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@Omega Ray Jay: yeah, thats my gripe sherlock. im just saying why didn't they try to do things right this time. starting from the beginning they could have had a clean slate and completely forgotten the shit that was last stand and origins wolverine 
but thanks for no answer to my question. i was just wondering if the relationship in the film between prof x and mystique was accurate to the source material.
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@cattlebattle: could you explain?  
i thought Charles grew up with Cain. and he picked on him. 
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Okay just saw this movie. I'm curious, did the creators of this film simply replace Juggernaut and Prof X's history with Mystique?!

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the only problem is... if they want to stay true to the source, Bane is supposed to be in complete control of himself while using venom. So he can't go completely enraged on it.  
also, bane ends up working alongside Batman, do you think that could happen in the film with the whole Catwoman plot?

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im not sure if that shot is from the first film, but the dude doing push-ups might be Bane working out in Prison. 

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he was in the dark knight you fools. 

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@jakob187 said:
" I'm really really really hoping that Nolan goes a bit obscure and makes Deadshot the villain.  I just want to see Tom Hardy playing a suicidal assassin directed by Christopher Nolan.  It would be intriguing to say the least.  It'll probably be Black Mask or Thomas Hurt, though.  Killer Croc seems like so much of a stretch for the way that Nolan has done his stuff.  Then again, look how he helped reinvent the Joker for the movies.  Let's be REALLY honest here, though:  after Nolan is done with the Batman movies, will ANYONE be able to make another Batman movie that is decent?  Also, Ryan Reynolds DOES know a lot about comics in comparison to Hugh Jackman, but I think he's just having a little SnG moment and nothing more.  And another also...I was sad that Sara wasn't green for the entirety of the news.  False advertising. "
it would be killer croc but not actually a fucking crocodile man. 
it would certainly add some kick ass horror to the film. imagine him just being this big ass tough guy who is notoriously snatching people up, imprisoning and raping and murdering them. it could be dark, disgusting, claustrophobic, and terrifying. 
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@G'bandit said:
" Remember that they are trying to keep Batman as real as possible.Ra's al Ghoul: This character has mystisism, what can we do to make the effects more believable? Simple, its is the person expose to the inhaler that sees things weird, not that Ra's actually have magic abilities. Also he is an active ninja more than just a creapy old man. Sold!Joker: What are the odds of a person been in a factory and falling into a tub of acid? Astronomical, so lets just say that the joker has scars on his face and paint. Since he is so fixated in smiling that gives the audience a logical reason why he paints his face as a clown. Sold!But what excuse can they give the audience to turn a person into a croc and make it believable? What?He was born with a deformity that confidently shifted his appearance to look like a Crocodile? What are the audience going to think? Audience: Was Waylon's mom sleeping with a crocodile or something? O_O? That's what I would think. So NO! Maybe in the old franchise but not this one. , "
uh you just explained how they took the joker and changed him to be realistic. hows that any different from what they could do with croc?
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giant microphone hahaha 
probably not that big, your just a shawty haha

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I i'd love to check out a comic con one day

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