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564491 Whatever Happened to Judith? Issue Overview cover date year mistake fix 11/13/14 03:00PM 15 Approved
564490 Gasping For Air Not There Issue Overview cover says march, not feb, and I doubt the 1st is when it got released, unless otherwise indicated will change to day before 11/13/14 02:54PM 30 Approved
564489 The Detritus Rising Issue Overview the covers all say August 11/13/14 02:48PM 15 Approved
564488 Issue Overview the primary cover here actually says May, although the 2 alternate covers say June and probably came out later 11/13/14 02:47PM 15 Approved
564485 Common Ground Issue Overview covers clearly say June 11/13/14 02:35PM 16 Approved
564467 Issue Overview as per http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1176146 this occurs either on page 9 or page 16, adding Cryssie, now wondering if this is her first appearance 11/13/14 12:27PM 20 Approved
475360 Woody Woodpecker's Christmas Party Issue Overview 07/02/14 07:32AM 4 Approved
475358 Issue Overview 07/02/14 07:31AM 4 Approved
424956 Issue Overview she's cavewoman, the star, right on the cover 05/03/14 02:02PM 5 Approved
419162 Issue Overview http://blog.mysanantonio.com/geekspeak/2014/04/time-lincoln-returns-in-continental-comic-style/ mentions King and Monroe, and http://blog.mysanantonio.com/geekspeak/files/2014/04/time-lincoln-continental-cover.jpg cover supports Monroe being in it 04/26/14 06:59PM 5 Approved
419161 Issue Overview Mary Blake: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/geekspeak/files/legacy/assets_c/2010/03/governatorPg02-15792.html Norris/Stallone: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/geekspeak/files/legacy/assets_c/2010/03/governatorPg04-15798.html and http://blog.mysanantonio.com/geekspeak/files/legacy/assets_c/2010/03/governatorPg05-15801.html 04/26/14 06:55PM 57 Approved
419119 Issue Overview baby in carriage is explicitly named on the cover 04/26/14 02:33PM 52 Approved
419115 Issue Overview These characters are mentioned on the cover as part of a group called "Faculty of Fear", introduced in issue 95 04/26/14 02:30PM 156 Approved
417129 Issue Overview per volume overview http://www.comicvine.com/jungle-girl/4050-38373/ series began i n42 and this is issue 1 04/23/14 03:06AM 15 Approved
417128 Issue Overview mntioned on cover 04/23/14 03:03AM 4 Approved
412055 Millie Runs for Mayor! Issue Overview you can see toni being addressed on the cover 04/14/14 01:10AM 3 Approved
393194 Evil Eye #1 Issue Overview the volume is listed as beginning in 1998 so we should apply this to the first issue. Peculia is also pictured on the cover, this is her first appearance AFAIK, not the compilation of EE 1-9 03/20/14 07:16PM 20 Approved
315664 Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special Volume Overview adding data about preceding related works 12/27/13 08:13AM 141 Approved
315613 Issue Overview wikipedia says the st john series concluded may 1952 so I'm doing that for the last issue. issues 2-23 we may be able to estimate on a monthly basis of release 12/27/13 06:03AM 15 Approved
175273 The Collected Omaha Volume Overview I think we should merge these two? 08/06/13 06:31PM 7 Denied
158040 Pee-Wee Character Overview would this make him Pee-Wee Fenwick? 07/22/13 12:45AM 23 Approved
158038 Issue Overview pretty sure the guy casper is grabbing on the cover is freckles fenwick... 07/22/13 12:43AM 26 Approved