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Really good episode. After reading all the comments about Deadshot's eyepiece, it really doesn't look so bad live. Plus: BIG BELLY BURGER!!! BWA-HA-HAA!!!

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Replacement characters are a great read, but its only acceptable to norms if the characters are brought in after a natural progression. For example: Dick Grayson becoming Batman was inevitable and I wouldn't mind if it became permanent. Compare that to when Jean-Paul Valley donned the cowl: it was groovy at first but then became bad and then the big payoff with Bruce returning made everyone happy.

Characters with legacies should eventually progress. Wally West became the best Flash after Barry's 'death'. An exception to the above rule was Kyle Rayner who, a total unknown, became THE Green Lantern. I guess it does come down to execution & writing too.

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Did anyone catch the Obama Superman at the Editorial page? Is that the upcoming Earth 23 Superman???

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I've been wondering the exact same thing...

Here was a quote from Frank Queitly at the WonderCon 11:

"I've not started on it yet," Quitely said. "I'm halfway through the ten extra "We3" pages, so I'm guessing -- I'm hoping -- by, like, from a month from now, I'll hopefully have some 'Multiversity' script. I really know very, very little about it. I know it's the Charlton characters, the book I'm doing. I don't know how many other books there are or what other groups of characters they've covering but Grant's told me that I'll have script by the time I finish the 'We3' stuff, so that is the next thing I'll be starting on, so it shouldn't be too long. He did also say it's going to take me forever to draw, because he's made it super complicated," Quitely answered to chuckles from the crowd.

Courtesy of CBR. More of it here:

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Based on Scott Snyder's AWESOME run on Detective Comics, the new Batman series is a MUST READ for me. And I'm fairly interested in Grant Morrison's take on Superman, but I know for a fact that the Bat-Books & Lantern Books are on my agenda.

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This thread brings up another interesting question: What about Hunter Zolomon (Zoom)?!
 IMO, like I mentioned once in a blog entry that growing up reading comics in the 90s, to me Wally has always been the Flash while Barry was just an inspirational character that was referenced every time. And it bugs me that Wally has just fallen off the radar, despite being the Flash for OVER 2 DECADES! Nothing against Barry Allen, but its just not the same really.

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THE TUMBLER RETURNS! And the Bat-Pod looks much more modified than the last incarnation.

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It does boggle the mind just what will happen to the SInestro Corps. I mean ' SINESTRO' corps... Sets off quite the paradox doesn't it?

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Last I remember, Bruce Wayne was the new owner of the Daily Planet, so at least that newspaper's still in business. Plus, after reading the "Grounded" storyline (since a lot of people hate it), it turns out that Clark is still doing his job covering the Superman walk-a-thon. In Superman #706, they dealt with the whole "newspapers vs. internet blog" argument. Yes, newspapers are dying out, but that doesn't mean that such organizations can't find another means of presenting the story.

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@Eyz, I can just imagine her coming back with a grudge :P