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Writing? and. . . writing? and also drawing?

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@RainEffect: Thank you so much! Hmmm. . . Well, Don't write a story you aren't absolutely crazy about. If you hit a point where you don't care about it, then your writing will suffer and you'll just get even more bored and frustrated. ONLY WRITE WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE. And don't beat yourself up if you get bored. It happens :}

@Billy Batson: Lol, maybe a little bit, but not much more. Thanks!

@spiderbat87: :D

@The Impersonator: Thank you so much!!! I hope you like it :D Don't worry, a peace pact was made. There are no Amazons on my book's page :D

@ComicMan24: Thank you!

@CATPANEXE: Thank you tons and tons!

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Seriously, wot?

Why is it that all these new gay characters have to be flamboyantly so? The most popular gay characters, they aren't 'gay characters', they're characters who happen to be gay, like Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman.

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@The Dark Huntress: Thankies!!! Please check it out if you can :}

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@InnerVenom123 said:

O_____O HOLY F**K. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys, but this was the best reaction xDDD Thank you!!!!

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Thank you!

@Shadow_Thief: Thanks! I hope that you like it!

@Mechanical_Ape: Oh you~ You're biased. But he really has read it like, four times you guys.

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@ReVamp: Kindle has a free app that you can download to read Kindle books :} And thank you!

@RazzaTazz: Thanks! BTW, I love your avi :D

@Samimista: Not at all, good luck! Thanks!

@MrDirector786: Thanks!

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@Samimista said:

Funny I've been writing a video game script for sometime now and just decided last night I'll be writing it as a book instead. May I ask you a question though? How did you get this published? I'll be reading this book for sure. Congrats very much on achieving your dreams. Always stand up for what you believe in.

I published it through the Kindle Direct Publishing -- the formatting can be a bit tricky if you don't pay attention to it, so I'm warning you to really read it carefully. . . Thank you soo sooo much!!! I hope you enjoy it!

@Icarusflies said:


>confetti #&%ing EVERYWHERE<


>guinea pigs waving aforementioned pompoms<

>mega Valhalla party<


Valhalla party in this sneeatch!!! Thank you! By the way, i wanted to mention, Clementine is wearing a rather delightful hat!

@The Umbra Sorcerer: Thankies!

@The Poet: Thanks!

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This is brilliant. The little touches of humor, the dialogue, the everything, just. . . so perfect ; ;

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@Deadcool said:

I hate capitalism, and the stupid american gobernment, they protect the rich people instead helping the average person, the average american, America needs a Robin Hood...

Do you actually know anything about capitalism? Capitalism is the system that allows ANYONE to succeed and become wealthy and is the reason that America became a dominant global power in the first place. Is it a perfect system? No, hell no it's not. America doesn't need anything, people like US need to get our heads out of our butts and to start getting involved rather than griping about what we can't change. If you want a Robin Hood then get in a booth and VOTE.

I didn't make this thread for people to complain about how much the US government sucks, I made it so people could defend their constitutional right to talk about comic books and not get fined for it.

Cripes, you guys.

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@iLLituracy: Your Tumblr is showing xD