Real Life Superheroes

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Posted by Liberty
Posted by PowerHerc

I'd add Teddy Roosevelt to this one, too.  Good job.
Posted by cbishop

John Walsh - he's as close to a real-life Batman as we are ever going to see. :)

Posted by FuryofObama2012

Nice List.

Posted by Liberty

I believe that John Walsh is the closest thing the world has to a Batman.  I am glad cbishop pushed on that one.  Oh and "great" Liberty makes my week?

Posted by turoksonofstone
Posted by Liberty
@turoksonofstone: lmao
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Teddy and FDR rule, also, you should consider Stephen Colbert as your next addition. ^_^

Posted by bob808

Ron Paul

Posted by Legendary_StarHero

Nice list.

Posted by turoksonofstone