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Posted by Silkcuts

Very smart idea :D

Posted by turoksonofstone
Hope to see you assemble one.
Posted by Silkcuts
@turoksonofstone: I think it would be better I don't lol
Posted by cbishop
@Silkcuts said:
"Very smart idea :D "

VERY cool, Turok'.  I made blogs listing my various links, for use with my BACK/NEXT feature, but this is way easier to do for indexing purposes. Kudos. :)
Posted by cbishop

Oh, check out #7 - you might want to consider adding "Savage Dragon" to your description - it's not in the link name, like the rest of the list, so it looks like the name of the book is "The Victims."  Same with #8, but Detective Comics is prominent on that cover.