Deadshot's and Ultimate Captain America's

I'd definitely put Deadshot's and Captain America's Ultimate outfit on the top of my list. Deadshot's because it was really Gunslinger-esque and quite elegant in my opinion... And with that trenchcoat he had back in the '05 mini-series makes me raise two thumbs up. And on the other hand. Cap's Ultimate outfit (Ultimates 2) it was as ultimate as the title of the book itself, the NICEST and MEANEST revamp of his old costume back in the WWII (regarding the helmet) and the body armor he sported was just AMAZING.

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Anybody out there? I'm asking if there's any Artist out there that wants to form a creative team with me, maybe we can publish a story that i've already finished, i'm just waiting for the artist to complete the project... By the way, i'm not looking for a great artist, i'm just looking for someone that knows how to draw anatomy!

So, here's the deal: It'll be a story (written by me, and anybody out there who can help) and it'll contain some drawings of specific paraghraphs or interesting part. Or maybe if you wanna make it a E-Comic, i could work on any given scenario. Anytime.

So, ppl, just pm me or leave you comments and let's see if we can get to work.

Regards, The TwilightThunder

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