jutsu and the clan member who can create ice can only make forms of weapones that shoot water blast, when chakra is focus to it. Example “the power of the 7 sea the user creates an ice triton and then uses water chakra to shoot blast of water from the triton. Looks of weapons can be formed but not all of them release chakra attacks.

Over 90 years ago the clan was almost wiped out when the mist village was attacked. The clan’s village was set a blaze destroying all it ancient scrolls holding secrets and history. Only a few older members who where only children at the time, knows the horror of what happened, since then the clan has never been the same. With the clan crippled they sent members out to collect data on jutsu’s to try to build the clan back up, and remove the title of second rate clan. At this time the pride of the clan rest to shoulders of NeVann the son of Yakamoshi Kei the former head of the clan, NeVann ironically has drop his the Yakamoshi name for his blood shares that of the family that bares the Sharingan, the Uchiha’s. Even in dropping the Yakamoshi the clan still respects and views him future leader of the clan. Turning around to check how everyone else was holding up


Dragon Katana

The sword made made from a fang of a dragon that once belong to Soul Taker but upon his death at the hands of NeVann, Soul gave it to him as away to amen for breaking his family katana. wanting to make his own NeVann had it retro fitted with a true adamantium nano tech alloy increasing the duribility of the already almost unbreakable sword.

Yakamoshi Katana

After Soul shattered the blade right before his eyes, NeVann shipped the piece back to his home village to have a new blade crafted. keeping the properties of the orginal the blade is made of a vibranium nano tech alloy making it almost unbreakable. Also the blade has been reduced to sixteenth of an inch thick making it far more light, sharp, and flexible as the vibranium helps keeps its duribility.

Green Lantern Power Ring

The Ring is a source of limitless power, and thus there is no limit to what it can do, but here are some abilities it has been shown to have.
Artificial Intelligence
Burglar Alarm
Energy Projection
Energy Constructs
Power Absorbing


Powers and Abilities


    Fūjutsushi :  Apart from being able to fly NeVann can launch blasts of wind that act as blades, and manipulate wind spirits to create a barrier, protecting his body from physical harm or reflecting light in order to camouflage himself. It has also become apparent that he possibly has the ability to manipulate electricity, given that high speed wind friction creates static electricity and that NeVann was shown generating it when he was utilizing his black wind. (This ability is a mutation of his wind chakra, due to the power of Mikaboshi)
  • Can tap into the ability of Mikaboshi: powers of Mikaboshi (though the more he uses Mikaboshi's power the more of a risk he runs into sub-coming to the god evil powers)
  • Enjutsushi : Like Fujutsushi it is a mutation of NeVann's elemental chakra those its of fire and not wind. This allows him to use fire attacks without making hand seals, and at times seem more powerful then his normal fire jutsus.