Midguardian: Chapter 4

Things start heating up! 
“The spear, Gungnir, it has none of the magic guards on it that protect it from unworthy hands, like Mjolnir's test of worthiness,” explained Fandral as me and the soaking wet Raiders shivered, looking at the screen as Fandral explained. “Anyone can use it.”

“It never occurred to you guys that someone would try?” asked Agea dryly.

“It's Odin's spear!” he cried, as though it was obvious.

Black banners and flags flew from Asgard, and warriors that were not her own marched and cavorted around my town and the surrounding desert. My fist clenched and my teeth ground together, as the rain pattered agaisnt the huge windows.

Katy's eyes were wide open. “You're saying this is live?” she asked Iron Man about the screen, flying up to it.

“Yeah, we have a 24-hour feed from the hills behind Broxton. Why?”

“Because,” she began, pointing to a vague, dark mist emanating from the top of one of the highest towers in Asgard, “that's my sister, Lauren.”

“Your Void?” asked Agea.

“Yeah—she's moving,” she said suddenly, and we all watched the screen for any sign of –

“Holy God!” shouted Cap as a girl, clad in black with black hair and black lipstick was suddenly in front of the screen. She only looked around 12, but totally evil in a creepy kid way.

“Hi sissy!” she called playfully.

“She's fast,” explained Katy, as the girl smashed the live camera. “We're evenly matched there. But I'm more of a. . . I'd say a powerhouse. I'm good for strength and power and I guess smarts. But her? She's the real brains. She's smart, and a mutant to boot, with light and energy powers.”

“Great. . .” muttered Logan.

“But wait, if Anthy can lift Mjolnir, would it clear her?” asked Sophie. “Worthy of the thunder means good, right? So wouldn't it like, clear her?”

“Of course!” cried Fandral. “If Anthy were to lift Mjolnir, Asgard's faith in her would be restored and we would easily be able to find the true culprit and banish these ruffians from our home!”

Thor placed Mjolnir on the hard floor of the assembly hall, and the light thud it made rang throughout the walls. I flexed my fingers nervously, looking around at the face of every assembled Avenger and the Raiders. “Agea, if I can do this, I'll accept your offer to be on the Raiders,” I said.

She nodded.

My heart pounded, thupthupthupthupthup. It seemed like forever where I just stood there, and then, finally, I took and deep breath, stepped forward, wrapped my ringers around the handle. . .

And lifted it as an arc of electicity connected the hammer to the ground.

The hair on the back of my neck rose as I held it up. It had heft, for sure, but it wasn't that heavy. I felt. . . alive. The power that flowed through me felt like a cool Autumn breeze or swimming in a cold pool on a hot day.

“How does it feel?” asked Volstagg.

“It feels. . . really nice,” I answered, as there was a small electric crackling, and a thin arc from my hand to Mjolnir. “Dude. . .”

“Anthy. . .” muttered Thor. “Long has it been since I felt. . . so much remorse for my actions. . . I judged you falsely. . . Forgive me . . .”

“You've gotta be the youngest, and like, only girl able to lift that that thing. . .” said Agea.

“Thor,” I giggled, ecstatic. “I totally just picked up Mjolnir. . .”

“And I have never been more proud,” he smiled, putting his huge hand on my shoulder and pulling me into a hug. “It is a rare mortal that can lift mighty Mjolnir.”

“Aw. . .” murmured Sophie quietly.

“Hush Soaps. They're having father/daughter relationship time. It's for the fans,” said Agea.

I pulled away from Thor and looked at the Raiders. Agea stepped forward and offered her hand. “Welcome to the team, Raider.”

“It's good to be on.”

Fandral stepped forward, fist held up in a gesture of justice. “Now we bring this news to Balder and prove your innocence!”

“No, Fandral,” I said. “We can't go alone. Fact is that I still can't go back. Not until my honor is restored.”

“Your honor?” asked Sophie.

“I didn't save Asgard, Soaps. Not only that, but I got into a fight with Karnilla, the queen of Norn-realm. She brought an army that helped in the battle. I'm not exactly Miss Popularity over there right now.”

“Oh. . .”

I looked at Thor. “We have to find out who did this. But to do that. . . we'll need to get inside Asgard, to look for clues. I need to go. Alone.”

“No!” cried Katy. “Anthy, if my sister catches you, if any of them catch you, you'll be dead!”

Thor held Mjolnir thoughtfully, his face grave, as my ears were bombarded with reasons why I shouldn't sneak into the city. Why I should just go to the camp in Colorado. Why I should stay here. Until Thor spoke.

“Take Mjolnir with you. If I am to see you go to Asgard, then I will see you go well-armed.”

“I can't, Thor, Mjolnir isn't—”

“Mjolnir is mine, and it is yours. Is it not a man's duty to arm the one he calls 'daughter'? You will take Mjolnir and make right the wrongs against your name. For you will be great. And I have myself been subject to slander. Such things must be fought against in the heart before in battle.”

I nodded as I accepted the hammer, and hugged Thor again.

I soared over the Oklahoma desert, the air chill as it hit my face. The last time I'd flown here myself, I'd been dropped from ten thousand feet by an anxious Thor. Now I was heading to the most dangerous place in America – Asgard.

The floating city came into sight, and I pulled the hood of my tunic up. My hair might have been dark enough to blend into the shadows, but it was still too shiny. I hovered in the shadow of the great towers, then landed on top of the broken remnants of the wall.

It was quiet.

Nothing but the calls of owls down in the desert and the wind in the air made a sound. I hovered down into the city, not sure what I was supposed to be looking for, but knowing that I was supposed to be here looking for something. Agea would later call it 'the logic of a warrior', which really just meant instinct.

I crept along the shadows, soft boots quiet on the cobble stone streets of the city. I hovered when it didn't feel safe to walk, as I made my way to the palace. Stopping by the entrance, lit by torches, I heard a rough, hollow voice.

“Tell me, Halfling, how is it that the son of Loki hasn't been offered a place in Asgard?”

I peeked around the wall as my heart beat faster and faster. A man in a long green cloak stood next to a boy about my age, with blond hair and a black and blue tunic. Anger surged through my veins.Vali Halfling, the man who had shot and nearly killed Balder.

“Doom, I have no interest in joining my father's people. After all, I held the Pantheon of Skyfathers in my very grasp once! So easily could I have that power again, should you hold up your end of the bargain,” he said, his voice haughty and proud.

If he wasn't such a little bastard, I'd almost think he was totally Agea's type.

“And if I don't?” asked. . . wait, Doom? Like. . . Victor Von Doom?

Doom grunted as he was slammed against a wall. “I can take your life as easily as any other mortal's, Doom. Never forget that. You have not yet discovered the secrets of an Asguardians agelessness.”

No. . . I nearly fell out of the air in shock. The reason they were here. . . the reason Balder had to be eliminated. . . Doom was using them as his own personal fountain of youth.

“Tell me, Vali, what's to stop me from using you?”

“You offered me the spear and the necklace, and I have not seen them, Doom. I may have fallen, it's true, but fret not, I still have my own powers. You will keep your end of the bargain.”

Who was in charge here?

Yeah, definitely Agea's kind of guy.

I realized as I flew back that I'd been gripping Mjolnir's handle. My white knuckles tingled. As I flexed them and flew away, headed West.

I flew over the frozen Colorado mountains, looking for the telltale signs of an Asgardian stronghold.

I saw him on a snowy field, a massive dark shape in the distance. I hurried towards it, knowing the shape all too well. Holding Mjolnir, I approached Heimdall, who stood vigilantly. I saw his shoulders sag a little in relaxation and smiled as I flew faster and right into his arms. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you, big guy.”

“And I you, milady,” he said, his voice as low and familiar as a cat's purr. “I have missed you—Mjolnir!” he gasped. “I knew you were innocent.”

“I need to see Balder. Now.”

“You will not be allowed in the camp—no one will believe you are innocent and what'st more--”

“I know. I have to restore my honor. But I need to see him, Heimdall. Not a passing, fleeting need, it's more like a fate-of-all-Asgard need.”

He nodded. “Then I will take you.”

I flew high above as he walked up the mountain and to a gathering of tents and campfires and makeshift shelters. I heard laughter and chatter and wasn't surprised at all. These people lived and died as warriors, and though the city was invaded, it wasn't destroyed. It took more than war to crush an Asgardian.

I dropped swiftly down into the shadows of the biggest tent, the king's shelter. Heimdall signalled for me to enter, and I slipped in underneath the walls. I didn't hear a thing, but Heimdall lit a lamp and nodded, then left.

It was silent and dark, and the whole place smelled like mountain air and of Balder. It was warmer than outside.

“Why have you come?”

I turned, surprised at the man I saw standing in the bare room. As soon as I saw him, my heart threw into overdrive, his blue eyes burning with distrust.

“Balder,” I regarded him.

“Answer me, temptress, and answer well, for it may be the last thing you say before I put you in Asgard's dungeons.”   

He wouldn't! Would he? What will happen next for our star-crossed pair!? Could this be the end before it's even begun!?
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nice! :) great writing! keep 'em coming!

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This was a GREAT chapter again! SHE LIFTED MJOLNIR!!!! is there any REAL need for Thor now? but Balder wanting to throw her in the dungeon? NOOOO! He can try! (If he did Thor would put him over his knee for a royal asgardian spanking!!!)

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@CapFanboy said:
" This was a GREAT chapter again! SHE LIFTED MJOLNIR!!!! is there any REAL need for Thor now? but Balder wanting to throw her in the dungeon? NOOOO! He can try! (If he did Thor would put him over his knee for a royal asgardian spanking!!!) "
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Thanks! Glad you like it!!!! 
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