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I can't help but wonder, how the heck is this character supposed to see?!?

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Just an FYI for the mods. :)

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I've just discovered that we have two pages for Ant-Man, could you please combine the two?

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Well, Season One isn't over yet, probably won't be until May of next year. So, there's no official word on a season one DVD, but I highly doubt you'll see it until later, much later in 2007. Sorry.

However, like has been said already, NBC has the shows available online up to the latest episode. The show returns in mid-January.

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Yeah, I was one of those that was interested in it when I saw previews for it, then that first issue had me going, "Meh!" Yet, I stuck with it, and now it's one of my favorite shows of the season. I love what's going on and trying to figure out what they holy hey is going to happen next. I have a theory about Niki that I haven't heard anyone else mention, so if anyone wants to know my theory, send me a PM.

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I love Stumbleupon. That there is one way to kill time, eh? ;-)

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I would tend to agree with you, Valiant. I'd prefer it if that portion read "This page covers the Marvel CHARACTER." And, though I'm loathe to suggest more work for these guys, it would be pretty nifty to add an alignment portion to their bio like gender and race. :)

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G-Man says:

"Okay so that's three for New X-Men not being an official "team" here? Guess we can just put all them kids with the X-Men. Maybe we should change "Member of..." to "Affiliated with...""

I'd create a new "Team" called Xavier's Academy because technically that's how they would probably be classified if someone in MU were to create a database like ours. :)

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Well, considering that I stopped collecting New X-Men after the real writers of the book got booted, I really can't say much with any authority. But, my thinking is that they probably don't call themselves anything, maybe students at Xavier Academy because they're not really X-Men. The book is called New X-Men because it'll sell more with X-Men in the title.

I wished they would have kept it New Mutants with the original writers and characters still in the book. If they wanted to showcase Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide, and that sad excuse for a she-wolverine, then why didn't they create a Hellions book or something.

Yeah, I'm bitter. :-)

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LOL!! That reminds me of what happened in Exiles recently. Morph is a shapeshifter, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that he recently revealed to the team that his clothes are actually just extensions of himself shaped to look like clothes. So, does this technically mean that he's walking around Nekkid all the time?