Occupy Wall Street continues


Did Anyone hear about the Wall Street Protest Today???

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Turoks Arena of Pain:How many to put YOU down and out? H2H Combat

 This is a Battle you cannot win. 
You are at home on the Vine when the Aliens freeze time and snatch you away to a secret Arena. 
Interested in human fighting skills they will attempt to fight you H2H, unarmed.  
There is no escape the Arena is enclosed, each Alien you defeat is teleported Away and replaced with a fresh one. 
Aliens arrive in waves of Seven. 
Average Height of Aliens 5' ft tall, 140lbs.
How many could you defeat before you are overwhelmed?   
How long would you last? 
Video of Aliens:

   Within the Arena itself this song is playing on a never ending loop..  

Return to Cueva De Los Tayos


  I have recently come across some information on an underground, extensive cave system that has been used for some time by the native Shuar. This sprawling underground network, located in the Andes mountain range, is said to contain a chamber filled with books made from various metals and also a giant, golden skeleton housed in a crystal like sarcophagus. I've only found one really good article on the library and i'm posting the link for all. Anyone with more information or knowledge opn the matter: please share your thoughts! The man who claimed to find this metal library, petricio Jaramillo, died mysteriously before he could show this location to archaeologists(stan hall). I looked for any thread on this topic and couldn't find one so here we go!

  Many may not be familiar with what we call the Crespi Collection, but it was/is one of the more amazing collection of artifacts from South & Central America that has every been brought together. 
Father Carlos Crespi was a Silesian-monk who lived in Ecuador. He did missionary work among the Indian population in remote valleys during his lifetime. 
Crespi received or bought many artifacts from the indigenous people in Ecuador. 
When questioned, they told him they had found them in subterranean cave systems in the jungles. As time progressed, many of these relics were brought together and kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora. 
Unfortunately, many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire in 1962 or later when the church was restored. Also, many were lost or wound up with treasure hunters. 
After Father Crespi passed away, the remaining artifacts of the original collection were removed and made inaccessible to the public. 
Some may still be stored in the cellar archive of the church Maria Auxiliadora. 
The age and origin of these items is still unknown today. Father Crespi never tried to classify them. The picture motifs are strange, their meaning not understood. These objects show the pictures of an unknown culture. Were they left by unknown civilizations? 
The most well known pieces are tablets made of silver, gold foil or other alloys with unknown letters and mysterious symbols. 

Video 1: Video shot by Father Crespi in 1927 of the Native peoples in rural Ecuador. 
 Video 2: Father Crespi shows off his Horde of Artifacts of Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian, and other cultures of Unknown Origin. Including Giant Metal books(4:10) and Scrolls(1976). 
 Video 3: Some Info from Germany about this subject.
  What bothers me about this case is the Giant Volume from the "Metallic Library of the Gods" which is clearly seen in the second video which was shot in 1976. What the hell is that stuff?? 
Do a Google Image search for "Father Crespi Tayos"..... Opinions? Theories?  

Dogs with Guns

Despite the recent legislation against it, the Canine Community continues to arm itself. For What? I would love to know. These close friends of man have shown the ability to sense oncoming danger and when I see a dachshund with a laser sight I start to get concerned for my own welfare. 
Bad Dog 
What should be done beyond the now mandatory gun-free dog runs? opinions? discuss..