Marvel Comics VS. Jack Kirby recent N.Y. Times Article
Very Interesting article indeed. It is my belief that the DC reboot was caused by the Superman Heirs VS. DC case. Could we be looking at a equally horrifying Marvel reboot down the road?????  
 Please don't post unless you've taken the effort to read the article.
 I want the Kirby heirs to win but Marvel would be wrecked. Opinions?

New York POLICE ARREST WOMAN for filming in her FRONT YARD

   The video has gone viral and city councilman Adam McFadden received a link this morning. McFadden says while the incident lacks context, he questions why the officer needed to engage the woman. "It did not look well for us in terms of how we police and what it is we're attempting to accomplish for public safety.

  For the record they let the guy go, after cuffing him for no reason they let the guy go and arrested this lady instead. Opinions?

Freedom in the 50 states. How Free Are You?


 This study was done by  the Mercatus Center at George Mason University   NY was 50!!! I can't believe it! Opinions?

Turoksonofstones Terrible Time-Machine Collected:

TurokSonofStones Terrible Time-Machine Summer Special: 
Turoksonofstones Terrible Time Machine Special Edition
Turoksonofstones Terrible Time Machine V  
A1933 Special Turoksonofstone'sTerribleTime-machine IV 
Marvel Comics Presents The Timely Team!  
Turoksonofstone's Terrible Time-machine Part III!  
Turoksonofstone's Terrible Time-machine Part II! 
Turoksonofstone's Terrible Time-machine!!     


Comic Books VS. Movies

Would you rather spend money on Movies or Comics?

Which form of entertainment do you prefer? 
Which is the better deal?
For Example: Would you rather see X-Men first class in 3-D or buy a mess of X-Men comics? ( if you are a DC replace X-Men with GL etc.)
Which gives YOU more BANG for your buck?