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People are currently blinded by the awesomeness of the DCCU and MCU Phase Three slates to realise that there will be misses on both sides. It's understandable, but you gotta stop thinking everything will be perfect. Hell WB has more to lose and more chances of missing at this point.

DC fans need to get that through their heads. Stop bringing up IM2 and Thor 2 as if WB hasn't or never will go through a similar situation. Green Lantern is checked. BvS could be one. Suicide Squad. Any film from that slate, just like Marvel's.

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People are saying it's unfair to call the MCU better than the DCCU because there's 11 films vs 1.... yet we have this poll :/

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Yeah I think Civil War is going to win 2016.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is a big thing, but DC fans take the whole "we haven't seen these characters together on the big screen before so they win AGREE WITH ME" thing to seriously. The Avengers already proved you don't need that type of novelty or history to be the success that it was. Although now, Marvel's almost in the same position. Cinematic-wise. The audience know their characters now. They have their film history equivalent to DC's Trinity in general. But those characters Marvel has thrown at the audience combined with Spider-Man? Yeah, I gotta give the edge to Marvel.

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And the Avengers have called upon the X-Men for global threats but rarely do they do much in return. Until the last few years of course. Kinda.

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Because they don't respond to mutant issues as a priority-- which is understandable, but comes off as ignorant to the X-Men and as everyone has slightly put it, they like looking for reasons to b*tch about how undermined they are (in crossovers anyway). And tbh, the Avengers only care when called upon or are interfered with. Like, I read Second Coming not too long ago and kinda rolled my eyes when Cap was saying he wasn't going to let the X-Men die. Where the heck has he been?

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I don't like them so much as Avengers these days, but during Dark Reign having them there was great. They held the team together for me IMO especially with all the crap going on with Tony Stark, whether that be with their dialogue/banter or partnership in general. Now they just don't click. I've always hated how the writers portray Wolverine as more of an Avenger than X-Man whenever the two teams come face to face (which has happened a lot in the last few years) and I think Spidey's just outgrown himself on the team.

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Never been all that excited for Cyborg, Shazam or Suicide Squad (tho it has the potential to be an amazing movie), Miller is just so random and not helping at all, and Gadot doesn't scream leading lady to me (in solo). BvS and JL are only of interest.

I'm so down for Black Panther - especially with Boseman, Civil War, Inhumans and Avengers 1 & 2. However, not that excited for Strange for some reason, Thor is dead to me and Captain Marvel is meh.

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As for the OP,

I think QS would have gone with Charles and Wolverine to Paris. You said it yourself, he wanted to have fun. The type of mission they were on was exciting enough (to him). They just didn't ask and want to bring him into their mess. And on top of that it seems like his mom doesn't give a s*** about what he does (breaking the law, going out with his powers) so all he'd need to do is tell her he'd be gone for a few days and boom, he's going to Paris.

Lol and that wouldn't matter either. He could make it home anytime he wanted.

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He wasn't needed period.

As much as I currently prefer DOFP’s QS over AOU’s, it’s obvious—especially on repeat viewings, how he was shoehorned into the movie because of Avengers. They dedicated their budget and wow factor to a 5 minute sequence with this new, out of nowhere character instead of the ones we already know and care about. It’s frustrating when Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg say he was “always in the script” when they also keep saying Juggernaut was in the script first. Set visits, Collider and Josh Helman confirmed Juggernaut was in the first script and Helman himself was cast as the character. Then he was suddenly recast (as Stryker) during filming. It’s ridiculous.

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@the_stegman said:

Are Hulk and Iron Man fighting in the city?? I wonder if the people who criticized Man of Steel for city destruction will do the same for this...

Oh be quiet.

We already saw this-- if not more, in the first Avengers.

Keep talking about that. Stop adding.