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Posted by iLLituracy

Because Dick gave is spot as Robin away and Tim's much more brutal now than he was before, he straddles the moral boundary of what Batman deemed acceptable. Tim may gain some strange bedfellows in the near future, also. I honestly want Tim to whoop on Dick...but that's my biased opinion as a Tim Drake fan.

Posted by Tyler Starke
@iLLituracy:  I kinda do hope Tim gives Dick a beat down as well, In the past I was always a bigger grayson fan, but after the events of BOTC, It switched in favor of Tim for some reason and I can't really put my finger on it.
Posted by Calvin
@Tyler Starke: They are probally fighting over the batmobile keys. It's a known fact all Robins want to drive the car. On another hand maybe it's just Damian who his about to run them over with the car.
Posted by Tyler Starke
@Calvin: Haha BFTC expect for this time it's Battle For the Car
Posted by King Saturn
Looks Pretty Awesome
Posted by SUNMAN

Tim turns evil. Dick kicks his butt. Yeah I said it.

Posted by SUNMAN
@Tyler Starke:

LMAO!!!!! that was a nice video
Posted by Tyler Starke

haha the only one I noticed that they missed, was Darth Vaders Noooo

Posted by Daemon707

IMO i think that Tim kicks Dicks ass and he gets the Car =3 so don't hate me please i say what i think ^_^

Posted by DEGRAAF

i think dick will decide that tim is starting to go to far and tries to reason with him and tim disapproves of what dick has done with the batman persona thinking dick through everything bruce created to the side to create his own bc tim still doesnt consider dick batman and thinks he should take the cowl off for good and they start to get in a fist fight.

Posted by Vortex13
@DEGRAAF: That is kind of the opposite of opinions that were going around during battle for the cowl.
Posted by DEGRAAF

@Vortex13 said:

yea basically. Tim took the cowl and lost but now he comes back and doesnt like the way things are going and htinks dick is tarnishing the batman name and he is still furious about being let go as robin for Damien

Posted by Kurrent

Tim cannot beat Dick, no chance, not ever!

Posted by Soul_
@SUNMAN: hey dude thas x-actly wat i was thinkin