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Twilight began to dream. In the dream, he was being chased, but sometimes he was doing the chasing, and everything was shadowy. Sweat began to appear on his face and his lips began to move as if he was talking.


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(OOC: Fourpower, I fell through the ground, not a hole, so I'm gonna ignore the lightning bolt bit.)

IC: Twilight sat up slowly while clutching his head. "Dang headache" he thought. "Must've went through head first. At least it's not as bad as usual." At that point, a wave of nausea washed over him. "Spoke too soon...Urf!" Once he was done with that messy bit, he gave a casual glance around the room and noticed the crystal. "Pretty. Better not touch it, though. This place seems safe enough. May as well get some rest before getting out of here." Giving one last look around the room, he lay back down and closed his eyes.

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(OoC: Hahaha! That was basically where I was going with that. Go Team!)

Twilight slowly opens one eye. Noticing that he wasn't dead (well, anymore dead than he already was), he immediately opens his other one. "What a nice ceiling" he thinks. "What just happened? I remember falling...the ground coming up at me...then the ground...above me? Don't tell me I fell through the ground again! I thought I had gotten over that centuries ago! At least I know how to get back to the surface now. The first time this happened I must have been underground for a week before getting back."

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It was like everything was in slow motion. Twilight could see the shock on the woman's face as he fell past. He heard the man yell at him to grab his hand, yet it was moving so slow, so slow. Stretching as far as he could, he reached out and managed to grab the hand...only to have them pass right through each other. "Gall-danged uncontrollable powers!" He screams in his head. "I guess this is it"

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After watching them for a while, Twilight decides to come forward and introduce himself. He gallantly strides up steps and immediately trips over something and begins to fall....right towards the hole.


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After climbing up and up and up the stairs, Twilight sees light coming from around the next turn, along with a faint buzzing noise. Cautiously, he peeks around the bend and notices two people, a man and a woman, contemplating a large hole in the wall.


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Twilight gives the up switch a venomous glare before heaving a sigh and following Abaddon towards the stairs.

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Twilight gets into the elevator with the others and attempts to push a button, but his finger goes straight through it. With an apologetic look, he steps back and lets one of the others give it a try.


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Twilight points to the stairs and then the elevator. He then gives Fourpower a questioning look.

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Still a bit shocked from the near miss with the lightning, Twilight merely nods and follows Fourpower across the field. "Another friend?" he thinks. "How many people are there here?"


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