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@theacidskull: agreed, I dropped Uncanny X-Men just as he started dragging out this Last Testament nonesense

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Uncanny X-Men has really fallen from grace recently, especially with the last horrendously dull storyline. Unless tomorrow's issue puts some serious win in the series' sails (which I highly doubt considering the utter lack of Uncanny X-Men in the series called the Uncanny X-Men and the plodding pace of the series), I can't say I'm overly eager to here that a "mystery" that Bendis has been teasing for the last 8 or 10 months but everyone seems to already know the answer generally will finally be touched on in another five months.

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Daredevil for me, pretty slow week.

It's a shame that Hawkeye is getting cancelled, but I'd rather have a consistent series than this on-and-off stuff. Feeling a little the same for Inhuman, as much as I really enjoy the content; hopefully they get their act together with that soon before it's too late (which it honestly already is).

Luckily, this will open my pull-list for some of these stellar-looking upcoming series, like Bucky Barnes, Superior Iron-Man, Captain Ameri-Falcon, Thor/Unworthy Thor, and hopefully a Doc Strange solo book on the horizon (wishful thinking, I know, but still)

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The art is fantastic here, but the writing is so surprisingly disappointing that I can't stomach reading it anymore; a shame, considering Doctor Strange is my favorite Marvel character and he looks stellar here

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@johnny_blaze: agreed, the current Guardians series has been seriously disappointing, nothing but mindless popcorn entertainment. I am hopeful for this though, despite the fact that it's in the distant future, a trope that is never reassuring in my opinion, Batman Beyond being the exception

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My issue with this series, as well as Ewing's other series that I really wanted to like, Mighty Avengers, is that the tone and focus is changing with every issue. The first issue was brilliant and really enjoyable, I finding myself completely invested in the conflict. The 2nd one was bogged down by some of the mythos, and decided to not build off of any of the themes and ideas established in the first issue for the sake of having this heist plot, which honestly interests me little versus the character development teased at the start, and the third issue has us following the other Loki, but, instead of developing him or comparing his actions to those of the current Loki, we just have him faffing about in an older legend that, again, is bogged down by the mythos that is extensive and feels somewhat needless for this series. Yes, that issue did establish some of the stuff in this issue and why the sword is around, etc., but it wasn't very interesting or fun to read, and the bazooka thing mid-way through the book really frustrated me, coming off as more in your face than anything.

I guess what I'm trying to say, in a roundabout manner, is that the first issue showed us some great character development threads that Ewing immediately abandoned afterwards to focus on setting up the plot, which, for me, has been unsatisfying.

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It feels like this author is taking all the mythos and ideas the Immortal Iron Fist created and is spitting on it. Killing off pretty much the only strong female in Kun Lun without much thought, having ANOTHER Davos revenge story, which has been done to death, and the idea that the IMMORTAL dragon is going to die in order to become immortal in death, even though it's been establish that the dragon dies when faced by the new Iron Fist, only to be reborn when the next candidate appears? I can kind of understand why the chi is being shared with everyone, as the new Yu-Ti is more benevolent, but it sort of defeats the purpose of having an Iron Fist then, if everyone has the Chi that gives him power.

I think the art is great, but what I've seen from this series story-wise more or less ignores all the mythos that came before for the sake of having a depressing, dark, and occasionally action-filled story with no real basis.

This isn't the Danny Rand I know... more like Danny Bland.

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Somehow I hadn't seen that this was going to be written by Claremont. I know I'm in the minority with this opinion, but I just think he's a terrible comic writer. Just awful. Whenever Claremont's characters character's tale he has them spell out the entire plot, or explain every little motive they have for whatever they're doing. The guy never trusts the artist to help convey the story, so why work in comics.

tl;dr Glad you liked it, but I shall be giving it a miss

I agree with you there. Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-Men characters, and to see the dialogue spelled out obnoxiously like that? It's so frustrating; it feels like we're reading a story where Claremont is narrator, not Nightcrawler. And an author who doesn't trust his audience enough to understand the things happening on the page in front of you isn't very good at writing. He hasn't written much since the early 2000's, and it shows, considering the amount of work that's gone into the medium to stop writing like this

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@cuboid said:

All right first issue. I'll give the next couple a chance and see how it goes.

And nice trick with the map to show how the mist, from the bomb that exploded in New York, reached Norway and Illinois at the same time :P

I've got a question though re: all this terrigenesis business, though I don't think there's a real definite answer yet - so the story is there was this lost tribe of Inhumans that merged with humanity, interbred, and because of all that, kind of went underground / there were all of these people who didn't know they were Inhumans, but still had Inhuman genes. Now, with the terrigen bomb / terrigen mist, those underground Inhumans are being transformed, going into cocoons and waking up with powers, etc. My question is, how are there certain members of families who transform because of the mist and others don't? I first thought of it in Ms. Marvel - she transformed because of the mist, but the rest of her family didn't. If she's Inhuman because she had Inhuman DNA, then shouldn't her parents also have enough to be affected by the mist? Or are we to assume her parents both had 'recessive' Inhuman genes, not enough for them to be affected by the mist, but managed to pass on enough Inhuman DNA to her that the mist did affect her? And if that is the case, would her parents still be partially Inhuman, or just normal humans? Especially considering that not all Inhumans undergo terrigenesis. And in this issue, Dante's mom had enough Inhuman DNA to be affected by the mist, but not enough successfully undergo terrigenesis, Dante had enough to be properly transformed, and Gabriela, Dante's sister (I'm assuming biological sister), didn't even have enough to be affected at all? Yes, I'm just overthinking Marvel's new way to give people powers, but I'm having some issue getting behind the concept because of this.

Alright, I'm not a science major or anything, but here's how I have come to understand this train of thought:

Specific parts of DNA will remain within a family line, but will be dormant or inactive within certain members of the family over time. For instance, hair/eye color; when there are two parents who have a child and differing hair color or eye color, there is one specific part of their DNA that takes precedence over the other, causing the child to have one hair/eye color or the other. Additionally, certain genes skip generations, remaining within the genetic code, but only activating within certain members of the family. This is why some people look a lot like their grandparents when they were young. For instance, despite having brown hair, I have a ginger beard thanks to my grandfather on my mother's side of the family. And, on top of that, there's all the rigmarole of figuring out which family carries said gene and how that would affect certain children. Clearly, in this scenario, Dante's mother carried the gene on her side of the family, but figuring out who within that family carried the gene before her and, thus, who received the gene would be overly difficult.

So, in a nutshell, there's a lot of variables and factors that can make it difficult to track or follow DNA and the genes associated with them through a family or group of people, as this can sometimes skip certain generations altogether or even die out over time if that attribute isn't strong enough to be passed on. I hope this helps!!

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