20 years being an outta this world sod!

Outta this world! 

I'm 20 years old as I write this (well, I turned 20 at 12:01pm though), and let me tell you that I've never been more optimistic about life and the awesome things it has to offer; and i'm not up for that kinda philosophy and such things. Anyways I've been writing for four years solid and i'm up to the task of finding an artist to work with on an ongoing WebComic, or a strip. I'm willing to show-off my skills in story-telling and creation of interesting concepts, I.E. Sci-fi, Super-hero fiction, Tech-Noir and such. It's a hard thing to achieve, given the complexity of theWebComic field. That's becoming more plausible for new creative teams as their first step to break in to bigger publishers, which is great, really, really great. I'm probably not too much of something big, like the Big Two, but more of those independent publishers that will let me get away with as much I can and WILL NOT contain my boiling brain when it comes to create new and interesting concepts. Yet, I have to deal with college and I'll probably find a job to earn some money each month so I can buy things I like, anytime I like. My allowance isn't enough, not anymore.

I need a NetBook, badly. So I could desecrate blank, pure, virgin-like pages with my infamous writing (I uploaded a script sample in here, although I should've commited Bloggery instead of the old forum thread) when i'm sitting idly at college. Trust me, there's nothing as boring as thinking and not having something to pour your "eye-deers" on. You might say "well, try pencil and paper!", that I've tried and I've some notepads filled with plots and brand-new wicked and awesome ways to tell stories. All I need is a dang NetBook (not even a LapTop, really) with MS word and some space in the HD to keep those scripts and stories safe. After all, we've entered the awesome digital era where the internet is our best friend.

My time in the Vine has been great so far, I've finally hit the one thousand points mark and it's bigger prone, due to the fact that I haven't finished editing and reviewing alla' the good things I've read and enjoyed so much. And I've also met great people along the way: LadyL, Inferiorego (I've yet to see or watch one of his shows), the Vertigo Nuts Union (guys, I promise I'll edit and review some ****, we deserve it) and a lot other users due to the controversial but none the less amazing celebration of "Thy Big C00lo Day".

Long story short, ComicVine is the first on a few sites I'll storm and plaster a message accross. "TwilightThunder AKA Juan Carlos Romero just turned 20 and he feels larger as life and twice as awesome!" So this is it! Turn on music, wake the slumbering Legions of Boom! Raze places to the ground with the soundwave of a thousand guitars! Sing, laugh and enjoy! The hardcore party just started and now it's time for you to join me! Let's throw something so awesome, earth will call JLA, The Avengers and every-cape out there. Not to contain us, but to spread the message as well!

Ready to take off to the new frontier!


Most covers are craptacular... So... No.

Covers are deceiftul pieces of artwork, and i don't have lots of money to waste in books with excellent covers, good interior art and a nice cover are a winning pair, but mostly i'd look at the story first (i like to go thoroughly with a comic books) And then buy the darn thing. I'm proud of that, i just buy books that have spectacular stories, great art and (sometimes) Excellent covers... A la 100 Bullets, Dave "the reverend" Johnson's Covers are AMAZING but when you open the book you'll not get dissapointed, Eduardo Risso does an excellent interior artwork as well.

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Vigilantism means "night ops" So yeah...

I'm The Shadow-like type of hero, i'd roam the steets at night with a black cloak and a pair o' blazing guns blowing holes in the heads of criminals, i'd watch the sunrise though, and then... Go into my lair, for the night to come will be crime-ridden.

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Comic C00lo Day/Big C00lo Day!

As some of you might know already, i'm from Venezuela, probably the ass-end-of-nowhere for some of you (i greet other users from South America and such) Today, i proudly introduce to ComicVine a celebration we hispanic people in the blog-verse celebrate once a year (February the 16th), it's called the "Big C00lo Day" Or the "Comic C00lo Day" Which pays an homage to all of those comic book moments where big c00los are a matter of public display... Figures such as Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri are featured endlessly and prominently! Anyways, let's get this show on the road, i'll post my favorite c00los and you fellow users are able to post your c00los anytime! Join the Big C00lo Day!

Frank Cho's Big C00lo!

Sara Pezzini just joined, why don't you?

Even the Wasp's loving it.

All Muscle, BEBEH!

if you don't join this celebration right now, there'll be more c00los like this :(

What are you waiting for, my fellow CV user!? Join this great celebration today!

i'm a proud reader!

As a guy said before, collectors nowadays are just a bunch o' geeks. Collecting 500 issues of a comic book doesn't make you bigger, or better than a guy who reads a 12-issue limited series, why? Becuase that guy who reads that 12 issue series will probably remember it, you on the other hand, who collected 500 issues will probably forget 490 of them.

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