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One word... AWESOME!!! 0

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to expect. For the life of me, I've never taken Aquaman seriously. All I've ever seen him is in JLA books, but never did I try to pick up a solo book. The appeal to me just wasnt there. However, Aquaman has been intriguing me ever since Brightest Day, and the Emperor Aquaman series wasnt too bad either.With that being said, the first issue of Aquaman in the new 52 is simply AWESOME! There are countless synonyms I could use for awesome that would take up ...

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Kyle FINALLY in his own book! 0

Growing up in the 90s, Kyle to me was THE Green Lantern, but for obvious reasons. Taking up the last GL ring after the corps had been obliterated, Kyle shouldered the responsibility for the better part of the decade till the events of Rebirth. Now while I enjoyed Rebirth as the whole saga unfolded into Sinestro Corps War & Blackest Night, I began missing Rayner as the lead. Sure Jordan is and always will be the penultimate GL, not to mention the separate followings for Stewart and Garnder, b...

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This issue made me genuinely sad 0

I'll admit: Ever since Cry for Justice, the whole JLA has seen so many roster changes and shake-ups, it was getting incredibly hard to follow the series. Still, when I saw the new line-up, I just knew this had to work. All the characters were so perfectly fit in to act as the next generation of Earth's greatest heroes, which is what made this team so fresh. Which is why reading #60 was to me, depressing.  Not that there was anything wrong with the issue, oh no. It was actually a pretty good read...

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Not a fitting end at all! 0

I've been an avid fan of the whole series ever since it appeared after 52 (the real one). Anyways, the whole tie-in of Booster made sense, since he was the protector of the timestream and it had been completely turned upside down by the Reverse Flash. The battles with Doomsday made a real interesting read as well, considering the history between the two characters, and it was fun to go back to the pre-destruction Coast City.  While everything up till issue 46 leads up nicely to the grand finale,...

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A Wishing Booth!? Where??? 0

Being a kid with your own genie is quite probably the most awesomest thing to ever happen. Especially to a kid who's socially conscious to the stuff around him. Imagine, if a child could simply wish for everything to be perfect in the world, like world peace, end to war, famine, disease, poverty etc; who wouldn't benefit from it, right?  This issue focuses on the titular character Jakeem Thunder as he journeys through the stuff he can and can't do. Not for the lack of power, but wondering just w...

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Rogues on a rampage 0

The second chapter in the Rogues Revenge series is the one that stands out the most. All of their existential crises molded together, this team is one that isn't easy to break Their unity is shown right when they encounter their loyal tailor Mr. Gambi, who was found beaten to near death by Libra's fake Rogues. Even though the fake Rogues were acting all omnipotent, Captain Cold's simply straight-face "F*** You Kid!" was dynamite. The confrontation with between the Rogue Teams was very well done,...

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Crazily Insane 0

I'll say it right now, this was one crazy issue. The way the whole story, or should I say, re-worked stories of the origins of Eobard Thawne are told here is downright insane. So insane that they make for a terrific read. You'd think that Eobard Thawne probably would have had all the elements of the Rogues (i.e. bad childhood, bad parents, bad love life etc.) However this issue takes all those stories and explores every single possibility of Thawne's life... with the end result being that he'll ...

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Revelations 0

The last page of the last issue already gave us the biggest thing to look forward to in this issue. Wally West gets an unexpected visit from the Dark Knight who's started to get recollections of Flash's existence. Piecing together all the information of Wally's family and friends in Keystone, Batman deduces Flash's identity and tries to get him back to his right frame of mind. It takes Batman to reveal his identity to let Wally's memory start to flood back in about the entire JLA and everything ...

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A Whole New Beginning 0

This issue sees a brand new beginning of the Scarlet Speedster, one where there isn't one! In his wish to The Spectre Hal Jordan, Wally not only has the entire world forget that he is the Flash, but even himself. Lost and without too much of an identity, Wally tries to work night shifts as a mechanic for the Keystone Police Department, with having a reputation for being honest, punctual and efficient. Both Linda & Wally are picking up the pieces after they lost their unborn twins at the hand...

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Intense Fight Scene 0

I was reading all of the books leading up to this issue. Of course, after Bruce was broken and Bane had already shrugged of Valley a few times before, it never occurred to me that Bane would lose to Valley of all people. Nevertheless, the slow build-up towards the final fight had pretty unexpected elements. The exposure of the mysterious System that Valley relies on, the psychologically aggressive behavior that he exercised whenever hunting criminals, going so far as to alienate both Gordon and ...

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Deception & Lies 0

After surviving the battle with the new Azrael in waiting, Jean Paul & Bryan make it to the Ice Castle of the Order of St. Dumas. While there, he's patronized by both Sister Lilhy and Brother Rollo, even though Lilhy was more supportive of the new Azrael to take Valley's place. Rollo gathers Azrael and attempts to reclaim his loyalty to the Order and to Rollo, but Jean Paul has a lot of questions about himself, about the system and the Order which anger Rollo. Things are getting murkier as L...

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Line stuck in my head 0

"Pistachio ice-cream in the TOASTER OVEN! Oh most excellent!"Thats the line stuck in my head forever. The first issue of Azrael in the aftermath of the whole KnightSaga was a brave move. Brave in the sense that with the total and utter contempt of the Azbats character, Denny ONeil still went ahead with giving Jean Paul Valley his own personal playground. What followed was a whole new dimension to the Batman family... the one where Jean Paul Valley had his own set of adventures and his own road t...

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The inadverdent Birth of the Sinestro Corps 0

This issue set the tone for me to become a Booster Gold series loyalist. With adventures such as these, this series has a lot going forward to it.After learning that Hal Jordan dies due to some anomaly of time, Booster goes back in time when Hal Jordan was to be chosen by the Green Lantern ring as Abin Sur's replacement. Due to the time anomaly, the ring would go to Guy Gardner, thus ensuring that Hal never joined the Green Lantern Corps. Booster goes back in time to see why exactly, as the only...

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