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Ultimate look. Period. If they want the wings, well, "draw" the wings at the sides of his helmet, but please, don't put them there. That only works in pages, not in movies. He needs the pouches (grenades, any gadget), and,  PLEASE, proper combat boots. I can't stand the "bucaneer" ones, they're down-right awful. After all, it's a soldier we're talking about. 
P.S But, that's just me.

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I've been reading this new POWER GIRL series since it started (and I've been enjoying every darn issue), and now that the current creative team is leaving, I'm going to bail out as well. It'll never be the same. For me, it's always about the creative team, look what Ed Brubaker did with CAPTAIN AMERICA back in 2005, hell, nobody wanted so spend money of Captain America before his run! I don't understand why people buy Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, or the like, regardless of who's behind it, it might be tradition or something, but I, for one, won't be ripped off because it features my favorite character at the risk of being poorly executed (and at the risk of losing some money buying it!).  I started caring about Astonishing X-Men when Warren Ellis got onboard, I started caring about Iron Man when, again, Ellis (bless!), unleashed Iron Man in Extremis, and I've been picking up Uncanny X-Men since Brubaker and Fraction started pumping goodness out of it.
Look at what they did with THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST! He was a two-star character before, used for comic-relief with Luke Cage, but then, Fraction and Brubaker took him to another level, a noir kung-fu epic with that "comeback" feeling that everybody loves. And the same happened with the Thunderbolts, I stopped caring about the avengers (unless they were The Ultimates as portrayed in Ultimates 1 and 2) when Warren Ellis, Christos Gage (His Avengers: Initiative is pretty cool) and Andy Diggle were on, they literally warped that title and turned it into a black-ops blockbuster epic filled with super-villains with nothing to lose, with high-stake missions and story arcs as blazing as a pair of M4A1 grenadiers! It happened with Punisher Max when Garth Ennis started, it became one of the best ongoing titles of its time.
And don't get me started about Werewolf By Night by Duane "the man" Swierczynski and the Devil-Slayer by Brian Keene! Those were mind-blowing.
Charlie Huston and Gregg Hurwitz showed me that Moon Knight, was the shiznit. And Jason Aaron, a newcomer with great ideas, turned Ghost Rider into a grindhouse, no-holds-barred road movie. 

But, again, that's just me. I have a certain taste in comics that others might/might not share.

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Hell no. I've always considered HAWKMAN to be one of the most "un-exploitable" characters ever. I mean... Seriously? Hawkman? 
Except, of course, when "maestro" KYLE BAKER used him in WEDNESDAY COMICS.

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Last I heard, they were working on the score. Are they still hooked to the project?

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I'll go see it. I will. But I'd rather watch a "mute" version, I don't wanna hear a score made by the masters of repetitiveness... DAFT PUNK.

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Well, we shouldn't be surprised at all. We're talking about a ballsy monster film (thank you, Joe Johnston!) aren't we? As such, it deserves itself an r-rating! For the sake of #$%&/#"@ fun!

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Oh yes... the (always helpful) controversy... this book will the shiznit.  Keep whining, people, and we will have this NEMESIS thing selling 1 million copies when released as a paperback! 
P.S Bring it on, Millar.

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Keep it gritty and over-the-top.--Loved the graffiti lettering on the dumpster. 5/5!

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Hm. I'm fine with Miller being a consultant, but as a director? NO WAY. Did any of you guys see The Spirit? Heck, that movie blows in so many levels that words are not able to describe it.--Don't get me wrong, I loved SIN CITY, but it was because Rodriguez let Miller direct a "few scenes", not the whole darn thing! 
Hard-Boiled. *sigh* I've read that thing, like, a thousand times! Nothing but a masterpiece. Those were good times for Miller. (his actual work, IMO, sucks big-time) 
Bottom line: Miller as a consultant, not as a director! Who's with me!?

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I'd like to have my Jonah Hex #1 signed by Justin and Jimmy.  Both geniuses.