The evolution of a fandom.

Be it a comic, a TV show or a game, we all had our first interest that became our obsession that led us to this great and wonderful site. 

I remember when i was a little kid, say 6-7, it was Sailor Moon. I used to get up early every morning just to watch it. Then I'd be a little terrorist all day because I'd gotten up so early. I used to draw my own Sailor Scout (I don't recall her name but I bet it was badass) and arguing with The-Powers-That-Be-My-Parents that the thing on her head wasn't a headband, it was her Sailor Scout Tiara and it was part of her magic costume. Those were my first costumed heroes as well as my first anime. 

Then, when I was 10 or 11, it was Yu-Gi-Oh. Man, I loved that show. I loved the magical size-changing hair and the look of it (even though now I can't even stand to look at some episodes because of how horrifyingly it was animated). My favorite character was Seto Kaiba, and an image of him is the first colored fanart I drew. It inspired my first fanfiction when I was 13. 

 Yep. Kira's 7th grade art
Ah. Memories. Way back in the day, Kira sometimes finished things. 

By the time I had entered 7th grade, my tastes began to mature. So that at this point, I had been introduced to a little manga called 'Naruto'. 

I joined the Naruto fan club, hanging out with people who's friendships followed me all through school and into high school. Now I was introduced to the practice of delegating an OC to a specific character (I was delegated to Choji, but God forbid I said I actually wanted Sasuke) I was 13, this was as close as I wanted to get to a meaningful relationship. 

At 13.5, now a very wise young woman, I began to extend my interests to other things like Harry Potter and boys. The first was my guilty pleasure, since it was totally mainstream. The second was also out of reach as my mother forbade boys (best move she ever made as a mom. Kudos to Mom). But I had my share of squeaky-voiced suitors (who wouldn't leave me alone!!!)

Then there were a steady stream of interests, Wallflower, Ouran High School Host Club (I still can't resist that one XD) anything I could read in borrowed shonen jumps that didn't suck. I was still very stubborn about reading something new. 

This pattern continued. . . Until Bleach. 

Kira's boys and Rukia 
Wao. . . Bleach. I couldn't get enough Bleach. I was 15. It was amazing! The art! The writing! THE STRAWBERRY! I loved the in-your-face bold characters and the tenacity of it and the movement of every panel. Such outright badassery! 

I watched chapter after chapter as not only the characters, but the artist grew as well! From blocky, bare characters, to softer, rounder, bigger-eyed characters, I fell head over heels for Tite Kubo's work. 
Fast forward a year. One fateful evening. Babysitting the siblings. Chillin' in my parents room (They had the DVR). On Mom's Mac. 

Wikipedia Browsing, I be so chill. Marvel Superheroes you say Wiki? Okay, sure. 

So I clicked it. And my eyes were opened to the light. I didn't have to look to the East to find my fix, it was made in the good ole U.S of A! 

The first hero I fell for? Namor the Sub-Mariner. Followed by Wolverine. Then Daken. The next, Balder the Brave. Then Amadeus Cho. Now? Ares is my crush of the month, but who knows after that? (I'm beginning to read up on Captain Marvel)

Anyway, the point of this very boring blog is to describe to you the evolution of a teenage girl's fandom. From Sailor Scouts to the Avengers, and who knows what's next? So if you've persevered this long, you're awesome, and I ask you this question: How has your fandom evolved? 

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Awh, well what a badass freaking cool thread idea! Great first post as well! Just wow, awesome. For me, things went as followed! 

Running ≈ Running was the first thing I ever loved and could be considered a fan of! It was free, and I got to be outside! lol I represented my school. 

Rugby League/Canberra & Warriors ≈ I played in a junior club, and was a fan of NRL and those two teams. 

Local Library ≈ Can this count? I use to spend hours here reading... this was ages 10 to 15

Comics ≈ Jumped back into Marvel, started getting TPB's to just chill out, wasn't a serious fan, but... oh and then when I turned 18... I got a computer 

Everything... Comics, Marvel, Vertigo, DC, Death Note, Shaman King, Battles, PJ Harvey, Deviant Art, MMA, UFC, K-1, Space, Carl Sagan, and more, and more. Computer was great, things really opened up for me, and I got to catch up with a lot of things. Now I am a fan of everything. Sorry mine was lame lol, I have lived a weird life...
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I had loved a lot of Japanese stuff like every other Filipino (Lupin the 3rd, Slam Dunk and Detective Conan were one of my favorites) when I was eight years old, until after a year I got bored of them and a friend gave me a CD of Spider-Man for the Playstation One and I loved it. I had my mom buy a lot of Spidey action figures but interest died after a few years or so since I was starting to get into other things.

After a while I decided to Google Spider-Man for fun and I stumbled onto Comic Vine. Once again I was interested in the ole' webhead. Not long after I picked up Amazing Spider Man #601 (Which one of my friends never returned. Darn him.) and started picking up more issues.

Soon I encountered this character called "Catwoman", saw Adam Hughes' art and fell in love with the character. And she still remains as my favorite comic book character. ;)

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@SC: Thanks! 

Running is fun, and isn't Rugby violent? But at least you were in shape! The library counts if it contributed to your awesome. I love Shaman King and death note and Marvel!!! LOL, it wasn't lame, it was cool! It's interesting that you went from sports to Everything. 

A weird life is good (i hope. if not then I'm screwed XD)
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@TheSheepHerder: Adam Hughes makes an already awesome thing awesomer. Spidey is the bomb.

It's interesting to me that one artist's depiction of a character can impact your opinion of that character forever. It's because of Michael Turner that I fell for Namor and Coipel that I fell for Thor and his supporting cast. 
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My fandom would be:

3-6 yrs old: Superman
7-8 yrs old: Superman, Ninja Tutles, Power Rangers
8-12 yrs old: X-Men, Superman, Dragonball Z
12 - 14 yrs old: Spawn, X-Men, Superman, Gundam, Star Wars
15 -16 yrs old: Superman, Magic the Gathering, Gundam, Samurai X, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear
17-21 yrs old: Superman, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Gundam, Shannara, Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Law and Order
22-current: Superman, X-Men, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Final Fantasy, Song of Fire and Ice, Gundam, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Psych

*Level of fandom increasing from right to left.

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That is an awesome blog. I must parody it in a blog myself. no worries i leave full credit all to you. BE PREPARED FOR THE LIFE OF WEIRD!

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in chronological order:

3- present- FOOTBALL! (soccer)
3-5- superman, power rangers, Batman
3-7- Superman, Spiderman (when my interest in DC faded away as I preferred real life situations...
7-9- COCA-COLA- Spiderman, Daredevil (because of the spidey cartoon re-runs)
9-10- wrestling, Ultimate-Spidey, spider-man
10-present- All things captain america, I got a graphic novel off of my uncle for my birthday and went nuts for cap!!!
10.5-present- All things marvel!!!
12-present- energy drinks, coffee, 
15-present- ahh, the wonderful world of comedy!!!
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I was watching tv when i was young, the Spider-Man and X-Men animated series were played, along with the Superman and Batman animated series and i decided to check them out in comic format. That's pretty much it xP