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If you've seen the most recent episode, it turns out that Taskmaster is regrettably also a subordinate. SMH.

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@thatguywithheadphones: Lol. Too true. The writers would get the gist of it though. A war between two sides, a man who claims to be god, people forced out of their land, and are fighting to reclaim it. And Eneru was awesome. I like the Asian design he had. It reminded me of Broly's design and Cloud Man from MM7. I was like "it must be an Asian thing."

I wonder how they'd work with the Noland the Liar plot point. I think they should keep it, because of that emotional scene when Robin told Wyper that Luffy's only ringing the bell to put Noland soul to rest.

The CP9 were my favorite villains in the series. They're a black ops squad of people who do the wrong things for their perception of good. But above all else, they have the best look for villains in the whole cartoon imo.

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Okay, I know most anime purists are against Hollywood touching their sacred Japanese comics, but let's get past that for a brief discussion.

Which arc of One Piece do you think would be perfect to see in a high-budget Hollywood production? Which would you not mind seeing high-end special effects and CGI?

Bonus points if you can cast.

For me, I would most like to see Skypeia, and Water 7 done in Hollywood. I think the Skypeia arc would be the best OP arc for an American movie because all the fantasy elements allow for a huge array of SFX techniques.

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She should have 3 long braids!

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Well, now in America, it's common in the public for people to be shamed or ridiculed for reading a comic. It's like having a weird permanent slurred speech habit.

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Zangief would break Batman's back 100x worse than Bane did.

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@superguy1591: Don't impose your opinion on me, pal. I don't care if you think he sucks. There are many more people who think he's a great character than those who don't like him.

An ongoing is the foundation for turning any character into a great character. What harm did I do to you by hoping for a Cyborg ongoing?

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@cable_extreme: I'm not going to discuss this with you anymore. Instead I'm going to ask you this. Why do you think the officers should get off easy, and how glad are you that they killed that man?

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@cable_extreme: The discussion shouldn't even be as long-winded as it has become.

It is in NYPD policy, and has been in NYPD policy for two decades. NEVER is an officer allowed to use chokeholds. End of discussion.

Police officers love to abuse their power, and they NYPD is among the worst in the country. The man was not the aggressor in the video, yet, as you often see in these kinds of videos, there were numerous officers on him AFTER he had been subdued. This is part of the high school jock mentality that one of the posters mentioned before. And I don't understand your support for such blatant disregard for human safety as these officers displayed. Nothing the man was doing was dangerous or posed an immediate threat to the offices, and he was not armed.

Part of an officer's duty is to assess a situation and find the right way to stabilize it. That means they are not to be the aggressors of violence, but the ones putting an end to it, non of which you saw in that video, if you are watching the same video as everyone else.

End of discussion.

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Where's Tombstone coming from?