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honorable mention to final page of Gambit 8 http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr01/2013/2/13/11/enhanced-buzz-23522-1360774054-12.jpg

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@k4tzm4n: This would make more sense. Pretty sure Thea would destroy Laurel at this point. I gotta assume Malcolm Merlin is a better trainer than Wildcat, and that Thea has more spare time (not being a district attorney) to train (rebuilding the club does not take that much time) plus she had dedicated months to it before Laurel ever dreamed up taking the place of her sister.

Am confused why the name Dinah did not show up though.

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How do you figure the 1985 COIE Anti-Monitor and 2007 SCW Anti-Monitor compare to the 2012 GLTAS version http://gltas.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Monitor

@Remoness said:

@supermandefender: SCW is a mistake of a book.Prime took on the freaking Anti-Monitor and won.You have to admit that is PIS.

That AM was weak, it was nothing to the COIE version.

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1. If Runner can achieve absolute speed, which means no matter how fast your going, he is always going to go faster. Which means, he will always be faster.(I'm just foing off of what pooty said)

2. And Enemy bird, if Runner can survive surfer's and Thanos' blast, than he should be able to take zoom's hits like they are nothing. And seeing how he how has never been hurt by physical force, Zoom can't do anything. Zoom has human endurance and stamina, meaning either A, he'll eventually tire out, or B, he is going to get hit by one of Runner's blasts.

1: It doesn`t matter if you are -faster- because Zoom is -beyond- speed. He`s said so himself.

2. Do we have crossover info establishing that Surfer or Thanos blasts pack a bigger punch than Superman... because Zoom hits harder than Supes. Wonder Woman referenced this, and she has fought full-power supes when he was mind-controlled I think. Whereas when Zoom hit Diana, we do not even know if that was his full power.

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@reactor said:

This is probably closer to WIS, but, T'Challa putting Silver Surfer in a chokehold/joint lock position.

@mercy_ said:

He doesn't even have human anatomy.

@jedixman said:

@The Dark Huntress:


@reactor said:

this is definitely WIS. I mean, come on! He's a freakin' alien! How could any writer be that stupid?

To be fair guys, T'Challa does say "humanOID". Norrin Rad's anatomy (along with a huge amount of other alien species) does strongly resemble that of the human body. The muscles and bones all appear to be in roughly the right places. The problem isn't whether or not panther's joint locks would pertain to Surfer's anatomy. My problem is, I can't feasibly understand any joint lock giving enough of an advantage to compensate for the vast gap in strength. It looks like he's just internally rotated his arm and put it behind his back, looks like the Kimura that Brock Lesnar gave to Triple H. Is T'challa doing something funky with the fingers/wrist behind Surfer's back that we can't see? It's conveniently out of view.

The best I can come up with to explain the page: Surfer is a really laid-back guy, so rather than fight off Panther, he just kind goes with it and lets him hold his hand. He is probably confused about what is happening (kind of like if Black Panther started to make out with him) and because he's just passively staying there, Panther is allowed to bask under the false impression that he's actually immobilized surfer.

Imagine if, instead of this, Panther just came and squeezed Surfer's ass. Surfer would probably react in the exact same way. The same grimace, the same contorted body posture, the same language. That doesn't mean he's actually immobilized. He's just paralalyzed with rage and confusion over the audacity and idiocy of this inferior being.

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Somewhere out there is also a comic panel of Bruce Wayne doing a barbell back squat.

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One comic showed Batman squatting, perhaps if we could find that panel we could count the plates to determine his leg strength.

His "leg press" strength isn't very useful since that varies on the angle of the sled.

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With all the comic exhibitions of Batman's strength I'm surprised that 1 panel of him doing a barbell back squat didn't come up. Anyone happen to have it or know what it was in? I definitely remember him seeing that, he was working out barechested with a barbell on his back doing squats.

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Cool although I'm not entirely clear on where to go read this...

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