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Anyone see this?

I'd buy it but its like $120 and I'm not that big of a MJ fan..no matter how hot a statue can be. Wait. Wow..
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What ever happened to the rumors that Eliza Dushku was supposed to be playing Felicia Hardy/ Black Cat? Although I think that'd be too many love triangles for one movie.. but a very tangled web..HAHA! Puns.

I would love Hayden to be in the Spider-Man movies. I love heroes. I have her autograph too.. :-D

If they continue with the Spidey movies they should bring in Black Cat.. You know after Gwen dies and all that.. I always liked Felicia more than MJ.
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It's assumed that they did. They wouldn't ever really say considering the rating of Spider-man comics. But then again you'd think Peter would be the kind of guy to wait until he is married..well actually thats more or less the 1970's Spider-man.

And methos, that picture rules.. seriously.