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Voted Venom. Although it ties with Superior Spidey and Scarlet Spider as my favorite Spider-titles. Such a shame Venom is ending.

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The Mandarin twist didn't bother me so much as catch me off guard. I have no real problem with it in the long run. Iron Man 2 combined Whiplash with Crimson Dynamo and I was fine with that as well.

Deadpool's handling was a completely different thing I think. They essentially removed anything that would tie the adaptation to the character. Rather than combining two characters and sticking to the same role for said characters like they did with Whiplash, with Deadpool they turned him into some kinda "Final Boss" obstacle, and for no real reason. I'd say I was equally annoyed with Silver Samurai, but I wasn't. I actually liked how they handled him in The Wolverine. I do agree the Archer should have just been a different guy though. That's just a red herring naming him Silver Samurai's alter ego.

Race changes I have no problem with. Black Kingpin? Who cares. Black Nick Fury? Works for me. Black Heimdall? No problem. Asian Hogun? Perfectly fine. The one thing that does bother me a bit is the talk of Johnny Storm being black but not Sue. Sure they could be adopted, but that sorta ruins their sibling bond for me. I'm not saying that adopted children aren't as close with their siblings as blood relative siblings. Just that for that particular character it seems odd to randomly make him an adopted child, just because they can.

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Seems to me that Bunn is using Jack'O as Venom's nemesis. Having him be the cause of Andi getting her powers and surely becoming the source of her anger and vows of revenge sounds like something a nemesis would do. It is a similar relationship that Batman and Jason Todd share with the Joker.

Also I used to hardly care for Jack, and now I see him as a really cool villain. I owe that to Venom's series.
I understand your complaint of wanting to see some new foes for Venom to take out (we are slowly getting that too with Toxin and Lord Ogre), but Jack is always gonna be the one sticking the thorn in his side.

I agree with everything else though. Great review for a great issue!
I love that we are getting a new symbiote character, and a female one at that. Shame they had to kill off Scream. I understand why they did it, but it is still a shame. Menace should be an awesome character though. I love the punk rock/goth vibe she gives off.

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I'm still hoping they introduce Amora in this one, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

Poster looks neat. Reminds me of the old star wars ones.

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@jwalser3: Well it's a "comiquette" AKA a statue. Sideshow stuff is a limited stock. They only make so many and they sell out pretty quick for more popular characters.

I like MJ and would go for this, but I currently can't afford anything pricey like this. Once I get a job maybe. J. Scott Campbell's designs are really awesome though. I need to win the lotto and buy all 3. C'MON LOTTO!

I also hope they make a Black Cat, even though I already have a Adam Hughes Black Cat statue. You can never have enough Felicia though.

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Can it be October now?

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Wow wish I was there. I love Sideshow's display. Always so many cool things I'll never be able to afford.

That Catwoman looks awesome. It's going to end up being like 400 dollars though. Too much for my blood.

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I wish I was able to go. My student loans kicked in this summer so I'm stuck paying those back instead of having fun in San Diego. Boooo.
I went in 2011 and 2012 and it was really awesome. Some of the greatest memories I've ever had.

At least I got Comic Vine here so I won't miss too much. I still would rather be there : /

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I'm hoping Bendis leaves this book. He writes enough already and from the first two issues I didn't care for the direction he was going in. I would like to read more of this team's adventures though.

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My main problem is as soon as I drop 2 titles, 3 more will come along that interest me. Or in the case of Catwoman; it's a title that I really don't like the writing in, but they have a cover artist I love and I really like the character, so I have a tough time dropping it.

Plus I'm dreading September. Does DC really have to make all those villains books 3 dollars? I mean really? I wanted to get all my favorite villain's issues but thats gonna be a small fortune.