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Posted by Silkcuts

When I was in my favorite Indy store they tried to push Deadworld, I have to admit the art was classic.  It is like the OG zombie book or something like that they said.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Very much like "The Walking Dead" except the main characters are younger and one of the zombies, "The Dead King" rides a motorcycle and talks, The Tim Vigil art where it appears is grand.

Posted by cbishop

I keep forgetting that Willingham did Elementals.  I want to track down his early work someday. 
Savage Dragon is my favorite comic (and I FINALLY found a #136 - the only issue I was missing!). :) 
It took me forever to try Walking Dead, even though I enjoyed everything else Kirkman, but TWD seriously rocks.  ...Maybe I'll have to try Deadworld, if I run across it.


Hellboy... I love it, but I think it's a good argument for TPB's, and for not publishing in series-of-mini-series.  There have been so many frickin' HB minis now, a new reader almost has to go to the TPB's, if they're going to read it in order.  Same with BPRD
I found a bunch of the Dark Horse Archives of the Gold Key Magnus, Dr. Solar and Turok for half price.  Having gotten those, I was a little bummed to see them start coming out in softcover... mainly because I'll cheap out and wait for future volumes to come out in softcover. :} 
Rune is one of those Ultraverse titles that I have yet to read, but with BWS's art all over it, I'm surprised that Marvel hasn't collected the Rune stuff into TPB. ...Actually, I'm surprised that they haven't reprinted all of the Ultraverse stuff, but I read somewhere that it has a lot to do with the royalty setups being a nightmare. 
BTW, if you like Savage Dragon and Walking Dead, I cannot recommend Invincible enough.  Kirkman says in an early volume of the Invincible trades that he stole all of Erik Larsen's storytelling techniques, and it shows, making his comics a seriously cool read.  Astounding Wolf-Man, Brit and Guarding the Globe are awesome as well (haven't found Tech Jacket yet) but they don't have the longevity of Invincible.

Posted by turoksonofstone
thanks for the recommend!, You are exactly right about the Ultraverse profit sharing, but now that Disney is in charge there is no excuse and I believe an Improved chance of us someday seeing these properties again. I have a large stack of  Invincible issues to get to,  looking forward to it. Those old Gold Key Turoks are my favorite!! That series was magic. Exquisite taste with Savage Dragon, I have always followed this series since #1 of the mini. Erik Larsen is an exceptional creator/writer/artist/designer/packager and among active creators stands alone.
Posted by cbishop
@turoksonofstone: I had one issue of the Gold Key Turok, when I was little - came in a polybagged three pack or something.  I read that a bunch of times.  As much as I love and prefer the superhero genre, I very rarely read my superhero stuff more than once or twice (usually once).  I remember having single issues of Road Runner, Pink Panther, Uncle Scrooge, Richie Rich and such that had the simplest stories, but that I read cover-to-cover many, many times. :)
Edited by turoksonofstone
 The Bagged versions were Whitman 3-packs. I agree I rarely re-read books something about those Turok stories makes them very re-readable.
Posted by cbishop
@turoksonofstone said:
 The Bagged versions were Whitman 3-packs. I agree I rarely re-read books something about those Turok stories makes them very re-readable. "

Ah, I didn't know about that distinction.  I just sort of mentally lump Gold Key, King and Whitman into the same company. ;)
Edited by turoksonofstone
 Gold Key had a complex publishing history. Whitman was an umbrella brand for comics sold pre-packaged to retail chains in three packs, this brand was never available at the newsstand and was only available in the 3-pack retail form (I have an unopened one with Chip n' Dale, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. wish it were a "Hero" bag instead.). King was a different animal all-together focusing on Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake and Anthropomorphics.
Edited by cbishop
@turoksonofstone: Yeah, I knew the history was a little complicated, but I'd never studied it out.  I run across cool stuff from them every now and then though, and still enjoy reading them. I love that Dark Horse is reprinting some of that stuff, even if it's the superhero stuff.  I get those archives when I can. :)
Posted by Cervantes
Good list! 
I used to enjoy Erik Larsen on Amazing Spider-Man, but his work seems much more stylized and not as cartoony now -- good! Also, unlike my (former) idol, Todd McFarlane, he doesn't cheat the people who work with him, like Todd tried to with Neil Gaiman!