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@Fire-brand said:

" @spystreak said:
" I knew The Last Airbender film would have a negative effect and it appears it's started an infestation in the battles forum Storm takes this "
haven't seen it, don't want to. "


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 now then. we all know both of their power sets. the real question here is whether or not aang can redirect all the lightning she can throw at him. some of us, myself included, believe he can becausse he has redirected multiple bolts before and has the agility and speed to redirect natural or bent lightning. the have both shown to be extremely powerful, but it is my belief that having all 4 elements at his command would give Aang an advantage dispite her greater control of of temperature and electricity. "

I believe Aang can redirect storms lightning..
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hey buddy  
you said everything i was going to say on that and more :) 
storm calling either doesn't know the show or is just failing..
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That Bolt in the scan above looks so weak.. don't know why it was posted. 
I forgot about how Aang earth bending skills can pretty much kinda teleports him a short distance.. (that is one of my fav moves in Avatar dont how i forgot it) that would make aang even hard to hit then before, if he even needed to uses it. Also I haven't seen much about storm defence of Aang shooting a stream of fire at her or the quick fire attacks Aang now knows..   
Aang water bending skill are still putting him in front.. with flashfreeze.. others are still saying storm can change the temp in the air.. :( really! if she does it'll just improve his fire bending by make the air hotter.. making it cool lets him flashfreeze easyer.. 
All i can is the people on storm side on the attack! and people on Aangs side have proven that he can defened! pretty much everything she can throw..  
Now what could storm do if Avatar state! Aang redirected her own lightining attack!!  
Or the fire stream and other fire attacks Aang can do.. 
Or the pillers & boldder Aang can throw..    
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@DreadPirateRemy said:


WTF?? was this editted?
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lol i dont know where it came from but thats what some storm fan are saying..
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Also Aang is Avater State gains the experience of the Avatar's that came before him..
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Aang speed isnt as bad you are making it out to be, as aang redirected lightning form at least 30-40 meters (not in Avatar state) they were also multi shot of lightning. Aang also has dodge these attacks by turning himself into a tornado. When it comes to lightning redirection in Avatar state! who know the amount he could redirect. 

Any Air attack done by storm could easily be disperst in avatar state aang. Also Storm blowing up Aang from the inside is a pointless arguement for Aang has a constent air bubble around him and would easily stop any attack of such.  
Storm has no water bending skill and this could be her down fall if storm makes it rain aang could shoot 1000 shard of ice at her or water bend the water around her and flashfreeze her. Also think that Blood bending might still be a winning factor. 
Aang can also could use earth bending and throw massive boldders at her or use them to block any lightning attack. 
The fight there and it's fair..