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I don't know enough about Moon Knight to judge this. He has a cool costume though. I'm more of a Red Hood fan.

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I really liked this variant cover to X-men #1 by Terry Dodson. I tried to get it at my store, but it was extremely limited. It's for sale online at like 30 bucks now. Too much for a new comic so I passed it up.

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@ninjablade09: Yeah sorry about that. replied to the wrong person. My mistake. I will fix it.

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@thejman1989: Did you really need to quote the entire article? Seems really unnecessary.

Also of course Snyder is a Batman "fanboy", he writes Batman comics for a living.


Both of these characters are some of my favorites. But I agree with the article, Batman would take this. DP's arsenal is nothing new to Batman. He's faced Deathstroke before, and he has a very similar arsenal to DP. As someone else said, DP's jokes and unpredictability is nothing Batman hasn't already faced dealing with Joker.

DP has the advantage of endurance. He also would more than likely be going for killing strikes rather than incapacitation like Batman would be, so that might be advantageous to him.

Batman has the gadgets, and the ability to adapt to quickly to threats on his side. Thats really what I think would save him.

After a long and entertaining battle I'd say Batman would win by knockout. If this is to the death then that's probably another story as Batman doesn't kill.

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I liked the issue alot. Was a fun read.

I have to say we need more covers of Iron Man flying in formation with a flock of pteranodon. We really do.

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I loved this issue too. I still find the concept of Lady Stilt-Man hilarious. Her name mocks all of those female versions of heroes/villains who decided to just add Lady to the male heroes/villains name. I'm looking at you Lady Bullseye. Also the super serious tone of Otto and the fun and wonky tone of Wade really mesh well together. I hope to see them together more in the future.

Question: Why does Donald Trump have a Comic Vine page?

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You know it's funny. When the marvel now titles were all announced I thought I'd love Fantastic four and hate FF. Now that I've been reading them Fantastic Four bores me a bit and I absolutely love FF. I'm not a huge Bagley fan so the art didn't excite me and the story is just OK, I know Fraction can do better. Probably going to stop getting F4 here until something exciting happens or there's a FF crossover.

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Love this.

Me too. Amazing picture of her.
I love the Dodson Death picture as well.

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The art is cool. I've been wanting to drop this book. I was actually going to do so after this annual, but Noooo DC has to read my mind and know how to keep me on board or something. The next few covers have the Dodsons doing them. I love the Dodson's art.

I hate Nocenti's writing on this book. I really enjoyed Winnick's run. I didn't see a problem with his run. I really hope they switch up the creative team on this book in the fall.

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This is a shame. I really loved this book. I sorta of saw this coming though. I really hope Betty doesn't get lost in the ether like Black Cat and only ends up showing up randomly in other books. I hope they stick her on a team book that sells well enough so I can still read stories with her in it.

This nowhere near sucks as bad as when X-23 got canceled, but its still close. Stop canceling female hero books Marvel. Fingers crossed Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, and JIM survive.