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Some cool stuff here. I'm excited for Batman Eternal, Batman, Harley Quinn, RHatO, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Batgirl. Catwoman is still Nocenti for some reason, so I'll wait until it's not to go back to that. I really hope Power Girl and Huntress don't go back to Earth 2. I like them in the main DCverse. Another Superman crossover that I won't follow except for if it comes into Supergirl or SM/WW is annoying. That Harley Quinn Zero Special edition looks neat, but I may pass. I appreciate the Clockwork Orange reference though. What's the deal with Suicide Squad still being around in that Birds of Prey issue? I figured with what's going on in SS lately and it's cancellation means the team is gonna be disbanded. So why are they together in BOP? Unless it takes place before Forever Evil?

Also really glad I get another shot at that Harley statue.

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I love the writing in this book so far but that art needs to change. Same goes for A-N X-Factor too actually. Great writing not so wonderful art.

@redwingx said:

Seriously how She-Hulk still has an secret identity blows my mind.

You would have to be a fool to not know who she is and that's shes a freak.

I'm almost positive She-Hulk was Pro-Registration in Civil War. She prefers to remain in her Hulked out form but practices Law under her real name, Jennifer Walters. It is public knowledge that she is She-Hulk. Also I dunno if its a good idea to call her a freak lol.

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Is the Wake good so far? I don't ever venture out beyond the big two companies (mostly because I can't really afford to), but that art looks gorgeous and I love Snyder's writing in Batman. I might check out a trade or something.

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Cyclops comes off like a real A Hole in this issue lol (kinda his thing lately I guess). I do think that the whole kicking Hijack thing out was just a ruse to get SHIELD to pick him up and have him spy on SHIELD or something. Even Cyclops isn't that big of a jerk to just kick him out for doing something stupid...right?
Also I'm curious as to what happened to Eva. Did she get eaten by a monster or something worse?

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I need to buy alot of those Bishoujo. Gonna be broke.

Those Avengers are awesome too, but I dislike that they don't have stands. I'd be too worried I'd knock into the shelf they are on and they'd fall.

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Wow I need that Deathstroke in my life.

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I didn't expect Laura to win this one wow. I love both characters too much to decide either way so I just didn't vote. Nice to see Laura won though. Honestly I'd much rather see the two of them team up to fight Kimura and Deathstroke or something.

Loved this battle! Only know small pieces about X23. Can someone advise on her best stories worth picking up in trade?

Anything that has her in it that's written by Chris Yost is the way to go. Innocence Lost, Target X and Yost's X-force are my favorites. There is also Marjorie Liu's awesome although abruptly ended ongoing. She is also in Avenger's Academy which people seemed to love (I thought it was alright) and Avengergers Arena which people are split on (I loved it).

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I've been loving this series so far. First time I've loved Noto's art since he was on X-23 (Didn't really care for his work in Thunderbolts). I hope this creative team stays together for a while for this book.

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I like the costumes actually. Nice way to change it up. Gonna give the first issue a shot.

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Picked this up because I wanted to try out a Wolverine solo book and Stegman's art is awesome. I'm a bit confused with some stuff going on here.

Firstly who are these mutants (I assume they are mutants) he is working with? Are they new characters or people left over from the previous volume? The one girl I guess powers people up by kissing them, odd power lol. I also must have missed a whole big thing with Sabretooth from last volume, but I can see that this "Offer" guy is the real villain here. I may just reread the issue because I was a bit lost on the goal of the mission. Was it to save that Hand guy? Seems like there was an ulterior motive.

Overall though, not a bad start for a series. I'm gonna get the next two and then decide from there if I wanna add it to my pull list or not. I feel like Wolverine losing his healing factor is a bit cliche though, so I hope this isn't a permanent thing. It's part of who he is and it's a bit lame when he doesn't have it. It's like Spidey without Spider-sense, kinda limits the character. I get it's done to "shake things up", but I like my Wolverine with his healing factor.