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This is easily in my top 5 favorite comic stories of all time. I highly recommend it. Even if you dislike X-23 for whatever crazy reason, this is a great story and worth a read.

I'd also recommend the continuation of it, Target X. It's not as good but it still has a lot of that heart that Innocence Lost has. Also it introduces Kimura, who is a character designed to stop X-23. She is a great villain.

It's these two books that made X-23 one of my favorites.

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I've heard of them before, but never read the comics. I'm looking forward to the movie however.

I'm hoping the character style has a Tangled look to it. I really enjoyed the animation in that movie.

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I have no real problem with Megan. She's not the best actress but I won't deny that she is ridiculously attractive. My real question is why is she working with Bay again? Didn't they have this huge fight in the media or something? she called him a Nazi and all that. Why would you work with him again if he was that big of a problem to you? Was the paycheck that good?

I also agree she's not the best choice for this. She's who we are stuck with though. Best thing to do if you aren't a fan of how this project is turning out is to not see it.

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Wow she looks fun to play. I hope the "Complete Edition" of this game is out by Christmas. I really don't want to drop the money for the game and then all the DLc as well if I can just wait until the GOTY is out.

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I don't quite understand the hesitation here. It's Deadpool! Deadpool is awesome! It's a video game, those are awesome too! But if you think your money is better saved and spent on the next yearly iteration of that FPS you like or a hell of a lot of twizzlers, then go right ahead. It is your money afterall.

I personally can't wait to hang out with Wade and beat up on some bad dudes and dudettes. I never read any of Daniel Way's Deadpool, but I'm sure it will be just as good as his current comic. Hack N Slash games like this are beginning to become some of my favorites as of late. I loved Lollipop Chainsaw, and despite some frustrating boss battles, Metal Gear Rising was a really fun game. I'm hoping Deadpool delivers there and with the hilarity as well. Who am I kidding? Of course he will, he's Deadpool! (Deadpool in no way threatened to kidnap my family if I didn't give him good press. He also wants someone to pick him up some Taco Bell before replying.)

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And everyone hates Iron Man 2

Who's "everyone"? Is it just you? I liked Iron Man 2. Not as good as Iron Man but still a good movie.

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I saw the movie this afternoon and really enjoyed it. It doesn't top Avengers for me though as my favorite marvel film. It also doesn't top Iron Man 1 as my favorite Iron Man film, but ti was still good.

The Extremis story arc reinvented Iron man and Tony Stark. He no longer had to have his armor shipped along with him anymore. He could now materialize the under suit out of his bones and then call the armor to him with his thoughts. It was a major step forward in making Iron Man what he is today in the comics. I think the film adaptation of the Extremis arc did the same thing. It reinvented the character. He got rid of his Malibu house. He has to start fresh with suits as they were all destroyed. He is more prepared now to face this kind of a threat. He got over his trauma from the New York Incident in the Avengers (Which is why he never went to Stark Tower BTW, he was having panic attacks just thinking about it, and you expect him to actually go back to the city? Not happening.) He removed the shrapnel from his chest. The Tony Stark at the end of this film is a reinvented one. I'm sure that we will see more of that reinvention in future movies.

I wasn't bothered by the amount of humor in this movie as thats how Tony Stark is in the Cinematic Universe. He uses humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. Watch any fight scene with Tony in the Avengers. He's making jokes the entire time. "Doth Mother knoweth you wearest her drapes!?" I don't see a problem with the humor. If it killed the serious tone you expected then you came to the wrong superhero's movie.

As for the twist, it did shock me. The amount of attention they put on the Mandarin in the advertising was immense, but that was to hide the twist and make it more shocking. Yes it was very similar to the twist in DKR, but be honest if you are familiar with Talia you saw that coming. I know I did. The kid in the prison not being Bane did catch me off guard though. I was never a huge Mandarin fan so the fact that he is just a figurehead didn't bother me so much. The main thing that disappointed me with this twist is there is no connection to the Ten Rings from the first film now. Unless Tony's kidnapping was in fact orchestrated by AIM and Obadiah, but they didn't clarify that in the film so thats just speculation on my part. I would have liked to see if there was a connection with the Ten Rings or not though. Also while this Mandarin was exactly who we expected him to be, there is potential for him to become that as he was sent to prison. Perhaps the experience causes him to become the persona he invented as a way of coping with the prison life. I think that would be interesting. Aldrich was really the Mandarin though. That's why he had those asian dragon tattoo's. This concept of them combining two Iron man villains together isn't new. They did it last time in Iron Man 2 with Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo.

Overall though I enjoyed the movie. I look forward to seeing it again over the weekend.

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Female Gambit is Nadyasonika

Aphrodite IX is Rosanna Rocha I think

Thats all I know. Great cosplays for this convention though.

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I always loved his design, but I don't know much about him. I liked him in Spider-man Shattered Dimensions alot. I still never played Edge of Time, but its on my list of games to play in the future.

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I'm cool with Wanda and Pietro getting added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just as long as it's not the Ultimate versions.

Also I hope the non comic reading audience doesn't think MArvel is ripping off the Flash with Quicksilver. They both have speed powers yeah, but their powers work differently and are completely different characters.

I too would have like to see Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel (Even if he is just Marh-Vell) added.